Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lots of Fun and a Little Bum...mer

First some BIG FUN! 

Our very own hero of the home, Rumpy Bump Stumpnots, was chosen as Cat-of-the-Week for that really cool club Koolest Catster Kitties! He even had his own photo that was made in honor of this big occassion! Way to go Rumpy!
Rumpys Big Week 

Then we have Cranky Hanky Panky:
So the weekend was great. We all had fun. We played and had treats to beat the band and settled down so Pops could get some sleep to start the week right. Which he did. Until!

Monday we had all settled down and, amazingly, we were all on the bed without a fuss. No jockeying fur position or anything. Yeah, well, if it sounds too good to be true, it was.

After a bit Rumpy just went wild. He was all over every cat. Pops was turning on the light. Discussing things with him and asking him to chillax. It went from a big happy family to crash-bang-boom Lets-Get-Out-of-This-Room. Things finally settled down and we think Pops was quite perturbed.

Tuesday morning was normal but when Pops came home it was a different story. Rumpy was not into treats. WHAT? Rumpy not into treats? This was concerning for the old guy and I do not mean Buddy. Then he was no where to be found. Where was Rumpy?

After dinner was done and cleaned up Pops had found him under the desk. He NEVER goes back there unless it is to chase some one. Pops reached in and gave him a head rub and he finally came out.

Pops checked his belly, like we hate, but that was not stiff or painful. Rumpy went back under the desk for about two hours. Right when Pops was getting really nervous the kid comes out. Looks around, and jumps on Mr B. Rumpus you are sick remember. Well not anymore. Pops gives him treats and the only thing is he actually goes right to bed and sleeps. Hmmmm.

More Tummy Troubles:
When Pops came home from work on Wednesday he looked and there was Rumpy, out and about. Toby was also there with us all. Until the treats came out that is. Then all of a sudden he was no where to be found. More odd and disturbing behavior. So again Pops gets everything cleaned up after dinner and goes looking for Toby the newest missing cat.

Just like Rumpy, Toby was under the desk. Pops gets on the floor, tough for him, repeats the behavior he had just done with the Rumpus by giving Toby a little head rub. He did not want to drag Toby out. Pops looked mighty worried.

We gave a fast look to make sure Toby was OK but around here it is known that if you feel bad you will be left alone. I know that is hard to believe but we really respect each others health.

It took a few hours but Toby, knowing it was quiet and that he was loved, came out. Pops decided to give him the the tummy check. Finally Toby ate some treats. Not much, but, some. A sure sign of healing. By bed time Toby was out and about. He came in to bed with us all and that was that. We thought.

Oy-Vey Thursday:
On Wednsday we were all concerned about Toby so we did not listen to Rumpy complain about his eye. It was a bit red and Pops asked us who whacked him. No cat admitted the deed but we all kind of high-pawed in silence.

Imagine how surprised we were when on Thursday Rumpy started looking like he had been on a Nip-High for a MONTH! Both eyes were red. Really really red. Imagine Pops when he comes home and sees this. Oy-Vey what a week.

Then Friday morning Rumpy is up for treats but looking rough. No goopy eye but... Very red and swollen. Since he is eating Pops goes to work and has his Sisfur check on him. She says his eyes are still swollen.

To the vet tra-la tra-lee Chlamydiosis is one diagnosis for thee.

Oh it may be a bit of Herpes also but the treatment is the same. Address the bacteria that is opportunistically having a party in his eyes. Pops has drops for him. Now Mr Buttons and Rumpy can be brofurs in eye drops.

And here it is Sunday and Rumpy's eyes look  normal. Imagine that. Pops had not even started the medication as he needed to get him to allow it. It took 2 weeks to get Mr B to allow drops. Two weeks and a lot of chicken. Meow. Maybe Rumpy will not need that training.

All's Well that Ends Well 

So a too long story this week about not much fun. The good part is we all feel better and... Urp, urp, urp, Blaa-ch. I had a hair-ball. Hope I am not next for tummy troubles.

Have a Wonderfur Healthy Week

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Timmy's Toy! Buddy's Back!

Happy tidings and well wishes to all my fabulous fur friends!

Here we are on a Bee-Yoo-Ti-Ful Caturday.
We have had some showers so it has cooled off. The sun is back out and life is good.

We have a full weekend planned with Pops cause he has to go back to work on Monday. We just cannot understand why they do not allow us to come along? Oh well, we will play all day to make the most of our time.

Speaking of Play I wanted to show you my Favorite Toy! I mean my favorite of favorite all time great, super-zoot, catabunga, wowzer-meowzer, goodness-gracious-bodacious, best-toy-ever! Are you Ready! Get Ready! Here it comes! Hold onto your seat! Take a Breath! Ready-Set-Go!
My Favorite Toy of All Time - A Nice Chewy-Straw
Now some of you may like the nippy-mousy or the dangle-thingie or maybe something else that drags, flys, sits, rolls, or whatever. Me I like my Chewy-Straw. I mean just look at this one! Great! All purrfectly chewed and tasting great. I can hardly contain myself. Hold on a second.
Straw Purrfect fur licking and chewing
Ah that's better. I just had to give my Chewy-Straw a good lick. Mm-Mm-Good. Let me say ours is but to Chew-Lick and lie, down with our Chewy-Straw. So I will tell you the story on why I love these so much.

It started out I liked grabbing pens too but my Pops discouraged that. He tried giving me my own pen but they are just so much more fun when he holds them over a paper and does that scribble thing. Something about that just gets me going. He kept filling his pen cup and I kept emptying it out. Then one day he found the Chewy-Straws. He started putting them in the pen cup and that's where I found them. What fun. He keeps me in these and who needs an old pen.

So that's my toy story. Do you have one?

Buddy has decided to take back his bed spot on the table. We cats really do not know why he has not been sleeping there of late but who can figure that big Galoot out. He told me "Ah jus doin Buddy-Bud biznit dats-it". Alright Buddy dude go fur it. Wonder whats next in his cat-brain?
Dis my spot. Why all the whoop-de-cat anyhoo?
So that's all fur now! Have a wonderfur weekend!

Your Cat Commentator
Timmy TomCat

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tomcat Family Whacky-Paw Practice and Da-Law

Timmy: "OK all you cats! Line up and look sharp! Time for Whacky-Paw Practice! We need to keep our cat skills sharp. You never know when there is going to be a need for Advanced Fighting Techniques. 
Mr B you and I just went over a few things so you first."

Mr B with FIV: "Uh... I forgot. What was that we were supposed to do?" 

Rumpy Stumpnots: "Here let me show ya!"

Timmy: "Very very good Rumpy. Now let our young lady take a turn. Fitz you next."
Mss Fitz: "You grab it like THIS!"

Mss Fitz: "Then you switch paws and give your opponents a Raspberry-bbbbffffsssstttt!" 

Mss Fitz: "Then you relax with the prize and not let any cat near it!" 

Timmy: "Well, yes, but your tummy is totally exposed. Not a good thing unless you have really practiced your Rear Whacky-Paw"

Mss Fitz: "WHAT? I DID IT PERFECT! I have never been so, so mortified Timmy Tomcat." 

Timmy: "Fitz I did not mean to offend. I was just stating a cat-fact. Goodness it is a tough job herding-cats. Maybe I better give this training a rest for awhile."

Buddy Bud: "Now yer talker!"

Buddy Bud: "Now da reallee secretz of secretz Fiten-Stylerz. When all de catz be fussin ya get inta da box.
Poe-Zesshion iz Ninety Tentz uf da cat lawz."
Timmy: "Well said Buddy. OK Cats! Nap Time! And may our friends have a nice nap too!"

Sunshine and Whacky-Paw

Gotta say that there is NOTHING as good as laying in the SUN!

Unless of course you mean practicin your Whacky-Paw!
I needed to really update Mr B in the ways of Man-Cats. He did not have a real kitten hood so we all pitch in. Gotta admit he is getting better. Not like me of course, but, acceptable.

Here is proof positive in why a strong Whacky-Paw is needed. Box Defense. You never know when a fur will try and unseat the King-of-the-Castle, Me!

Toby thought he had made a move and had gained the upper paw. Right. I just switched to the Back-Whack-Attack Jack! He never knew what hit him!

So keep your Whacking skills sharp all you Cats! You never know when your title or throne will be contested

Of course it is nice to have somewhere to go that never needs defense. That is impregnable due to its location and construction. That will stand up to anything, anybody, and anyfur.
This is my Real Castle! Laying with my Pops in the Lap of Luxury and safe from all! Sure beats fighting!

Oh my that just drains the fight right out of me. Time for a nap. See ya!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buddy-Bud say keep yer Diztanze

Yo Catz!
Yer Buddy Buddy-Bud here wit Newz Flasherz 'o' da Dayz

Da seri-us fact iz dat sum catz roun here be goin wheere dey want widout be inviter!
Da brofur be invadin mah spaze lak nuttin up an dat makez Buddy Bud anger.

Catz wit da mannerz kno bout catz min-i-mall diztanze
Ya neverz be clozer less you be nise and askz. 

Catz needa bout cat-length tween az Min-i-Mall diztanze.
So catz ajuster fur small kittinz small diztanze and bigz cat need bigz diztanze

An gud catz giv da warnin too. Neverz git crazee wid out tellin furst
Ah been gud catz and giver warnin of da Seri-Us lookz

Very Very Seri-Us
Den afterz Seri-us facer ah give da fazt nip like da cobraz 
Trut-b-toldz dat Buddy Bud iz da king 'o' da nipper. 

                              Da Nipper by Buddy-Bud
                         Da Nipper
                         Bud be da Nipper
                         Ah Table Nipper in da mornin
                         Ah Couchz Nipper in da evenin
                         Ah Bedz nipper in da nightz
                         Da Nip Nip Nip Nipper
                         Bud be da Nipper

So youz com roun here keep yer diztanze an be politez. 
Den youz can visit table, couchz, even bedz wit no nipper

Have da gud diztanze wit no nipper Wonderfur Dayz!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Free at Last of that old Guy and Fitz's Folly

We are finally free of having to share posts with that Old Guy. And I do not mean Buddy Bud.

*Buddy yells:"Whut? You sayin sumptin to da Buddy Bud?"*

No Buddy, I am talking about how Pops now has his own Blog so he does not crud mine up with all that stuff he blathers on about. Cook this... Do that... BORING! This is fun for CATS! Hoomans need their own Blogs.

So you can find his at Herding Cat Tips 

Real funny. Ha ha Pops. Anyhoo, that said, Fitzer really let it hang out the other day. Hoo-Cat what a girl. Lemmee tell ya about it.

So we are all getting a morning see-ya-later pet from Pop. I am on the table. Buddy is next to me and Rumpus is down on the floor by Pops feet, ah well, foot. So this little gal, Fitz,  LEAPs from the cat tree, Over Pop, Onto the hanging lite fixture. Now I don't know where she got the idea to try that. She is a bit, well, acrobatic. We cannot even figure how she made the jump since it is a good 4 feet.

So back to the story. Now maybe she had been going to jump on Pops shoulders but only thing I know is that I see her go over Pops head and land on the lite. The lite starts swinging. Of course you cannot hold onto a metal lite young lady. So her eyes get all big and she goes off tail over ears.

Plop she lands on Rumpy. Pops eyes go all round and he looks up to the swinging lite. Rumpy and Fitz take off for the bedroom. We Boyz all have a big laugh. Pops is laughing as he is walking out and says.

Now no more of that stuff. At least until I get home to watch!

How was your day.

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pops Pontificates: Cat Food and Health

Making Home Made Cat Food - The Dash to the Dish!

So now that we are a few weeks into our family having an option on meals the results are in:

Previously they kind of moseyed in at different times.They would leisurely eat their fill. Get up and move off to begin their groom-nap cycle. All very plain and repetitive.

Now they all run in and jostle each other to get in on the action. Buddy, Rumpy and Buttons are always the first to the plates and I have now gone to 3 dishes where before I only needed 2. I also have to put a bit more down at dinner so there is enough for every cat. I may have to limit serving size if we cannot begin to slow down the vacuum effect a bit.

The best part is the results over the past few weeks in Health

Rumpy's Bump: Rumpy had one very small loose stool that I only mention in the interest of full disclosure. His bump has been so clean I smile every time he goes by. Even better is how relaxed he is during his "check up on Pop" morning bathroom patrol.

In the past he would be a bit jumpy on days after he needed his Bump cleaned. And then there was the subterfuge. How I hated the Bump Dance.

It would begin when I would see or, more often, smell my pals problem and right away we both start our Bump Dance; both playing that nothing is up. Rumpy with the "Bump? My Bump is just fine. Clean as a whistle" and me with the "Clean your Bump? Never. It is Clean as a whistle". Around and around we go, where we stop, we both know. Then the grab. The wipe. The double or triple wipe on bad days. Later on and for a day or so I would make nice while Rumpy would walk on egg shells. Not good for our relationship and now we are back to normal. Priceless.

Buddy's Bind
The old Galoot is doing well too. No problems with constipation have been noted. It has not been very long so I cannot tell for sure but I really think things look good.  Even better he is a bit more energetic. The best is how this has reinvigorated to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes. Nipping!

Buddy loves chasing other cats off of his table during our morning coffee. He starts with the evil eye. Then he goes over and gets in their space. Now you know when you get in a cats space it is put up or shut up. Buddy puts up with a nip that 9 out of 10 times sends the interloper running off to the cat tree. I love that my pal is feeling good. The little work in making this food has paid off wonderfully.

Cat Food Production Updates:
Making this food has been a learning experience. I think that the next batch will be the best so far.

Portion Control: I had been throwing some food away due to putting too much down. I now put about 1/4 cup per dish. As I put down a dish in the AM and 2 in the PM. I will be changing to glass Ball jars that will hold more.

Palatablility: Water Content is important. One of the reasons I was throwing some away was that it was too dry and after being on the plate for 2 hours it was just like a clump of stuff. Since it is chicken I do not want to leave it out to incubate what-ever.
I now add enough so that is like thin oatmeal after I thaw out a portion bag which is about a cup. I add at least another 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water. That really adds to how far it goes and it helps my guys stay hydrated.

Storage: I think using bags may is one way to go. I saw Giant store brand bags which were on sale but decided on Ball jars. I got 12 with lids for under 10 bucks. I decided on going with the glass for 3 reasons.
1. I like to conserve and recycle so glass is the way to go.
2. I am cheap. Although more at first the glass will pay back over time.
3. Cleaning. Glass is easy to clean. I had been thinking of plastic storage containers but they get a greasy film on them from the chicken fat. It may be in my head but they just feels slimy even after a bunch of scrubbing.

So there we are. If you decide to try it out let me know your results.

Pete aka: Pops

Anakin the Great and Cool Prints Too!

Have you met Anakin?

This little guy really puts to go into get-up-and-GO.
You would think being born without back legs or a pelvis you would be held back in getting around. Not Anakin! His go-go-go purrsonality is wonderfur, amazing, stupendous!

Anakin the Wonder Cat

Now one brave little guy who can show every cat and hooman too what it means to overcome adversity is a special thing. How about if his Mom gives back to the Cat-Community too?

Wowzer Meowzer just look at the prints Pops got from his Mom Carrie"Tigerpixie" Hawks!

Prints: Elemental Air Cat and Raja Sun Cat It maybe Rumpy and Tim had a say in this.
Old Pops has these out for framing along with a few others. We always think it is great when we can do double duty. Buying from  those who do rescue helps cats while we live a better life. So stop by his page and then visit his Moms shop. Never too early to start thinking of gifts fur the holidays.

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat