Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday was our last day in Paris

Hi Furends

Today was the Tomcat Family Last Day in Paris. You really have to check out what we did as it was such FUN! We always have a great time with the Tabby Cat Club

Thanks to Gracie for helping the club with all the pussports and other impawtent things to make this such fun. You should see all she did at her bloggie Goodness Gracie. She is the best!

Our pals from Furiends Fur Ever were there too. They really know how to dance so go visit and see the action.

Now another great Man-Cat met us in Paris! Who? Why the Handsome Guy who makes the Lady Cats Swoon, Kjelle Bus!
Whee what a trip! You have to visit his Bloggie and see Me and Charlie Rascal having fun!

Of curse Socks was feeling better so he brought his family on this grand trip.

And of course no trip is complete without some fish. And bringing the fish were the Trout Talkin Tabbies who add to any adventure.

Now we are home and resting. After we helped Toby and Fitz bring in their bags they ran right to the Cat-Tree to catch some naps, Toby did anymeow.
That shopping trip was great Toby. I will be the envy of the girls!
I cant wait till you take me out to wear those new shoes!
Toby Tomcat are you listening!
Yes dear.
It was so much fun! We saw the Balloon Memorial to our Angel friends from the plane. That was a wonderful idea from Gracie! She does a bang up job for the club.  

Then we had to catch up on what we missed around here with Dad!
So my kitties how was the trip to Paris?
Hey Guys!

Zzz.. Huh... Wha's that Dad?
Never mind Timmy. Get some sleep.

So have a great weekend furends! 

Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometime you just knead to

Hi Fuends:

I am in Paris with the TCC.

I set this up last week to keep my pals in the know.

Did you ever get that feeling, that feeling deep inside, yes, the need to knead! 

Making Biscuits, Making Muffins, Mooshie Walk, Air Biscuits, Cat Massage, Makin-da-pizza-pie! Wow-zer Meowzer that is a lot of dough! 

I love to knead with my Dad. But sometimes there  that special something that DEMANDS the attention of de-paws. 

Thanks fur my own blankie Dad!

Do you need to knead?

Stop by the Tabby Cat club to see what we are up to in Paris!

Timmy Tomcat!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for Winnies Wish!

Hi Furends:

It is that time of year when we want to help support a really wonderfur rescue that helps lots of kitties, doggies too! So let me tell you something furst!

Cliek to Visit FUNdraiser!
Oh and our Pal Leo is Three! Purrs my pal!

Have a great day furends!
Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Big Paris Trip

Hi Furends:

I am inviting my furends to all come along on a trip to Paris hosted by my good pal Gracie! We will be at the Tabby Cat Club so come one, come all!
Hurry! We are all waiting fur you!

You can also check out all of our Summer Vacations! Meow-velous!

Your Pal
Timmy Tomcat

A Tribute to Homer the Blind Cat

Hi Furends:

We are saddened to report that a great ambassador to cats the world over has run over the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss Homer the Blind Cat.
Click to visit Homers Blog

Mom Gwen Cooper said it best that we need to remember the magnificent life he lived and the great good he did for blind and handicapped animals.

He let the world know that being handicapped is no reason to not live life fully being totally in charge. His friends the world over will remember him. His book, Homer's Odyssy, will live on and continue to teach and move hearts and minds the world over. Visit him on FaceBook here.

Until we all meet again my furend! 

Timmy Tomcat 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mr Bumpy Cat Politicking Down Under

Hi Furends

This Man-Cat Monday we need to remember that there are important Cat Matters happening all over the world. 

Our Pal Mr Bumpy Cat has had the Muck thrown at him during his running fur:

Click to suppurrt Mr Bumpy Cat

We are in full support of Cats that are trying to change the status-treat-quo! We hope you will vote early, and often, in the upcoming elections. No worry if you are from other countries as We Are Cats and...

We Rule the World!


Your Pal 
Timmy Tomcat

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Catuday Naps All Around, Almost!

So much excitement this week the Tomcat home is quiet as a...

Dreaming of Training Moves

Dreaming of Ms Fitz

Almost Dreaming
While they are dreaming

I will be scheming 



Yes Dad. I will put it down. (Till next time HeeHeeHee)

Dreaming of goofing on Dad
Dad sees everycat is quiet and relaxed so he heads in to tidy the bedroom and...

Whats this? Hmmm

Off white hair ball. Left in a dangerous position.
 There is nooo doubt who did this!


That wasn't a dream?
Man I am getting GOOD!

There is only one around here who doesn't get any sleep and I can't purr. But, ah well, I love my fur family!

Aw, thanks Dad...

So a reminder that the CB Auction for Uncle Maxx of Noir's Nook ends TOMORROW! Lets get those bid in for all the really nice items! 

Click to go to Auction! Bid my Furends!

Thank You Furends
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fun with Flying Fitz

Hi Furends:

Toby had that shot at stardom so I wanted an equal oppurrtunity for all of us cats.

Fitz you are always so energetic I
want you to help with our videos.

Great Tim, tell you what, let's get Dad in 
on our presentation. Dad, can 
you help us.

Sure. Anything to help out. First lets see you two having fun.

I really like this one. It is so wild it needs no caption.

We need another cat in on this. Hmm, how about Buddy Budd. Here you go big fellow smile for the camera...

OK there Buddy Budd. Guess you are not one to be in movies. Tim with that I will give it back to you!

Thanks Dad. MOL. Lets just call this post Fun with Flying Fitz.

Have a great day furends.

**Remember our Fundraisers**

Thank You.
Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tomcat Toy Tuesday

Hi Furends

We have been doing very well lately. Dad said he wanted to make sure we have a lot of stimulation and development. Sounds good to us.

Right after we got our new Cat-Tree a package came. We wanted to Snoopervise make sure it was safe for Dad to open.  There was no nip or treat odors so we went back to napping. We paid no mind to his fiddle faddle poking about muttering: "where are those C-Batteries..."

Then all of a sudden Dad yells: 
"Come one! 
Come all! 
We have a cat - toy that will enthrall! 
I hope"

Dad is such a ham! We were ready to turn over and go back to nap totally ignoring the new fangled cat toy, but, hold on, wait, is that, maybe, What Is All This Then! Yes! It is a Cats-Meow! Just like on TV! Dad how did you know we wanted one!
I have it! Got-Cha!

Wait... Hey!  Where did you go?

Come here you little Whip-Snap!

Who is going to figure this out.

Anyhow, we had a grand time. The best part is that this is just as much fun the second, third and more days later. We just cannot catch the little tail thing! Well we can catch it but how to keep it caught. It just sneaks off again. We have high level cat-meetings to figure this out. 

Cats, how can we do this anyhow?
Tim, it has me stumped.
This is one cat quandary fur sure

So furends if you agree that this is a fun cat-toy run over to the CB Auction for Uncle Maxx. We think there may be one there so bid high and bid often.

Have fun on Toy Tuesday!
Timmy Tomcat

Monday, August 19, 2013

Man-Cat Monday with Hazel Lucy Blanket

Hi Furends:

Some of my pals from Catster may have heard of Hazel Lucy and the wonderful work she has done for so many kitties in need. She is an Angel and her husband, Buddie is another legend. Say hello. 

She gets lots of help from a very special kitty, 
Hazel Mazel or Mazie who tests all of the Tranquility Blankets that are sold to help support others in need.

Imagine how surprised I was when Dad told me we got our very own HL Tranquility Blanket and I would be the first to check it out!
Very nice. Purrfect color match.

Very nice tight needle work.

Everything checks out so far.

Most impawtent is Comfort! Check and check! 

My handsome scarf matches. 

So the results are in! The HL Tranquility Blanket is a winner. Dad says he will be getting a few more. 

Have a fine Man-Cat Monday and Remember to support Maxx!

Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nice and Easy

Hey Furends:

Join in with us and have a nice Easy.

Buddy doing what he does best

Toby joins in

Fitz is easing into things

Timmy is tucked in

Rumpy is with Dad

Buttons has a nice spot

After a nice nap stop by the auction if you have not already.

Have a nice Easy
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friends on Friday Support Needed

Hi Furends:

We really love the way the CB helps out when there is a need so we wanted to do our share to spread the word.

Our Ms Fitz has joined a great new club called The Ladies of Autumn. One of the members was from a great group called The Scratching Post cat rescue. They sure need support and may be facing CLOSURE! This would be sad as they sound like a great group. We kicked in a bit of our treat allowance and made a donation by PayPal right from their website. Or you could go to the eBay auction listed below. Even if you cannot give a donation Purrs of support are greatly appreciated.

Now we want to Meow Out about another really impawtent event. The Uncle MaxMaxx Auction. Seems Maxx needed emergency surgery. He is doing well and may be home by Monday but we all know how stressful this can be. It can also be equivalent to a big huge pile of treats. Hope you check out the auction. Maybe you wll even bid on what we are donating. See you there! 

PS You can also use the PayPal button on our bloggie to donate to Maxx. 
Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our New Cat-Lounger

Hi Furends:

Our pals all know that Dad fixed up the Tomcat Home with new carpet and paint. Then last week the new cat-lounger came. We were kind of worried as the old one was very broken in and comfortable while the new one smells very different. 

The big thing is there are no places that have any cat paw scent. This was a concern but actually it helps us listen to the new rule of no sharpening on the cat-lounger. Dad has plenty of new scritch places so no biggie.
The new Cat-Lounger has room
for 3 of us. Oh yeah, Dad too.

Sorry Toby. Maybe later we will
switch so you can lay here.

Sure thing Timmy. Sure thing.

Razum frazzum mumble grumble.

No fussin frum Buddy Budd.
Ah liker the high grounder.

Dad got the right Lounger fur-sure!

Have a nappy kind of day!
Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Manx Furend

Hi Furends
It is with a sad heart that I report our Dearest Furend Abby of Manx Mnews has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Purrs Beautiful Girl! We know our Angels will welcome you. Till that day we all meet again watch over us.

We send lots of love and support to her family.

Timmy, Dad, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Buttons and Ms Fitz

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tomcat Toy Tuesday

Hi Furends:

Whee it is always fun to get new goodies and this time Dad got us some really super-duper ones.

When the Burgers and Dogs Catnip Toys from Catching Lizards came the nip smell was so strong we didn't let Dad relax until he opened the package. 

We started going Nip-Cray-Zee!
DAD! Open it already!

Wow this one is GRREAT!

This is really good Tim!
You bet Rumpy! Cant help but kick-it!

Good Nip makes me feel all Kittenish!

You take in a big Whiffie!

Let it go all up into your Cat-Brain!

Then ya KICK-KICK-KICK it!

And finish with a nice lick lick lick.

I am more refined. I have to watch my
Public persona. 

So... hard... to... keep... cool...
Uh-oh, eyes giving me away!

I can hide him underneath.
I can keep cool... I can relax...

As soon as the flashy is gone my
little Hot Doggie!

Buddy jumper onnit frum on high!

Me Next! Me Next!

Dad took the Burger and told us we will keep that fur later. Darn responsible Dad. 

May you have a Nippy Day
Timmy Tomcat