Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hoo Cat whut a night!

Well the trouble twosome, Buddy and the Rumpers, have gone and done did it.

We were all kind of wound up last night. You know. Just one of those nights when a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do. So we were having a good old time. Running and jumping and wrestling and chasing. Good cat fun. Me and Toby were having a grand time. Rumpy jumped in and then every cat was really worked up. That cat is a bit crazy you know. He grew up in a cage and he does not really know cat etiquette. Ah-well, maybe we cannot blame him too much because that but come on cat enough is enough.

So back to the story. Big Buddy has a bit of a bad attitude about the Rumpers and when those two started last night it was like; WHOA CAT! Well they were up and down, in and out, here and there, back and forth. Pops had already gone to bed and he gave them his"Stop already"! Next when he turned the light on and came out and gave us a talking to we knew it was time to chill and calmed down. Me and Toby did that is. Buddy and Rumpy kept it up. Maybe if Buddy had not ran across Pops head it would have been okay, But come on, really cat, Pops was bleeding and all. So there ya go the guy was STEAMED.  We all took off for our favorite hiding holes.

Rumpy got the triple squirt squirt squirt. Pops made him go in the hooman litter room. He just stayed in there till this morning. Pops was still angry this morning and changed all the stuff in his room around so we can no longer run over the bed and up onto the dresser. He even took off work to do this. Wow.

When Pop cooled off a bit Rumpy went in and said he was sorry. He did his cute cat thing and all is well. Buddy is still just old Buddy Bud. Me and Toby are keeping an eye on all this and will try and keep a lid on it if we see this starting again. We just hope we are still allowed in bed with Pops! It getting cold. Meow!

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat

Monday, December 26, 2011

Too Long

"So Tim" Pops says to me "I set up that blog for you and you do not use it. How come?"
So I tell da old man about how busy a cats life is. You know you have to eat, sleep, play, repeat!
Day in day out! Tiring!
So hoping to be by more in the new year Fur Shur!
Timmy T

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cats and kits

    Well two of our fosters have forever homes. I had told them about how hoomans really like a purr and a friendly cat and it paid off. They were all excited when they came home last Saturday and just had to tell me all about it.

     Seem this guy came into where they were. Foxy ran right over and said hello. I always tell the kits: Kits, be open and up front with hoomans. Use your Bast given talent and when it is right put that best paw out and go fur it. Foxy said she was so loud and rubbing against the fingers the guy put in the cage, always a good sign I may add, fingers that is, that Tank Girl woke up from her cat nap. Well they both started purring and fussing over this guy. So he uses that little box that they talk into and talked to a lady. Seems they are some kind of couple. So then the lady comes by too. They put on a good show. Purrs. Rubs. Even a meow or two. Well it paid off. The couple wanted to take them right away. Well you know Pops. Nothing doing with strangers. So they had to wait and then came home to tell the story. They were upset.

     So they are home and they dont know that Pops was informed of all the goings on. He is listening on his talking box to who ever was there and so he is ready for the next step. Like I said Pops will not give a kit to just anyone. He has to check em out. You just never know with hoomans. Sad but true. So I listen to Pops talk to this couple. He says: "Really, well, and other cats? Yes. Well, where do you live? Really. Well I have to do a home check but it sounds great. How about you call me Sunday and we will set it up? OK."  Then he gives me a look and says"Tim. This is going to work out. Wow those kits really charmed them. I am doing a good job Tim." He gives me a pet and I purr like usual. Little does he know I have been helping with teaching the kits.

     On Sunday he went down and played with them for the last time. He was really surprised that they were all over him. Climbing on his back and sitting on his shoulders giving him whisker kitty kisses. MOL. I had told them about the upcoming adoption and to say good bye. I told them how lucky they were getting old Pops as a foster. He is such a nice guy. So they were all over him. A fine day playing.

     So Sunday night Pops brings them to the new home. I have no idea about how they get around in those noisy smelly things but they do. The check went well. The peeps listened to Pops about litter and food. Then he left the kits there with their new hoomans. I sure hope they give me a shout on Face-Book. We will miss the little scraps.

    So only 2 to go. Hey Pinky He Tiny Dancer! Get those purr machines ready for Saturday! So ends another great story.

Bye fur now

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day of the week is?

What is it with the upright hoomans and all the willikers about the day that it may be? Monday, oh gosh a new work week and all that there. Tuesday, getting over Monday. Wednesday, great Bast what is a Hump? And what does it have to do with a day? Thursday, oh golly gee almost the end. Friday, oh boy cannot wait and get to the, what, next day? Saturday, ok we like this one cause Pop does spend time with us. Sunday, well this one is better cause he is not pushing around the noisy hose-monster and is making foods that we can share, a little, sometimes. And then, repeat! On and on and on and on. It can drive a cat bonkers.

I guess it has to do with going where-ever they go to do what-ever they do to bring-home-the-cat-food.  I mean I give extra points to the food bringing but wish Pop would just stay here and play more.

Anyhow. I have a new investigation going. There is a new little hiding cave right next to the bed. Pops brought it in last week... end... MOL.  I tried to get in there this morning as Pops left it a bit open. Well I had to get out of there as all started tilting and lots of the things on top went on the floor. I thing Buddy got the blame as I was gone like quick. Buddy was like "Huh? What?" Gotta love the Budster. MOL. Will keep you up to date when I have more info...
Timmy T

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Furiends, Roaming, and Country Cats

Hello fur now.
   Well first thing is hello. I am just getting this set up and have more pressing things today so I am off to work with the kittens. Will be back often with my amazing insights into life and leisure. Hopefully more of the latter.