Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our 1st Annual Halloween Party!

Hi Furends!

Welcome to the Tomcat Homes Furst Halloween Party! 

I will let our family help with keeping things moving. Cold and Stiff Fitz can you start the party!

Welcome to the Tomcat Home first annual

Thanks Timmy. Hey Buttons! Are you ready?
Our Furends are here!

Meow Fitz. Now you know how I zoom
from room to room. Me and Buddy Budd will be doing the Noms Ready Buddy

Yepper! Hey Doods and Doodette's. Buddy Budd
from da Russian Blues Lounge here ta help
my main cat Button's!
OK so who wants to dig into the goodies! Lets start off with every cats favorite Meat! Take your pick and dig in!

Da Filet iz slicer an good ta go

Dig in to this Fine Juicy Steak

Ya Love da Chick-Hen, Buddy Doez

Hey a Big Turkey. Tear off a leg

Dis mah favo-right, Bacon. Mmmm Bacon

Thanks for the help Buddy. Toby and Rumpy, can you get the beverages

Beverages, Hah, beverages, why not
Apertifes are served in the foier, MOL

RUMPY! No acting up in front of the guests!
Sorry. Have a nice Beverage to go with your meal

Oh OK. Wow! I don't know whats in this
but it packs a punch

And this one has a Bite

Those are fish eyes. I think. MOL

Don't let your peeps know we are serving Jack
They will be here in a flash.

OK Furends. Let everything settle a bit but leave room
for some great Halloween Treats. Can you help

Mew Mew... Cough.. Hi furends. Uh
have some goodies...
Good job E! Go wash your face please. OK Timmy.
Have some Treats furends.

Eat them Angry Birds Up

Are you Batty for Bats

Eat these Meeces to Pieces 
Have a... Uhh... One of these

Hah, More Cats

This fellow needs to be eaten before he
makes a fool of himself

Thanks for coming to our first Halloween Party!

We love you all and wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.
Send some extra purrs to our pals 


If you drank or ate a bit much nap here on our Cat Lounger, one of our Critter TV's or the Cat Walks that are here and there. We will be by to visit our pals parties later on. Purrs

Timmy Tomcat, Toby Tomcat, Buddy Budd, Miss Fitz, Mr Buttons, Rumpy Bump Stumpnots and little Einstein.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Timmy Ponders Life

Hi Furends:

When Dad takes time to play with me it is

I play every day, but, when he Jiggles
and Wiggles the toy...

It is somehow Better!

Even on close examination

It is somehow... better

Dad, I have so much fun when you
play with me, but...

I have questions. I wonder what
the future holds

I wonder

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for a Big Halloween Party!

Have a great Day furends!

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, October 28, 2013

Man-Cat Monday: Toby's Toys

Hi Furends:

Nothing like relaxing with my great cat toys

Wait a minute, where is my favorite feather?

Hey! What's going on here?

Buttons: Ah... Toby. I think I know.

Oh-My-Cat! Is nothing Sacred?

Toby Tomcat

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good N Easy

Hi Furends

We are having a Good N Easy!

I always help Dad to relax

Ah Liker to stretch a bitz

What a week. I am worn out

I would LOVE an Easy!
Hey you! Pipe Down! DAD...

Thanks Dad. Ahhhh...

But I want to play and... Zzzzzz Zzzzz

Easy on Furends

Timmy Tomcat

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Anxiously Awaited Update on the Famous, Einstein!

Hi Furends:

I know we should have given an update earlier, but, the truth is we were a bit unsure. This little fellow started out bouncing all over and then got very ill. Kittens are like that. 

Well now we are sure that he is doing well. In fact why don't I let the star of the show tell you. Take it away Einstein!
Ummm Well let us quantify that with...

Hold it! Wrong one!
Hi! You can now see where I get my name.
I am feeling much better. Dad has been taking
real good care of me. Infact, watch this..

There you go! I am doing really well.
Thanks Timmy. I am a bit tired now

That is fine little E. Naps are good for you.

So thanks furends for asking. We are going to spend a bit of time catching up with visits to our pals. 

By fur now
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Attempt on the X Scratcher

Hi Furends:

So I was relaxing on the X Scratcher.
It is my Throne from where I hold Cat Court

Buddy: Timmer ah wantz a sitz
Timmy: Oh Really...

Buddy: Yez! I am BIG BUDDY BUDD!
Timmy: Oh Really

Buddy: Yepper! Ah gotta wicked Right Whacky Paw
Timmy; Oh Really

Timmy: That may be, but, I have the Fast-Feetz
Buddy: Ouchie

Timmy: How about a Left Whacky Paw
Buddy: Ouchie

Buddy: I iz bigger I iz older I dont git-it
That's why they call it a Throne

We are sending purrs to our furends Ginger Jasper and NylaBlue. Please stop by and send some good thoughts their way.

Have a great day furends
Timmy Tomcat