Saturday, August 18, 2012

Timmy's Toy! Buddy's Back!

Happy tidings and well wishes to all my fabulous fur friends!

Here we are on a Bee-Yoo-Ti-Ful Caturday.
We have had some showers so it has cooled off. The sun is back out and life is good.

We have a full weekend planned with Pops cause he has to go back to work on Monday. We just cannot understand why they do not allow us to come along? Oh well, we will play all day to make the most of our time.

Speaking of Play I wanted to show you my Favorite Toy! I mean my favorite of favorite all time great, super-zoot, catabunga, wowzer-meowzer, goodness-gracious-bodacious, best-toy-ever! Are you Ready! Get Ready! Here it comes! Hold onto your seat! Take a Breath! Ready-Set-Go!
My Favorite Toy of All Time - A Nice Chewy-Straw
Now some of you may like the nippy-mousy or the dangle-thingie or maybe something else that drags, flys, sits, rolls, or whatever. Me I like my Chewy-Straw. I mean just look at this one! Great! All purrfectly chewed and tasting great. I can hardly contain myself. Hold on a second.
Straw Purrfect fur licking and chewing
Ah that's better. I just had to give my Chewy-Straw a good lick. Mm-Mm-Good. Let me say ours is but to Chew-Lick and lie, down with our Chewy-Straw. So I will tell you the story on why I love these so much.

It started out I liked grabbing pens too but my Pops discouraged that. He tried giving me my own pen but they are just so much more fun when he holds them over a paper and does that scribble thing. Something about that just gets me going. He kept filling his pen cup and I kept emptying it out. Then one day he found the Chewy-Straws. He started putting them in the pen cup and that's where I found them. What fun. He keeps me in these and who needs an old pen.

So that's my toy story. Do you have one?

Buddy has decided to take back his bed spot on the table. We cats really do not know why he has not been sleeping there of late but who can figure that big Galoot out. He told me "Ah jus doin Buddy-Bud biznit dats-it". Alright Buddy dude go fur it. Wonder whats next in his cat-brain?
Dis my spot. Why all the whoop-de-cat anyhoo?
So that's all fur now! Have a wonderfur weekend!

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Timmy TomCat

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da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz doods Hope yur week oh end wuz a grate one N pops grilled everee one plentee oh fish !! that iza good story tim...glad yur "stik" inn two it !!! well, itz kind of a stik :)