Friday, August 17, 2012

Sunshine and Whacky-Paw

Gotta say that there is NOTHING as good as laying in the SUN!

Unless of course you mean practicin your Whacky-Paw!
I needed to really update Mr B in the ways of Man-Cats. He did not have a real kitten hood so we all pitch in. Gotta admit he is getting better. Not like me of course, but, acceptable.

Here is proof positive in why a strong Whacky-Paw is needed. Box Defense. You never know when a fur will try and unseat the King-of-the-Castle, Me!

Toby thought he had made a move and had gained the upper paw. Right. I just switched to the Back-Whack-Attack Jack! He never knew what hit him!

So keep your Whacking skills sharp all you Cats! You never know when your title or throne will be contested

Of course it is nice to have somewhere to go that never needs defense. That is impregnable due to its location and construction. That will stand up to anything, anybody, and anyfur.
This is my Real Castle! Laying with my Pops in the Lap of Luxury and safe from all! Sure beats fighting!

Oh my that just drains the fight right out of me. Time for a nap. See ya!

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