Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anakin the Great and Cool Prints Too!

Have you met Anakin?

This little guy really puts to go into get-up-and-GO.
You would think being born without back legs or a pelvis you would be held back in getting around. Not Anakin! His go-go-go purrsonality is wonderfur, amazing, stupendous!

Anakin the Wonder Cat

Now one brave little guy who can show every cat and hooman too what it means to overcome adversity is a special thing. How about if his Mom gives back to the Cat-Community too?

Wowzer Meowzer just look at the prints Pops got from his Mom Carrie"Tigerpixie" Hawks!

Prints: Elemental Air Cat and Raja Sun Cat It maybe Rumpy and Tim had a say in this.
Old Pops has these out for framing along with a few others. We always think it is great when we can do double duty. Buying from  those who do rescue helps cats while we live a better life. So stop by his page and then visit his Moms shop. Never too early to start thinking of gifts fur the holidays.

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat

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da tabbies o trout towne said...

this wee dood rocks !! thanx for introducin us tim !!