Sunday, December 30, 2012

Buddy Buds Gotcha Celebration!

Hey Furs 

A BIG day is here at the Tomcat Home!

Happy Gotcha Day Big Buddy Bud!
December 31st, 2009, 9:00 PM to be exact

As all special occasions the cat of Honor will host the Blog today. Take it away Buddy Bud!

Well thankz be ta Timmerz. Ah sur doez preecheeate dat.  Seem lak yesterdayz dat ah waz stuck inna home wit nothin. Well dere waz kibble, but, dats it. No playin. No funin. No petin. No lovin fur sure. I hadda sad xistenze. Den timez com ta goez cuz he be movin. 
Dat hooman gonna gimee up. 

Yessir he no gud!

Da lukee thing be dat diz hooman havva Dad dat iz niz an he da one lookin fur a new home fur Buddy. Lukee he werkin in da buildin where da Pops be werkin. Thank Bast! He askin Pops cuz he had da Timmerz N Toberz picature up in hiz cubbicle. 

Yessir it lukee!

So dey talk and talk and time go on and on an on. Go from errlee Novemberer ta Decemba den enda Decemba. Hoo-Cat.

Dat niz Dad he doez da werk ta find me a home. No help from dat crumbee stoopid hooman! He keepin callin da Popz too. Den he finda hom fur me, BUT, WAITZ, no hom fur Buddy Bud.

Yessir no hom!

So Popz sed dem magical werds. "Buddy will come to my house." An it all set. An it all not. An it all set. An it not. An it all set. An tree a charmer. I meet da Popz onna New Yearz Evez at dat Dunkin Donots. So Ah hiz Date! Hi Popz! 

But Buddy Bud doan no Popz! 

Buddy Worreed! Hide! Hide fur Mont! Under dezk. Den go ta bafroomz shelv. 

Me hidin in da Bafroomz

So den Buddy Bud all cool wit dat! Buddy comez outz end janrury! Popz say dat hiz birfdayz prezzie cuz dat janrury tirdy furst, aught ninez. He gimmee dat az birfdayz tooz!

Here I come! Reddy R Not!
Birfdayz Boyz Janrury 31zt

Hullo dere. Buddy Bud readyz fur acktion!

All chillaxin!

Furst Birfdayz wit Popz N Boyz 01/31/09!

Buddyz Furzt Birfdayz Giftee! Tanks Popz!

Gettin Krazee wit my Furst Giftee!

So dats da storee of mah doption. Hope ya likit lotz!
Today all differentz. Gotta familee dat purrfecto. Well, Rumperz a bit trouble but everyz famblee got one a dem. Here iz toodayz fun timez!

Here Buddy Hidin frum Timmerz. Ha!

Hoo Cat! Ah member dis! Buddy Stealin! MOL!

Me N Timmerz doin whacky paw! Man he fazt!

Mah Gud Fren Tate Gimmee a Thonger lazt Summer! MEOW Gurl Catz!

Gotz Gud Frenz in RBL! Yessir!

Gotta Niz Chriztmazdiz yearz!

Tanks RBL

Hoo-Cat Buddy Bud Gotta Cakez! Yumz!

Today Buddy inna same spot! Today cuz I wanna! Tanks fur da Bed Pop!

Buddy Bud nex ta Popz. Diz my Spot! Cuz ah be LOVED!

Today ah loved big timez. So good feelin. Wonnerfur!
So Cat dat mah storee. Today izza gud day fur-sure!
Thanks fur everting.


Buddy Bud

Tomcat Christmas Movie

Hey Furs!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Pops says its ok if we are Mewish since we are not orthodox! Meow! 

We just got our home movie of the holiday back! Hope you like it

If any cat can see the time  when Mr Buttons steals Pops cheese you will get a prize!

Love you all!
Timmy Tomcat 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Angel Kitties

Happy New Year. Our Family uses this time of year to remember family and friends who have gone over the bridge. This is an important part of our family life. It may help that we live right smack dab on a Astral Spirit Crossroads. Our Bridge Family visit on a regular basis by dropping into our dreams. It is a bit unnerving the  first few times but then it becomes a great honor. The Kitty who is blessed by a visit gets to discuss its meaning during our weekly Cat Rounds. 

Toby puts in his 2 cents: 
"It may help that Pops is an Ordained Minisfur. He offured to do my and Fitz's Marriage, until we decided to give it a bit of time. *Toby sighs*

He's a Doctorate of Difinity too! Hoo-Cat what a Scholarly Scholar! 

And, he says that the Medication, uh, I mean, Meditation sure helps him stay calm. Even when he deals with Rumpy."

Thanks fur that info Toby. A little knowledge is a lotta fun, yeah. No the real Stars of this Post!

Lets visit our Angels

Patches Pops had Patches way back when. His family opened a Diner in 1962 and she was the furst customer. She walked into the kitchen on opening day, announced herself, and proceeded to hold court. In those days neuter was not spoken of and she had many fine kittens. Luckily the business allowed homes for all. She actually passed the week the Diner was closed. There were no injuries or prior illness. She simply passed on. Like she was attached. Erie. She was deeply loved by the whole family.

Ming: Lived with Pops from 1969 to  1984 and was quite feisty. When younger she would bite anyone but Pops. She would pee on his girlfriends clothes too. But only on the first or second visit. The she allowed them in. Ming was a mighty hunter and brought prey in the window as a present while Pops slept. Quite the rude awakening on occasion.
Ming lived with Pops from 1969 to  1984. 
Peep: aka Pee was a wonderful little kitty. She had a crushed leg when adopted from the SPCA. They offered to amputate but Pops said his vet would decide. No pain so she got to keep her leg. Over the years it healed and she had a distinctive rolling walk. She got her name from the little meow like a baby peep. She also LOVED being with kitten. Except she would not deliver unless Pops was there with his hand in the box. They were all white or all black. Easy to get homes for back in the early 80's.
Pee getting a whack from one of her first kittens
1984 to 1999

Hi Pops! Did you see Inky?
Tommy Tumor: No, he did not have a tumor. It was a joke. The young lady Pops was living with told a story from her neighborhood. A large male cat was walking by some young children playing in the street. The little girl looked up at her mother and said very sadly: "Look Mommy! That kitty has Tumors". Mother got a little red faced and said nothing as this was a proud male cat if you get my drift. Meow! Tommy was assaulted and his tongue was injured. When Pops held him as he was put out of pain he said: "No more free roaming cats of mine in this angry world." RIP Tommy. 1985 to 1988

INKY: The old man of the angel clowder he was with Pops for 22 years. Also known as the "Self Petting Cat" he would walk back and forth just out of reach while purring up a storm as if he was getting the best pet ever. If you moved closer he moved away. He was a Mama's boy under mother Pee's stern paw. He was groomed several times a day his whole life. He would sleep with Pops every night.

Inky under the paw of mother Pee
Inky 1985 to 1997
Stinker: aka Big Head: The biggest cat we have ever met. He was a whopping 25 pounds. We joke with Angel Big Head that he will put a hole in the clouds. He was solid as a rock as he was not neutered until later in life. Pops saw to that after he met the Ex. She was in a tizzy as he would spray in her apartment. Duh, go figure. 
He would patrol the property and visit Pops down in the garage. Pops would have to stop working so Stinker could check the corners, then the pump room, then out again to the back yard. What a Cat! He passed on Pops lap purring. 
I do so have a neck. Its just hard to find.
Stinker 1991 to 2006
Amber: Amber was Pops Mothers cat. Only Amber had other ideas. She really liked living outside. She never went far and would spend most days on the porch waiting for the next person to rub her constantly shedding fur onto. A wonderful tiny cat she had beautiful  fur. Always with a cat smile she moved in with Pops in her last year. 
Amber wants to give you a cat smile!
1993 to 2007
CoCo: This happy little Sphynx was Pops Moms cat also. She had passed and he did not have anyone to cuddle with so he started roaming. He almost got lost and if you go to Catster his story is interesting. After he was found by a wonderful person almost a mile away Pops insisted he move in with him. Done and Done. He would run up to Pops and jump on his lap as soon as he got home. He loved being under the covers too. We liked to play with Coco. Miss you pal.
CoCo wants to Snuggle 1993 to 2009

Thanks everyfur for visiting with our Angels. They do Kitty Angel Dust runs on all those in need, and just to say hello too! Don't be surprised if they visit in your dreams.

Love you all!
Timmy Tomcat and Family

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mr Buttons and Mss Fitz get the Christmas Spirit

Wow what a Christmas! Lots of fun.
Timmy told me that since I am no longer a kit I get to do a special Christmas Blog fur me and Lady Fitz! So with no further delay! Lets Go!

Furst! Thanks fur all the Great Cards! Wow! We were Amazed at the outpouring of Love!

Pops secretly made special Fishie-Treats fur us on Caturday!

I am the Kitchen Helper so I checked to make sure they were fresh! YUMMY!

Me and Fitz really got into the toys!
I liked the new dangle toy and grabbed it right off!

I do not know about you but when I make a Great Capture of my Prey I am soooo Proud! I carry it off to keep it safe! 

**Toby Run up and Pokes Buttons: “Hey Dood! Let me talk about My Lady, Fitz!”

Well, uh, it is a bit out of...

Toby: “DOOD! Who taught you all those moves when you were a kit!”

You’re right. Take it away my family furend.

Toby Takes Over the Diary:

Hi Furs. Toby Here. Let me wish you a very...

Since I love my little Fitz so much I watched her Capture the Prey!
She was So Precise and Expert I had to share her pride in the Hunt!

Here comes her wonderful Stalking Skill!

The Fight and Bite!

My Lady Says MINE! Yo! Let Go Already!

OK I will Re-Capture the Prey!


Ahhh, Victory at Last!

Let me get my Prey to my Den!

Yes! I have the Prey safe in My Den! Private Property!

Who Ya Gonna Call for an Alpha Huntress! ME! Meowmy Christmas!

Well there you go! What a Hunter! What a Cat!
*Toby Sighs*
She does leave us some Left overs! MOL!

So have a Wonderfur Christmas every cat. Families too! OK Buttons. Take it away!

*Buttons takes control from Toby*

Uh, yeah. That was quite informative. Kind of Scary too! She is one Wild-Cat!
Well I am going to get back to our party! Glad you stopped by to chat. I was honored that Timmy let me tell about Mss Fitz and me, Mr B with FIV.

So NOW can I take off the Hat?

Love you ALL!
Mr Buttons

***"ME TOO!" Yells Mss. Fitz***

A Rainbow Bridge Poem by Angel Simba

Christmas time is a time to think of our friends. We also think of those who are no longer with us. We wanted to share this beautiful poem with you. It will surely lift your hearts.

A Poem by Angel Simba

T'was the night before Christmas, at Rainbow Bridge too.
We Bridge kids were thinking as always of you.
We'd seen how the holidays weren't bright this year,
Heard you whisper so often, "I wish you were here!"

We know how you wish you could just stay in bed
And sleep through the holiday lying ahead,
When all celebrate with their loved ones so near...
Unless they have loved ones on this side this year.

But we're no less alive here, on the other side.
If you could just see us, you would've laughed and not cried.
The dogs all in harness, pulling the sleigh.
The cats all in Santa hats pointing the way.

The pet birds all flying back over the rainbow,
Bound homeward in spite of Earth's darkness and snow.
All the pets that you've lost, pets for whom you've cried,
Flying home on this Christmas to be by your side.

If you feel warm fur brush you when no pet's around,
Hear a soft bark or purr, just a ghost of a sound,
We're trying to tell you we're visiting this way,
And our visits, even rainbows, can be on any day.

But for Christmas we have something special to do,
A sleigh full of happy dream visits for you.
On doggy, on kitty, on winged friend and ferret!
The love that you lavished, we mean now to share it!

We're fetching that love home, the way we once played,
With the closeness we shared and the memories we made.
Our Earth lives with you were too short for us, too,
And on this Christmas Eve we have so much to do.

So all through this night as you sleep in your beds,
Sweet visions of fur babies dance in your heads.
This one special night we can bring you Home for a while,
Your true home in Heaven, where again you will smile.

Over the rainbow you'll fly, for a short while this night,
Hours that you'll be happy, hours that will feel right,
Hours to cuddle and hug us, to run and to play,
Before the return to Earth in our magic way.

And when you awaken and face Christmas Day,
We pray you'll remember your trip on our sleigh,
But in case you forget, just remember our love.
Remember us watching you, your angels above.

Sending love wrapped in rainbows, shining and bright,
Love that will guide you through the darkest night,
Love found in each memory unwrapped through the year,
Replacing dark sorrows with Christmas cheer.

Leave the toys to St. Nick, we Bridge kids bring dreams,
Sweet visits to remind you all is not as it seems
When you look all around you with tired Earthly eyes.
If you saw as we do, there'd be joy and surprise.

There are fur angels waiting by those Christmas trees,
Always there for you and hearing your pleas.
We're never more than a thought away from your home,
You're never forgotten, you're never alone.

Nor are we alone here, with our Rainbow Bridge friends.
We know only joy here, the celebrating never ends,
And after our reunions with you Christmas Eve,
We Bridge kids will party like you'd never believe.

But we'll slip away often to be by your side.
Sitting there watching you, eyes open wide,
Praying you'll be able to catch a glimpse of us, too.
But whether or not you see us - Merry Christmas to you!

Thanks so much to Angel Simba for letting us post this
I think a holiday tradition has been born.

Love You ALL!
Timmy Tomcat and Family

Monday, December 24, 2012

Night Before Christmas

So on the night before Christmas
All through the house
Not a creature was stirring

Except the Orangie who is cranky! MOL!


Love you ALL! Be Safe! Have Fun
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, December 21, 2012

Today in History

So today in history my kitties!

December Twenty First Two Thousand Twelve!


Hmmm, hum, dum-de-dum, hmmmmm...


Dee dum diddle do da dum... hmmmmm... De dum daddle doo...


La te da diddle de bop a doo dum diddle de day....


Oh well... Maybe check these cats out

Love you 
Timmy Tomcat

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cat O Cat it has been too too long!
We will be puttin an end to this la-cat-daisical beehavior post-haste, what-ever that means.

So Furst and Furmost!

Now the Updates:
Toby and Fitz are, well, a couple, but, couple of what we are not sure. They are chillaxin and not being too serious, but, you know how cats are in the deep of the night. We shall see what we see.

Rumpy-Bump-Stumpnots has been a better kitty and much less naughty. We think he is just trying to keep on Santa Claws good side, but, that is fine with the rest of the family.

Buddy Bud is still working out. He is looking so good it is scary. This elder plays with me till I am winded. Oh yes, he has taken to whacking Rumpy. Sakes alive.

Mr Buttons was being a bit of a trouble maker. He was following in Rumpies pawsteps but has heard the word of Pops. "HEY, Knock it off you cats!" Since he is the kitchen kitty we know he will listen. Or else!

Me, well I am still the boss around here. The big news is that Pops now is working at home. He thinks that will really allow us to keep up with thinks as he does not like leaving the home puter on when he is away. Safety Furst you know. Now I have full reign all day. Whee. Maybe I will become an author? Nah.

Have a great fun filled and safe Holiday!
Love you all!
Timmy Tomcat