Monday, July 29, 2013

Man-Cat Monday with Mr Buttons

Hey Furends: 

Timmy asked me to thank everyone who came to the #GiveAHoot Party for Sass and Lou. We were trending #3 in the whole USA. Is that amazing or what. 
The fundraiser is still going on so please, anything will help, fifty cents or a dollar would be appreciated. 
Thank You. On with our Man-Cat Monday!

Buttons here having Man-Cat fun with Dad.

We both like a bit of the old

I see Da-Bird come out and Jump into

I get a really good bitey on it!

Furst I try and pull it over on my side all the way!

I pull very hard and then... I FLOP over
and really put a good yank on it!

*A Big Crash is Heard*
Uh... Dad... I... Ahem... Well... Sorry!

I seem to have pulled him off the couch.
I don't know my own Man-Cat Strength.

It must be my hearty O Snacks.
Yummy Yum Yum

And how is your Man-Cat Monday?
Mr Buttons.
*There was no harm or injury to any Dads during the making of this post

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday is time to #GiveAHoot

Hi Furends:

We are so glad to be a part of the Anipal Network that joins together to help those in need. It seems that we really know how to pull together and that makes this kitty purr up a storm.

That said I want to tell you about Sass and Lou from @LiveLoveMeow. Sass is a very good person who does a lot to help cats and even has a company to promote healthy cat products. 

Well they have had a rough patch  and are currently homeless. Sass had been with a friend but it seems this friend was not and she came home to find her cat Lou quite upset. Hiss. 

Luckily he is fine but it was another cost to have a vet visit and they are now at a hotel.

Please note that ANY amount would be appreciated and would get a big purr from the Tomcat Home. We donated a bit of treat money and Dad kicked in a few coins. Can you help a bit? for Sass and Lou

#GiveAHoot Party Friday 07/26 7-10PM

Hope to see you there!
Timmy Tomcat


Thankful Thursday - By Dad

Hi Furends!
Dad is doing our Thankful Thursday Post.

Take it away Dad!

Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Timmy's Tuesday News Day!

Hi Furends.

The big news this week is our new Cat-Perches!

Dad got the old tools out this past weekend and started on getting us our Critter-TV back up and running. 

Here I am getting ready for a huge leap to
the Armoire. We keep Dad on the edge
of his seat with our leaps.

Hey Dad! You need to touch up
a bit of paint here.

Just kdding. Laser eyes mean tag you're it!

Very nice up here Ms Fitz.

Not bad Dad . You do know when your
plumb is level after all.

The Cat-Walk now goes from the couch
to the window perch. Then behind the TV
to the other window perch. Fun.

Dad says there will be draperies which is fine as long as we can play on them. 

Next the Cat-Walk will go from the window to over the table so it will be a U shape with some steps back down too.

Then Dad says we shall see what to do next. We can hardly wait.

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, July 22, 2013

Man-Cat Monday: Tim's Training Tips!

Hi Furends 

Timmy here with some handy training tips.

Ms Fitz would you do the honors? 

Sure thing Timmy.

I will start with an overpaw swipe.

That was an excellent dodge but a bit too much.
Thanks, noted.

Sweep you off your... Darn, missed.
Be ready for an opponent.

No warning, right.


I let your motion carry you past me.

But... but... I HAD you...
Someday Grasshopper, maybe someday.

Timmy Tomcat says
Practice me pretties!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Sunday with an Award and other News

Hi Furends:

Well we like to relax on Easy Sunday. Dad reviews the news and such while we Cat-ch up with pals, generally lounge about and think of tricks we can play on ways to help Dad . 

First: We are Tails-in-the-Air, Makin-Biscuits, Purring to have a New Award! 

Thanks so much to our pals at The Cat on my Head: Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette, and Mum Janet Blue, of course, for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!

Thanks to our pals at The Cat on my Head!

We will answer 5 Super Sweet Questions:
  • Cookies or cakes? Cake
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
  • Favorite sweet treat?  Butter Muffins
  • When do you crave sweet things most?  Night
  • Sweet nickname? Timothy Tomcat (Its the way its said)
Now Nominate a Bakers Dozen of Blogs. That is tough as we love all our pals. Maybe this time we will try some blogs we need to catch up with. These are some fun loving cats and great blogs. Go visit! You will be glad you did! 

Buddy runs in with a strip of Bacon hanging out of his mouth and meows: "Holder everthinger! Dem wonnerfur 'Cat-onna-dey-Headz' givva nudder Awardy! Checker Out!"

Thanks to Mom and all the cats!

Thanks Again to our Pals at The Cat on my Head!

Now on to other Big News!

Check out the Links at the top of our Blog. We now have Pages where we can put lots of fun things like

  • The Stories of how we came to live with Dad
  • Awards and Such
  • A Memorial Page for our family and our friends
  • Dad's Page where he will list various how-to information that may be helpful and fun.
  • News and Mews

Timmy Tomcat 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday for a-lot

Hi Furends:
We are doing a short Thankful Thursday post.

We are thankful for some new family members.

Hi I am Marigold. I was a participant in the
CB Auction to help Laura from Heaven Sent.
She had many bills from the real Marigold and
I am thankful to help and have a nice new home.

And we are so glad to have you Marigold. Now our next new addition. 

Yo Cats. I am Tommie! I waz one of Dads
Cats back in Philly. Yeah dat Philly. Rocky,
Da-Manayunk Wall, South Street where the Hep
Cats Meet. Yeah. Be seein ya.

Tommie has a very funny story to tell someday and we can hardly wait to share it with you.

One last thing. We are very Thankful to be able to help those in need. 

Our Pal Dash Kitten told us about a big need and we are joining up for Give a Hoot to help Lou @LiveLoveMeow and his Mom on July 26th 7-10PM on a Twitter Chat. 

Golly Gee Whiskers that will be a furst for us. Hope we will see you there all ready to #GiveAHoot

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mancat Monday with Toby

Hey Cats. Timmy said it was a Man-Cat Monday post so I volunteered. I mean who is more Manly than me, Toby Tomcat. The Terror of the Cat-Toys! The Wrestlers Wrassler! The Wild Jumping Crazy Cat! Da-Bird Killer! Da Mousie Chewer!  

I must say I feel that something
is a bit off. 

I feel like there is a set of eyes on me.
What is all this then?

Toby Tomcat! How can you do a post
without ME! HMPH! I have been
watching you Strut!

Umm... Yes dearest Fitz sweety pie snoogums dear. I will make sure you are in all my posts from now on.

Just you wait till you are done playing with your blog pals. We are going to talk!

Yes Dear. Coming Honey. 
Well see you soon. Keep it very Manly.
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Settled In and Buddy Teaches!

Hi Furs and Friends!

We are all settled in, things are pretty much back to normal and we are starting to catch up with our friends posts. Finally! 

Dad asked us last week if we would like to do a little remodel of our Blog like the remodel of our home. We were a bit unsure of this. What if we loose things we love? 
Dad says that there are back ups and if we add pages the paw-sitive would be: 

  • We could have  biographies
  • A home for our Squillions
  • Our Angels would have a page

We were fur-it, scratch-it, fur-it, scratch-it. Finally we just did a vote! Fur-it, Yay! We are adding pages. Keep a paw ready to click on them when they appear. Whew. Another project. At least we will not have to move. 

So today Buddy is going to take the stage! Go ahead Buddy!

Hey Catz! Yer Buddy Buddy Budd here.

Gonna speak ta-day bout suptin come up durin our move tada officer-n-Bak-Omm. Da furz got all worked-up. Buddy waz relaxer. So dey askin 'Buddy Budd why we'z all worked-up and you relaxer?' Well ah gonna tell-ya. Meta-ta-shun! Yep-Yep! Buddy been da Zen-Cat roun-ere! Reddy-Set-Git, ta learnin dat iz!

Dere ya goes wit bein relaxer like da Buddy Budd
I Thankee

Thanks Buddy. 
Stay tuned for fun
Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Easy on Sunday and Purrayers for Olive

We are very sad to say that Sweet Olive has gone over the Bridge. She was Gracie of the Tabby Cat Clubs niece. Please send Purrayers and post her memorial if you would like. Fly free sweet Olive! 

Now we will relax a bit with some more photos of our fancy decorated Tomcat Home.

Dad, like most good cat caretakers, worries about our needs. Play, Food, Treats, Health, Sleep and, of course Hygiene.

We are six healthy cats with good appetites so there is quite a bit of, uhh, yes, plenty of that. We also have an elder who is a bit large who...

Buddy Budd: "Youz betta watcher itz Timmerz! Ah listenerz!"

YES Buddy. So Buddy is of a healthy size and needs room. We also have a few "standers." Dad really cannot figure this out as it is not spraying. Rather it seems to be a preference. Go figure. With all this taken into account he has tried the jumbo litter pans, the jumbo corner litter pans, hooded and un-hooded, you get the idea. All were good but not good enough. So what do you do. Well Dad made us a new pan! Go Dad!

He will tell you how to do the nice cushion at the doors if your peeps are interested. He said this was a prototype and will be used in the bedroom closet. He will make another fancy one for out here. Check it out.
Buddy checking if everything came out ok. MOL.
Buddy Budd: "Whut! Ah Listener! Gonna get-cha!"

Chill Buddy. I wanted to show that even with a very large container you are a very big cat.
With the big doors he finds it easy to reach in
and finish up. 
I like the double doors. You never have that trapped feeling.
The sides are high enough that our "standers" do not overshoot.
You can't really see the door edges. Dad cut tubing and hot glued it around so it is nice and soft. Nothing sharp. Cool. 

So we are just about back to normal. 
Toby is watching our Critter TV.

I am going to let Fitz watch for a bit. Dad has to get our
new Window seats made. Soon I hope.

We also like to play on the cat run. I am sneaking in Dad's
area while Fitz is scenting up the edges.

As you can see. Back to normal.

Rumpy is all chilled out.

After a day of play we all needed a good nap.

Shhh... Look at that Buddy! Goodness he is a Big Dood!
Dad wanted us to Plug his new Bissell Lift Off Floors and More
Pet Vac. He says it is great. We agree. Nice and quiet. The nasty
Hose Monster has not been seen.

So there you have it. We are back home and living large. Dad has planned a cat walk up on the walls with perches and cubbys to relax and snoopervise out of. We will keep you infurmed of his progress. 

Finally. Buddy Invites all of our Furends to visit his Secret Garden for a snack and to have fun. He won the best summer picture at the Russian Blue Lounge on Catster. We are proud of our Big Buddy Budd
Com-on overz and visiter! Ah gotz plenty good goodies fur-Ya!
Yer Buddy Budd iz a good Buddy ta have!

Timmy Tomcat

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Caturday! Part Two of our Paint and Carpet Saga!

Hey Furends
Well here we are on a fine Hot Hot Hot Caturday at the Tomcat Home. We have a heat advisory here in Eastern Pa so we are purring for all the elders and others who need to take it easy and should be drinking plenty of liquids. So be....

Buddy: Plenter uf dem Nip-Tini's?

No Buddy! No Nip or other intoxicants!

Buddy: Durn... Jus checkerin!

Where was I... OK. 
Yesterdays Post was about being in Dad's Office so today we will give a little peek at our new digs.
Here we are on the first day. We were all just sitting around
relaxing and happy to be home.

This is our famous Cat-Run. We can zip back and forth over
Dad's Books and not knock them to the floor. Purrfect.

Buddy Budd jumped right onto his favorite perch. 

As you can see things are getting organized. Dad keeps
his usb cables, chargers and such under the
watch of our pal Lil' Bub. We like it! 

There is still a lot to do and you will see the fun we have in store in the coming days.

Before we close here is some fun. We received the Bestest Kitty Blogger in the Cosmos Award from Little Binky and Granny!  Check them out at angelwhisper2011 Me and my Granny

Click to Visit Basil the Bionic Cat

Now we have to Nominate 5 Blogs that are Cosmic! The rules are to mention our blog and nominate 5 that you feel are Cosmic. 
Drum Roll Please!

We hope you check out these Cosmic Blogs!

Have a fine Caturday! We have to get back to visiting all of our friends. See you soon!

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Friday! Part One of our Paint and Carpet Saga!

Hey Furends!
Golly Gee Whiskers, what a couple of weeks!
We are sooooo far behind in visiting all our pals Blogs and on Catster.  Hope you all understand and will keep the lights on as we keep running till our paws give out at night. 


Here are the photos we have been promising:
Here we are packing up. As you see I am in the bin as Snoopervisor! I saw Toby Sneakin N Peepin!

Hey Buddy! Move that over there! Buttons that goes there! Where is Toby? TOBY!

Here I am NyaHaHa!
Hah Toby! I saw you coming! Whacka-Whack!
Curses, foiled again, MOL! OK, let me get to work Tim.

Me and Dad choose the Carpet after deciding on the paint.

As soon as all the small items were packed up we all moved down to Dads Home Office. Dad and his sisfur share a duplex and his office is in the bottom part where she lives. Meow her doggies were giving us the yip-yap-yip-yip! They smell funny too! Yuck!
 Buddy was first to jump on Dads Desk.
Dat cardie onda montor iz our photers! Aw Dad!

Ahhhh! Diz been a gooder place ta rester!

Of course as soon as Buddy went to check out the rest of the place...
Ahhhh! This is a Good place to rest!
That Buddy and Rumpy. I am always trying to keep the fur from flying. Toby found a good spot right away.
Hey Cats! Look up here! Great Whiffies and plenty of Critter Action! 
Buttons was a bit, well...
What is all this then! Smells Funny! Looks Funny! Yuck!

Fitz decided to stay out of sight the whole time. 

I stuck to Dads Chair for the duration. It did take a bit of wiggling to get just right!

Finally comfy. This was Dads living room and bed all week. His table was a printer box. All the comforts of home!
Dad was a bit testy when he moved the chair into the office and saw the hole Sisfurs Doggies did on the arm. He bought this set for her only a few years ago. We started running and playing and it took his mind right off everything.

Tomorrow we will have our move back!

Timmy Tomcat