Dads Pill Magic

Hi everyone

Please note that this is for education only and I am not saying this will be good for your cat. Discuss this with your veterinarian if you want to give it a try!

As most of you know Rumpy Bump has Asthma. Unfortunately it is of the chronic type that requires a steroid and an antihistamine that, together, keep my little white troublemaker making trouble. 

When he is making mischief I know he is feeling better so although he can be a nudge this is very minor balanced against his having energy and feeling frisky.

Now I am sure you know that some cats are very very difficult to pill. Rumpy is one and I knew the stress of this is not good for him and had to find an alternative. My fellows do not like commercial pill pockets and have ignored them every time I have tried to sneak them medication. What to do. What to do. Then I had a eureka moment.

After I thought of this came the kicking myself for not thinking of this long ago.  I use my prosthetic leg for the self-kick, which is much easier to do than you poor folks with legs attached, 

Here is how I make my very, very tasty *Pops Pills.

Take a **favorite treat and either put them in a coffee mill
like I do or smash them between two pieces of wax paper
with a rolling pin. Put the powder in a container and add
warm water to make a dry paste.  

If the paste is too wet it cannot be shaped. It takes a bit of practice to get it right. Try rolling the mix into little balls about 1/4" in diameter. If you can do that it is just right. Too wet it will stick to your finger and too dry and it will fall apart. It took me a few tries to get it just right.
Get the meds and put them on the side. If they are more than 3/16" get a pill cutter and cut them in half. Large pills may need to be quartered. Remember that kitties like more treats so this is not a problem. 

Here is a little treat ball. You can see the size pill that is about
perfect on the plate next to another ball. In this case the pills are
approximately half the size of the ball. 

Push the pill into the treat ball. 

You then mold the treat material around the pill so it is not visible. Sometimes it takes a little bit more treat. Not too much. Keep them small as possible. 

Here we have this small batch ready to dry. I put mine in the
refrigerator so no hungry kitty can find them. By the
same token do not put them in a container that may be knocked
to the floor and flip open.

A counter surfing kitty may eat them all and then there is a bad outcome! I keep mine in a "curiously strong mint" tin with a heavy rubber band in the refrigerator.

Now you may be thinking "oh gee that is easy." Hold everything Baba-Louie! When the treat coating dries thy open up and need a second coating.

Seems the moisture makes them swell. I just add a little more
treat mix. It does make this into a 2 day operation. One to
make them. Second to add a second layer. They are ready on the
third day. 

Here they are after the second layer. Ready to go. 

Another thing is that kitty needs to know that they get a treat in a special place just for them. If other kitties are around they may snag the pill if the kitty who needs the medication drops it. This has been known to happen.

Make your treats out of a favorite of the patient and use them for this training. Once kitty knows that it is time for yummies you are home free.

I give Rumpy about 5 treats in all. I make him hurry. This way he gulps them down. I get the meds out and give him two regular treats, then the meds, then another treat or two. Down the hatch they go.

Hey Dad! Where are my treats!
Coming Rumpy. Keep your fur on. 

So there you have it how I make  home made pill pockets for my finicky felines who will not eat the commercial type.
Liquid meds are more difficult but I have a way to give them also. I will post that next. I also will post another way to give pills that is much easier but does not seem to work as well over time.

*Catchy isn't it?
**We use the new rolling treats. This is both for taste and that they are the same size of the completed Pops Pills 

Dad Pete


Bev Green said...

Great idea ..we have not much trouble luckily...when I need to pill the girls usually I can mask it by rolling it in that revolting pecks paste..urghh..and yes I make the almost 'beg' for it..that way they think they have one over me haahaha :) the dogs luckily are easy.a bit of cheese and gone! the things we do! but yes making sure the others cannot get them is paramount..hugs Bev xx

The Swiss Cats said...

Great idea, thank you for sharing ! Claire

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Pawesome idea! Just check with your vet if you are going to do this to be sure that it's OK to do this with your kind of pill. Some pills don't do the right thing if you cut them or if they get wet first, like they don't time release correctly. We are big pill pocket fans here, but we'll keep this in mind as a backup plan, for sure!

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

Great idea!! Glad that you've found a way that Rumpy will take his pills. Dad is a genius!!!

Nerissa said...

What a great idea! I shall mention this to the peep. I won't need 'em though on account of my bein' super good in lettin' the peep pill me. Peep #1 discovered this when she tried to use the usual trickery and deceit on me and it didn't work. She took a pill and wrapped it in a pill pocket before wrappin' that all in the fanciest of the feasts. Works like a charm for the rest my fur-fam but me? She found the fancy feasts and the pill pocket eaten and my pill, sittin' there, in the middle of an empty plate. MOUSES!


Anonymous said...

Yous very clever Mr. Pete. Weez such pains 'bout tweats and medicine dat mommy likes da old fashioned pill push and a sip of water. Or like wiff Lexi's new medicine dat be a capsule dat can't get wet or be given wiff foods, then mommy likes to put a teeny pat of butter on a spoon wiff da pill and let us llick it. As long as dat works hers duz it, and when it comes da pill push. MOL Weez hate dat pill push. MOL

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Marty the Manx said...

This is a great idea. The boys hate those commercial pill pockets so I have been wracking my brain about what to do when they need things.
Marty's Mom

Penelope TheCatFromHell said...

Wow! Yous is brilliant! Mes wishes that wes had known this when Hissy Old Licorice was around. Pilling cats at our house is a terrible ordeal!

Jean Neilson said...

What an excellent idea! I would definitely go for this method. Kali is so picky, she seems to sniff out the pill. Mom's problem is once the pill is taken....Kali throws up, not once but about 4 times. We tried Cheez figures it was too greasy for Kali, swiss cheese slice folded over the capsule mixture....very messy but Kali loved it...leaving the stuff that fell into the bowl. The next step will be the syringe thingy with the ingredients of the capsule and water squirted down her throat. Although I do like your idea better. The last 2 days have been no pills and she hasn't barfed. I wonder if the med is too hard on her tummy?

Mom and Shoko

Diane Stewart said...

great idea!! thanks so much for this piece of advice!! ♥♥♥

Katie Isabella said...

I appreciate this! Mommy will save this in case I need it.