Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Hi Furends
All of us here at the Tomcat Home want to wish all our pals a  very happy Thanksgiving. And to our pals who are in other lands use your transport tunnels to come over and join in our Turkey Feast with Pumpkin Nip Pie thanks to Nerissa!

From all of us to all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Fitz, Buttons, Einstein and of course Dad Pete

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mini Mancat Monday

Hi Furends:

You should all know about my, sniff, loss over at the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby. When we build my car I was thinking it would not even  be a contest and I would coast into furst. Well, when those entries pulled up to the starting line my heart was pounding. There were some Grrreat Racers. My pal Newman won with his super fast Jeep! You can see my competition over on Pinterest.

I do have my tissue which I won fur second place along with my Cat Scouts Neckerchief and Woggle

I really need something to lift me up.
Einstein: This will make you feel better Timmy.
Soft Tabby
Warm Tabby
Little Ball of Fur
Happy Tabby
Sleepy Tabby
Purr Purr Purr

I think I will sulk a bit more!

Thanks Dexter and Willow for Hosting 
this fun idea at the Tabby Cat Club!
Hey Cats! Think about joining the Cat Scouts Too!

Please purr a bit fur our Dad. The cold weather has bought back the Arthur-itis in his wrist. Working as my typist is a bit much as he has to work to keep us in Noms. We will be posting less and he will be visiting but may not be commenting for a little while. Thanks

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Timm-Easy N...

Hi Furends:

The Dad had some of his pals in to help get the place ready for the big dinner. Now I like helping Dad as much as the next cat but, meow, all that noise really cut into my nap time. Lucky thing my furmaly helped me catch up on my Easy.



Timm-Easy, and, of course

Our little Squee-Easy

Have a fine Easy my furends

Timmy Tomcat

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Hi Furends:

Rumpy here. Let me tell you about an amazing thing that happened to yours truly. 

After last week when Timmy got him good, imagine how exited I was when another squeeker came in and Timmy told me: "What Gall! Take him out Rumpy!"

He hid under the Armiore but I whiffied him out!

He tried to get into the play box to escape!

I put the Bitey on him!

No more Hooliganism from this Squeeker!

Einstein: You are my Hero!
Rumpy: Awww, shucks, thanks E.

So I was...

*Timmy Runs in and grabs the Puter*

Rumpy: Timmy what the...

Timmy: Hold on Rumpy. Let me change to the Cat News Channel!

*The furmaly gathers around to watch a grim faced Siamese who is reporting*

Siamese:"Yes furs it was quite a scene.
Off Screen Cat: "Pipo, give us the background on this story."
Siamese: "Minko, it was quite the scene. It seems that there was a strange visitor to the Tomcat home last night!"
Off Screen Cat: "Skeery! What happened?"
Siamese: "Well, we do not have all the details but this morning when Dad came out there, right behind his chair, there was a body."
Off Screen Cat: "A BODY!"
Siamese: "Yes, a half eaten squeeker!"
Off Screen Cat: "Do we know who put the Bitey on this foolish mouser who went into a home with 6, no, 7 aggressive cats?"
Siamese: "No, he was, um, a bit under  the weather along with half in the tummy."
Hooman Announcer: "Thanks WeBeSiameezrs fur Reporting the Cat-News, now in Europe..."

*Timmy and the furs all chortle.*

Dad comes in: I would appreciate less mess!

Timmy: OK Dad. I will pass the word.

Hey furends, have you had visitors drop in fur a meal this fall? MOL

Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Awards Day

Hi Furends:

Imagine my surprise when my good furend Swami Zoe told me to run over to visit Haiku by Ku where brofur Blue Eyed Apollo had nominated us for the coveted Mouses Award!
If that is not cool enough our pal Basil from Basil the Bionic Cat also gave us this cool award. Double Mouse Duty!

Now I wanted to post this yesterday, but, Mouses, Mr Buttons snuck his post in ahead of mine. I wanted to send this along with some Purrs to Brians Home but he already has this one. Double Mouses!

We love Allie Maxwell and Faraday so we will send this to 

A Tonk's Tail err... tail

And our good Cat Scout pal Sammy at:

Mouses we furgot to tell our pals to go and vote for us and our pals Cardwood Derby Cars at the Cat Scout FB page. All you have to do is like MINE! Heh Heh. Scroll down as I posted early. You can also Pin me at Pinterest.

Please purr for our furends who need a bit of cheer Brian and NylaBlue

Have a purrfect day
Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buttons using his Training Moves

Wow, after training with Timmy I feel really good about being able to take care of myself now.

Einstein: I hear you are training
Buttons: Uh yeah

Einstein: Show me what you got!
Buttons: Huh?

Come back here you Scardy Cat!

Another Man-Cat in the mix. Thankfully he is still small.

And what fun did you have with your family today?

Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Dads and Guys its Movember

Hi Furends:

The whole Tomcat Furmaly grew Moustaches to support Movember and remind men about testicular and prostate cancer. Our Dad is a Nursy Man so told us how very important this is. He does his checks and has a yearly physical by his doctor. His facial hair is not nearly as nice as my and Fitz's Moustaches. 

Me First as I love my Pink Moustache!

I have to admit I like the way it saves the flavor
of my favorite Noms!

Remind you Dads and all the guys in your families to remember to talk to their doctors about this and have a yearly check.

We also posted at the Tabby Cat Club!

Timmy and Fitz 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Need an Easy Pit Stop

Hi Furends

Meow! We are all tired out from getting our car ready for the Cat Scout Cardwood Derby. We would appreciate if you would vote for us at the Cardwood Derby. You can like and comment on our racer that is on the Cat Scouts Facebook page, Pin my car from Pinterest or Tweet @catscouts #cardwoodderby.

See you on the finish line!

Now on to some real deep Easy'zzzzzz

Miss Fitz'zzzzzz

Einstein'zzzzzz and I'zzzzzz

Buddy Budd'zzzzzz

Mr Buttons'zzzzzz



I hope that is a yawn!

Have a great Easy my Furends
Timmy Cardwood Derby Racer Tomcat

Friday, November 15, 2013

Timmy's Cardwood Derby Entry

Hi Furends:

Well here we are on the day of the Cardwood Derby. If you want to see the build process that is here. I will let my team captain Rumpy Bump Stumpnots introduce the car.

Thanks Timmy. I went over evfurry thing to
make sure the car was ready.

Then there was the release to the motoring press.

As a new team we expect a lot of work ahead.
As you can see we are ready.

I will be available after this show to talk to
prospective sponsors. As you can see there is
room for your brand on this modern car.
Once Rumpy was done lining up the sponsors and getting their decals on the car it was up to me, the driver. I was nervous as that Mouse I caught!

Let me get my seat belt on
Cat Scouts always wear Seatbelts!

As you  can see the car fits me purrfectly

You  can see our Worldwide Wildcats logo
right here and on the back wheels!

I really cut a dashing figure!

I feel the pull of the starting line

Drop the flag already!

I want all my furends to come out and cheer me on by voting for me and my car. This is going to be a close race so every vote will count. Thanks fur your suppurrt!

Please send my furend Brain Purrs. He had a little relapse.

Cat Scout Cardwood Derby Racer 
Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Building my Cardwood Derby Car

Hi Furends

I cannot believe we are almost to Cardwood Derby Day at the Cat Scouts. I cannot beleive my car is done and will be unveiled at the Derby. Let's see what all went on to get to this day. 

Our good furend S. Vettel, the F-1 Champion fur
2013 drew up the prints we used.

The Chassis went together purrty quickly with
the families help.  I went right out fur some practice.

Buttons checked the wind and track temperature.

Buttons: Things are looking good.
Go ahead Timmy and set a Hot Lap!

As you can imagine I was quite ready to win.
You can't believe what happened next.

While we took a Nom and Nip break little Einstein got in the car and raced around the living room. The next thing we heard was...

Rumpy: E! Are you OK? Are you OK?
Einstein: Wha? Huh? Owwww..

Thank goodness Rumpy was there to get him out of the wreck.

Rumpy: Let me Pusssshhh, ah, there, got you out.
Einstein: Oh My Cat Oh My Cat Oh My Cat
Timmy will KILL Me!

After a stern meowing Einstein agreed that he learned a valuable lesson. Atta-Cat Einstein. 

He helped repair the car showing the High Moral
Character of a future Cat Scout.

Buddy Volunteered to make sure there were no more joy rides or spies sneaking in to steal our design. This would not be a Cat Scout of course but those cats from Detroit, you never know.

Buddy: Mah Laser Eyeballs will Git-Ya-Good!

A good Cat Scout gives thanks to those who help:
Dad - Welding and Materials. 
Toby - Wing Design
Rumpy - Medical Cat
Fitz - Decals and Paint
Buttons - Track, Noms and Nip 
Buddy - Security
Einstein - Entertainment
Me - Driving 

Special thanks to Siamese Vettel
Feline One Champion fur 2013

Now of course this is not the completed car so, heh-heh-heh, get ready Cat Scouts fur the Worldwide Wildcats as we are ROAR to the Finish Line

Cat Scout and Worldwide Wildcat 
Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Timmy Gets Him Good

Hi Furends:

Meow, I had an exciting day on Tuesday morning. Seems we had an Introoder!
Me and Dad got up like everyday, getting the rest of the cats moving. Then I smelt him! Then I saw him! I shoved Rumpy aside and ran to the left of the bookcase, I ran to the right of the bookcase, back and forth, forth and back and Zap I had him forthwith! 
Seems a Mouse Introoder thought he could escape the cold weather by skipping without a care into a home with 6 cats. MOL. 
I took him out to the living room to sit and play while Dad had his coffee. Rumpy wanted to play and, don't you know it that silly tailless cat Let Him Escape! 
He ran under the drawers under the TV. Again I go back and forth, forth and back, back, well you get the idea. Trouble was it was too far to reach under and get him. What to do?
This Tomcat had the moves! I SquOOze, with a capitol O, behind the drawers and had him forthwith. Dad was so amazed and impressed. I took him in the bedroom and gave him a big Bitey! No trying to escape again mousy.
Once he was deaded he was not as much fun so I gave him to little Einstein. He grabbed that mousy and was flinging him and whacking him and growling! My that lad has promise.
Buttons: Wow! Timmy you are Amazing!
Timmy: Thanks Buttons. Here you go Einstein.
Einstein: Cat-O-Cat-O-Cat-O-Cat!!

Einstein: Grrr! Rowr! MINE! Roar! Grrr!
Buttons: Go little E Go!
Timmy: Now with the other paw Whack him good!

It was really an amazing day. But now there is some more excitement I want to tell you about!

The Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby is on Friday the 15th so I can start showing my car being built tomorrow. I can hardly wait! I am SO excited and think my troop, the Worldwide Wildcats, have a good chance of taking top honors! 
*I am asking all my blogging furends to come by here on the 15th and I will have information on how you can support me and my troop in this exciting event. 

Till tomorrow furends.

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, November 11, 2013

Man-Cat Monday Training Day

Hi Furends

All of us here at the Tomcat Home want to send a big Thank You to all who have given us the greatest gift of living in a free land. Thank You!

Being the day that it is and with all the excitement between Toby and Buddy last week Buttons was looking for some Training Moves

Timmy: Lets see what ya got
Buttons: YEEEEE

Timmy: Less noise more action
Buttons:  Like THIS!

Timmy: Not bad
Buttons: Great you mean

Timmy: You are pretty good
Buttons: You bet
Timmy: Now go practice

I would rather chill with K Kitty

I wonder if he will get a chance to use those moves?

Have a good day Furends

Timmy Tomcat