Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lots of Fun and a Little Bum...mer

First some BIG FUN! 

Our very own hero of the home, Rumpy Bump Stumpnots, was chosen as Cat-of-the-Week for that really cool club Koolest Catster Kitties! He even had his own photo that was made in honor of this big occassion! Way to go Rumpy!
Rumpys Big Week 

Then we have Cranky Hanky Panky:
So the weekend was great. We all had fun. We played and had treats to beat the band and settled down so Pops could get some sleep to start the week right. Which he did. Until!

Monday we had all settled down and, amazingly, we were all on the bed without a fuss. No jockeying fur position or anything. Yeah, well, if it sounds too good to be true, it was.

After a bit Rumpy just went wild. He was all over every cat. Pops was turning on the light. Discussing things with him and asking him to chillax. It went from a big happy family to crash-bang-boom Lets-Get-Out-of-This-Room. Things finally settled down and we think Pops was quite perturbed.

Tuesday morning was normal but when Pops came home it was a different story. Rumpy was not into treats. WHAT? Rumpy not into treats? This was concerning for the old guy and I do not mean Buddy. Then he was no where to be found. Where was Rumpy?

After dinner was done and cleaned up Pops had found him under the desk. He NEVER goes back there unless it is to chase some one. Pops reached in and gave him a head rub and he finally came out.

Pops checked his belly, like we hate, but that was not stiff or painful. Rumpy went back under the desk for about two hours. Right when Pops was getting really nervous the kid comes out. Looks around, and jumps on Mr B. Rumpus you are sick remember. Well not anymore. Pops gives him treats and the only thing is he actually goes right to bed and sleeps. Hmmmm.

More Tummy Troubles:
When Pops came home from work on Wednesday he looked and there was Rumpy, out and about. Toby was also there with us all. Until the treats came out that is. Then all of a sudden he was no where to be found. More odd and disturbing behavior. So again Pops gets everything cleaned up after dinner and goes looking for Toby the newest missing cat.

Just like Rumpy, Toby was under the desk. Pops gets on the floor, tough for him, repeats the behavior he had just done with the Rumpus by giving Toby a little head rub. He did not want to drag Toby out. Pops looked mighty worried.

We gave a fast look to make sure Toby was OK but around here it is known that if you feel bad you will be left alone. I know that is hard to believe but we really respect each others health.

It took a few hours but Toby, knowing it was quiet and that he was loved, came out. Pops decided to give him the the tummy check. Finally Toby ate some treats. Not much, but, some. A sure sign of healing. By bed time Toby was out and about. He came in to bed with us all and that was that. We thought.

Oy-Vey Thursday:
On Wednsday we were all concerned about Toby so we did not listen to Rumpy complain about his eye. It was a bit red and Pops asked us who whacked him. No cat admitted the deed but we all kind of high-pawed in silence.

Imagine how surprised we were when on Thursday Rumpy started looking like he had been on a Nip-High for a MONTH! Both eyes were red. Really really red. Imagine Pops when he comes home and sees this. Oy-Vey what a week.

Then Friday morning Rumpy is up for treats but looking rough. No goopy eye but... Very red and swollen. Since he is eating Pops goes to work and has his Sisfur check on him. She says his eyes are still swollen.

To the vet tra-la tra-lee Chlamydiosis is one diagnosis for thee.

Oh it may be a bit of Herpes also but the treatment is the same. Address the bacteria that is opportunistically having a party in his eyes. Pops has drops for him. Now Mr Buttons and Rumpy can be brofurs in eye drops.

And here it is Sunday and Rumpy's eyes look  normal. Imagine that. Pops had not even started the medication as he needed to get him to allow it. It took 2 weeks to get Mr B to allow drops. Two weeks and a lot of chicken. Meow. Maybe Rumpy will not need that training.

All's Well that Ends Well 

So a too long story this week about not much fun. The good part is we all feel better and... Urp, urp, urp, Blaa-ch. I had a hair-ball. Hope I am not next for tummy troubles.

Have a Wonderfur Healthy Week


da tabbies o trout towne said...

doods !!! hope everee one iz feelin WAY better by now; pops bee bak ta werk so ya noe what THAT meens !!!! palytime N never for get...a trout a day keeps de vet a way...soree de week wuz kinda crazed N happee RBS bee kitteh oh de week :) peace out N rock on

The Lee County Clowder said...

Purrrrring that everyone is feeling better by now.