Monday, June 30, 2014

Rumpy is back to feeling...

Einstein: Hey!

Einstein: What is That Rumpy? 

Rumpy: That is one of my eggs. There will be 2 of me now

Einstein: No way! *paw action*
Rumpy: Don't squish it. If you do it will split into two.

Einstein: What?
I can only handle raising one at a time

Einstein: Rumpy laid an egg and now there will be two!

Buttons: Where? There's nothing here!

Rumpy: Under that, yes right there
Buttons: What in Cods name?

Buttons: Rumpy, that's a...
Rumpy: Shhh, you'll hurt his feelings!
Send Einstein back over.

Rumpy: Will you help out?
Einstein: I, I, I guess so

Rumpy: Wait till you see the little fellow. 

Just you wait
Yes just you all wait. I am BACK!
*Sinister Music* 
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitz's big...

*Sniff* What?









Oh, were you waiting for something?
Hee Hee, quite the mystery.
(The silly Dad has a comment in Dads Corner.)
Miss Fitz

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Jan

It's a super special day in the Blog-O-Sphere!
Happy Birthday Jan of Jans Funny Farm!
Click on photo to visit Jan
Happy Birthday to Jan
Happy Birthday to Jan
Cause you are so wonderfur fur sure
Happy Birthday to Jan

Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Fitz, Buttons, Einstein and Dad

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Einstein is chasing the Red Dot

I see you hiding under Timmy's Nip Pillow

How did you get over there?

Your tricks wont save you


What? I had you!

Don't think this is over, Dot!



Nom Nom Nom. Maybe if I caught an adult it would 
be more filling?


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We are Ready for Cat World Domination Day!

Hi Furends:
What a great day! The day Cats show domination over the WORLD! Of course once our peeps see how good we do they may just ask us to take over the other 364!

Our pal Sparkle the Designer Cat set 
up this fine day and runs HQ so stop by and get
you marching orders!

Buttons:  Blah on how the humans run things.
If there are punishments needed I will give hearty raspberries!

Fitz: I put the D in Domination! I will take over
 and put my paws down, Hard!

Rumpy: Brushies on Command! All Day!
Evfurry Day!

Buddy: Waker me fur dinner!

Fitz: Timmy! We have a Slacker here!

Don't worry Fitz. Kliban Kitty will add his
paws into the mix

Einstein: As long as Dad can still play with me
I will go along!
Whispers: Timmy, whats dominate mean?

Toby: Only Handsome Cats will be allowed to wear hats!
Only House Panthers are allowed to be Handsome!

Now repeat that after me: Only Handsome...

How are you Dominating the World today?
The Tomcat Family 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Buttons is a Beautifur Dreamer

Buttons: Meow-O-My! I am... Oh-Catness
Just look at my fur!

I don't know whether to hiss or meow. You see I fell asleep and then the tailless one laid next to me!

It must be all the shenanigans he pulls.
He has an odd influence on dreams.

Am I still dreaming?

What do you think?
Mr Buttons

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Easy Easy Easy

We have a big Triple Header Easy friends!

I am happy and ready to Easy 

Toby beat me to Easyland

Einstein is deep into Easy

Have a nice and easy, easy, easy friends

Dad has a little update on his page, Dads Corner.

Happily Easy
Miss Fitz

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitz is looking for...

*Sniff* Amazing... Toby!

*Sniff* Stimulating... Toby!

*Sniff* Wow... Toby!

*Sniff*... TOBY!

We are going to MEOW about this! 

Meanwhile, back on the couch:

Enjoy that while you can you lout! Ladies, do you have the same problems?

Miss Fitz