Friday, July 31, 2015

Rumpy's Catch of the Day

Come here little fishie of mine

You and me are going to have a lot of fun

I will take a great big whiffie!

Then we have a little bitey

Yes fishie, you and me will have a long happy relationship.
Together we will have many exciting adventures and...

Dad said to share the fishie Rumpy

Tear my heart out you, you homewrecker!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fitz's Tail Tales

I see you there!

Are you following me?

Better watch it, Tail!

You dare follow me here? I will get you, Tail!

Your excuses won't help you now, Tail!

In fact I am going too...

Excuse you! This is a private discussion between furends!

Fitz's Tail

Monday, July 27, 2015

Buddy Helps with the Chores

So dere ah waz. Chillin, relaxa-cat-in, doin dat honerific cat paztime, Nappin, when all of a suddenly like...

Dad, ah waz relaxa-cat-in an Nappin! Why youz put
da scrachin poster over me'z?

Sorry Buddy. Have to clean the rugs and I didn't want to bother

Dat no scuse! Ah laser ya fur dat!
Arrgh! Ya got me!

Ya can't escaping by walking awayz!
Can you lower the wattage a little so my t-shirt
doesn't get holes in it?

Aww... alrigty Dad. Gimme a treat will ya?
You know I will Buddy! Are we still pals?
Sure ting. Ah loves ya Dad, you knowing dat I glad ta helps.
Thanks Buddy

Buddy Budd

Friday, July 24, 2015

Visiting Cat Scouts Felix and Maggie

The Cat Scouts are traveling around the country visiting each other as Flat Cats. The furst leg of my and Einstein's trip is to visit our pals Felix and Maggie.
What a trip Timmy. Are you feeling better yet? I know those mail chutes and zooming around the postal service really got you dizzy.
I am still a bit woozy but we are having the time of our lives
You bet!

Here we are being greeted by Maggie on the left.
That is Felix on the right. Two very gracious hosts.

Maggie went to show us around and I got dizzy again.
Down you went, MOL.

Felix came over to give my ear a nibble while Timmy
took a little rest.

Before you know it I was ready for action. We played with
Felix and then he had a great suggestion.

You have that right Timmy. Nothing like a good nap
no matter where you are.

After our nap Maggie wanted to play.

We had to hurry to keep up. That Scout has energy.

What a wild kitty

What will tomorrow bring Einstein?
I don't know Timmy but what I do know is, it will be fun

Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's That I Feel?

Did you ever get that feeling that someone, somewhere,
was... Watching you?

There he is with no idea the great hunter is stalking

Biding her time until just the right second to...

I wonder if... Nope its Fitz! She's around here somewhere
doing that stare thing that gives us all the willies.

Oh shucks. No fun when they figure it out.
Now who else is around...

Why hello there. Feel my burning gaze yet!

FITZ stop with our furends already!
Darn it to cat you fellows never let me have any fun.

Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Wild Wet Time!

We overslept after all the fun we had at Cat Scouts. The Sea Cats hosted Felix and Maggie's Wild Water Extravaganza and Einstein got some great photos to share!

That water really does wear a cat out Timmy. Lets show our pals what all went on.

We started off with a few noms on the beach. That's Willow far
left next to my gal Shoko with Mango over by Timmy.

Shoko and me went tubing. Wow is it hard not to hold
on with your claws.

 I went windsurfing...

did a bit of scuba diving...

and I must admit I was showing off a bit when we
got to water skiing. Wow that was fun!

You really did ham it up Timmy. Check out Shoko!
She is a natural on a surf board.

Check me out hanging four!

You were something on that board. The skis not so much.

Hey how did that one get on the blog. It was a wild ride I admit Timmy!

Those water walking balls were a great way to wind down after all the excitement.
There we are with Mango

Then me and Shoko took a relaxing ride around on the Ducky.
Meow those are fun, and, even better with your gal cat with you.

No better way to end a great day that with some niptinis
at the bar with Mango, Willow and Shoko.

That Shoko really looked nice. Sigh

Sure was fun Einstein. How can we thank Felix and Maggie.
Why not visit them now that we have our Flat Cats!
Great idea! Lets get Dad to take us to the post office. See you soon you two.

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, July 17, 2015

Buddy's Big Win! Thanks to The Cats From Hell!

Now all youz gather roun Ol'Buddy Budd cuz ah gonna tellz ya a storiez. 
What now Buddy, hey, this isn't some trick to whack me is it?
No Toberz.
Are there Treats?
Yep little Einsteiner but not dat ya can eatz.
Can I get a belly rub?
Dad will bein givin ya one cuz he happee tooz Mr Buttonz.
Did you have to bother me Buddy?
Rumperz ah gonna bother you no matta whut... just cuaz.
I can't wait to hear what this is all about Buddy!
Yoo gonna be suprizered Miss Fitzer.
Well come on Buddy Budd I am busting with excitement!
Alrightyz right Mr Timmerz...

Wellz ya all see dat...

ah enterin inta a big contesticated contest...


Ah entered The Cats From Hell: 

Finish the Sentence Game: You should check it out on Tuesdays!

Week 20: "My Parents are..."

Can ya guessin whut ah sayed?


Can ya?

BUDDY! Getz, get on with it already already!

Ya spoil da waitin game Rumperz. Ah sayd, in propurr englisher tooz: 
My Parent is such a cheap skate to get extra treats I have to scream a meow into his ear.

Beeyooteefur! Look how handsome ah look.
Dad too!
Ya can visit ta see us in action Here!

Got to admit Buddy Budd you do like your treats.
So that is his secret I think I will...
(Dad gives Einstein "the look")

I think you better think again Einstein. 
That sure does look like Buddy
Dad too, amazing!

Thanks to all the Cats From Hell: Nellie, Kozmo, Jo-Jo and Mom too from all of us here at the Tomcat Home!

Buddy Budd
Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad too

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Da Winna!

Jez ta be sure az shootin ah betta take'a look'n seez.

Gol durn itz! Itz gotta beez roun here sumwhar!

What are you looking for Buddy?
Mah winninz little feller, mah winninz!

Rumperz yoo got mah winninz?
Buddy I can't understand you onna, oh cat, on a good day.

Dad: Buddy, we all won that great contest that Dezi had for the Pagoda Water Fountain
But Dad ah iz da onlee kittee dat getz hiz own wata bowl inna bat-tub!
I will keep your special bowl there, but, we are going to share the Pagoda Water Fountain alright!
Grumble, mumble, grumble... Awright Dadz.

Izzit treater timez yet?

How about I slip you a few on the sly.
You da bess Dad eva!

Buddy - not so patiently waiting - Budd

Monday, July 13, 2015

Who's Whose


Goodness what happened to you little buddy?
Playing with Dad...

Whoa, he really gave you a workout
Sure did...

I thought we were going to play this morning, sniff.
We can, just let me cat-ch my breath

Oh that's alright. I know who is more impwatent, sniffle.
It's not like that Rumpy

I said I would...

Pay no mind Einstein. Rumpy is just being Rumpy.
I know. I like him thinking that I don't. Makes him feel better.
Now you have it. You are one sharp fellow E.
Thanks Fitz
Hey Rumpy ready to play buddy of mine!

Well... if you really insist. I get to start charging furst alright?
*Tussle, Wrestle, Tussle*