Thursday, February 27, 2014

Timmy's Moon Shot

Hi Furends:
Sammy from One Spoiled Cat invited his blog furends along on his Moonwalk! There will be a Big Pawty at the Luner Hotel tonight!
I have been a space loving cat since I read
these as a kitten. Dad was a good influence

I had my liftoff in the Tomcat Rocket 

I got in my suit to be ready for my space walk

I am ready to purrtect cats the universe over
from dangerous Space Monsters

Back to where you come from Creature!
Sammy got me a great room.
Good service but a bit slow

I had to find an outfit fur the pawty.
How do you like it?

Thanks Sammy for some grreat fun!
Have you been to space?
Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Scorez Settled

Grumble... Mumble... Grumble

HEY YOO! Yeah YOO Toberz!
What? Whad I do Buddy?

Yoo Knowz da Scorez!
Errr, no I don't...

Ummm! OK OK.

Dis fur yoo!

Hey gotta stay out mah purrsonal restin spot!

How duz yer furmaly settle da scorez?

PS: Hope you stop by Sammy's Blog One Spoiled Cat to Vote Timmy's really cool Space Suit and MORE. Votez early and Oftener. Yessir
Buddy Budd

Monday, February 24, 2014

Boxing in the Box

Hi Furends:

We got a great new box we have been having fun with!
Hey Rumpy! You are in my box!

Your box, your box, its the furmalies box!
I'm gonna whacky paw!

Go ahead!

Whack whack whacky whack whack...
Whack whack whacky whack whack...

I'm going to drag you out and show you who is...

Uhhh, Timmy... how.... what....
You watch yourself little fellow!

How do you keep them guessing?
PS: Hope you stop by Sammy's Blog One Spoiled Cat Tomorrow to Vote on some really cool Space Suits and MORE. Yes I am in the Contest so vote Early and Often, Fur Me! MOL

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy Fur Sure

Easy fur evfurry cat!
Ahhhh.... Eazzz... zzy...

*Lick Lick Lick* Ah gonna Eazy, yez ah iz!

Don-Cha gotz mannerz! Ah tryin ta Eazy!

OK Buddy Budd OK

Have a fine Easy furends

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mysterious Mysteries

Hi Furends:
Buddy discovered some funny goings on in the kitchen.
Dad! Dad! Da bag be mover! Lookee!

Dad, Buddy's right! Something very
funny is going on here!

Hee Hee Hee! Those silly brofurs
sure got fooled!

You are learning my ways well
Young Grasshopper.

We can contain the old guard with
guile and subterfuge .

 Oh be quiet and play, Old-Cat, MOL!
Sounds good, Whee!
And how has your week been furends?

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, February 16, 2014

We deserve an Easy but!

Hi Furends
We should be relaxing after all that Valentines excitement but... we furgot that it was Miss Fitz's 3rd Gotcha Day! We were up late last night making a cake and...
This is a START you tomcats!

Timmy: Make some more cupcakes!
Toby! Get me a treat!
Buddy! I need another nip-tini!
Buttons: Get me a pillow!
Einstein: Help Timmy!
Rumpy! Just stay out of sight!
Dad, thanks for letting me be your little girl-cat.

Come on you cats, Hup-Hup, lets see some movement!

And how is your Easy going?
Timmy the tired Tomcat

Friday, February 14, 2014

Timmy and Nibbler at the Queen of Hearts Dance

Hi Furends:
What a wonderful time we have had so far with more to come. I am one lucky tomcat to be taking the beautiful Nibbler to the:
We started our adventure last week before the big Freeze of the East.
Dad let me use his bike and sidecar to
go out shopping

Furst Nibbler helped me pick my suit. It was
such fun I got a couple. Lots of expert help.

Then I help Nibbler. It was difficult there were
so many nice gowns. I like purple so that is
the way we went.

We worked up an appetite so stopped for
a very nice lunch. We chuckled over 

our waiters hat.

We ended up with a few nice items.
It was great fun.
So then we had a whole week to wait and that was really lucky as it took longer than we had thought to get our outfits final fitting. Then the weather was rough here on the East Coast. 
Dad let me borrow the wheels to pick Nibbler up
for the Queen of Hearts Dance

She looked beautiful in her gown
She loved her corsage

She said I cut a dashing figure myself

Here we are in the dining area ready to have a great
meal by Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Cat

We have today the Feast of Fancy with finely chopped
tuna topping and caramel glaze.

Together we will be the hottest couple there
See you on the dance floor
Well furends what do you say we all have some fun at this grand Valentine Event! It sure is different seeing each other like this and not in our Cat Scout uniforms.

Make sure to visit all the great cats and dogs who are at the Dance. There is music and tons of fun so see you at the:
Timmy Tomcat and 
Nibbler from Momma Yvonne and Nibbler

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Final Tally for the Commentathon fur Tabby's Place

Hi Furends:
Well here is the low down.
Dad said he would donate half a green paper per comment so that looks like, um, er, carry the eleven, divide by treats, add a cupcake and, yes, it looks like 41 green papers Dad
OK Timmy that sounds fine.
Wait Dad, how about we add the comments fur our Winnie's Wish and Nick's Fight Against Feline Leukemia which was 18!
Well Tim that brings it right up to the 50gp. I like it! I like it a lot! Done!
Thanks Dad. Oh, by the way, can I use the car to take Nibbler to the big Queen of Hearts Dance at Madi's blog on Valentines, can I, please, please, please... Purrty please please??
Well, ok. But, NO NIP until you get to the Dance and then you two have to stay, promise?
Thanks Dad! I Promise! You are the BEST Dad!
Well furends see you on Valentines here and at Madi's fur the Queen of Hearts Dance
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, February 7, 2014

We Support Winnie's Wish and the Fight Against Feline Leukemia

Hi Furend
We're BACK.....

What a storm! We were hunkered down without Power since Tuesday night. Last night it came on fur 10 minutes at about 8 PM. When it went off again Dad thought it was a test and it would be back on soon. He was right as 12 midnight on the dot it came back.

Here in Pa there were more than a half a million peeps without power yesterday and almost a million on Wednesday. Meow!

We do want to let our furends know that our Dear furend Nick from Cat Scouts went over Bridge on Monday. We are sure going to miss Nick. He was a great Cat Scout!
Please think about Supporting the fight against Feline Leukemia. You can click on Nicks Photo to help out.

Click on Angel Nick to Support the fight
against Feline Leukemia

Thanks much my furends. Now for a bit of FUN with 

Winnie's Wish Spread the Love FUNdraiser

I think you all know Winnie. Winnie was a little scrap who our great furend Chrystal tried to save but went over the Bridge. Winnie Wish is that all kitties and doggies have homes. 
We can all help Chrystal fulfill Winnies Wish and get some cool toys at the same time by visiting the Celestial Kitties Leo and Star's FUNdraiser!
Click to have Fun in the FUNdraiser

What is all the FUN you ask, Well let me purr it down to ya! 
You can donate any amount, but, for a measly $15.00 donation you get some cool hand made toys.

A Winnies Wish Red Heart to spread the Love!

The Refillable Love Knot

A great Heart Toy in various patterns

A Super Big 17" Kick Stick! 

What a Great Bunch of Goodies for a small

So run right over to visit the

Thanks Furends.

Always check our Needing Purrs and Rainbow Bridge pages as we always have those in need of purrs listed!

PS We will update on our next post on how many comments Buddy got fur our donation to Tabby's Place.

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Buddy's 13th B-Day Pawty AND Super Bowl Commentathon II

Hi Furends:
Here is the B-Day and Super Bowl Scoop!Dad is really upset about having the pawtys being late, soooo, we are having a 2 Day Pawty! 
Yesterday was fur Buddy Budds 13th B-Day and Angel Coco's B Day 21st B-Day! Buddy also had a B-Day bash over at the New Blues Lounge

Today we continue the Super Bowl Pawty!
Dad will give a half a green paper for Each comment on both days up to 50 green papers. We will donate this to Tabby's Place(Including comments on the New Blue Lounge) 

Now lets PAWTY!

Are you ready fur some Football
There was some big consumption yesterday and we are ready to settle in with Dad fur the game. 
Me, Buttons, Toby and Einstein are with Dad

Rumpy is up on the Cat-Walk. He may miss
the game. MOL

Buddy also really really filled up yesterday
and looks like he is filling out too! MOL

Who would have thought that our Miss Fitz is a Fanatic! She started playing when she was still in the foster room 
Throw that Nip-Mousie to me! Come on Quartercat!
Today she is really worked up and is a Denver fan
PeytonOfur here! Peyton Ofur here!
You do not want to argue with our gal Fitz
Fur-git-aboud-it Seahawks! Peyton has grrreat protection
and you are not at home kitties... er... oh yeah,
The Legion of...
pop... MOL MOL
You are really a fan Fitz!
Furends grab a brewski and a plate of grub and sit back and we will enjoy the game
Cold Brews
Take your pick

Our pals at the Tabby Cat Club are having a pawty too so stop by and say hi if Fitz is a bit much to listen to, MOL.

Hope you really had fun at our big two day pawty. Dad will let me know next week how many green papers we send to Tabby's Place

Always check our Needing Purrs and Rainbow Bridge pages as we always have those in need of purrs listed!

Purrs to all
Timmy and Furmaly