Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween to All

Hey is it time yet?
Don't I look grand in my Halloween Outfit. I decided with all the peace keeping around here better be Sheriff Timmy Tomcat. You Varmits better watch out. You heard me Rumpy, Buddy. MOL. Lets get that treat bag full Pops!

Then when I stide into the saloon (Kitchen) I hang my hat and keep my bandanna on to wipe off my whacky paw after I straighten out the trouble makers. You cats listening!

Have a Great Day
Purrs to all and Love Ya (In a Man-Cat way of course) 
Timmy Tomcat

Family Fracas and Fun too!

Before I say anything I want all my furs who are near the coast to be really careful and keep safe from the wind and rain! Promise! I will send a purrayer your way.


Rumpy started out the week totally out of control. He was being so bad Pops was very upset. I had to do something. I called him over for a sit down, uh, yeah, I was sitting.
Giving Rumpy the Lecture
I gave him a stern lecture on his behavior and how Toby, Mr B and even Buddy were starting to act up also. He did not want to listen, but, after I told him how upset Pops was, well, he started to see the light. We discussed that maybe more exercise would help him to burn off all that energy. I asked him if maybe medication would help but he said no thank you to that. He said he would give the exercise plan a try. He thanked me for the talk.

He thanked me for the behavior suggestions
I thanked him for listening
That night he played for a long time and, amazing as it seems, he was a very good cat all night. Pops even praised him in the morning and gave him a big hug.

So then on last night guess what? A BIG BOX! Whee! I got to play in the box but even better was what was in there.
This is a tool to make Treats

Pops does not like giving us dry food as treats. He wants us to be real healthy so he got a food Dehydrator. He says making healthy treats it the best way to go. Wow how cool is that

I guess I have to Choose my favorite Recipe! Hmmmmm? Decisions decisions.
Decisions Decisions
So the first batch came out last night. Shrimpys! YAY! They are good. A bit odd as they smell like they normally do and then they are crunchy and chewy. Nice. Then today we got Chicken! YAY Again!
They were crunchy too. Good! You can read about how to make them at Herding Cat Tips by Pops. His blog has good tips for your humans so take note.

Purrs to all and Love Ya (In a Man-Cat way of course)
Timmy Tomcat