Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lazy Spring Days are when a Young Cats Mind Turns to...

I was lounging. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.
Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! 

Stretch and go! Stretch and go!
Down I go! Down I go! Down I go! Down I go! 

Into here! Into here! Into here! Into here! 

Still Bored! Still Bored! Still Bored! 
Still BORED!
Bored, lick! Bored, lick! Bored, lick! 
BORED, lick! 

Down I go! Down I go! Down I go! 

Can I Sit? Yes you can! Can I Sit? 
Yes you can!

Hi Fitz! Did you hear about the one about the squirrel and the kitten? Meow mew prrt mew prrt meow meow, hzzzz-MEW!
TOBY! You are the funniest cat! I love your jokes.

Toby, it sure is a really nice day! Yes it is Fitz, yes it is!
May your days be full of Fun and Spring Spice!
Toby Tomcat

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Deal Give Away by GloGirly Design!

If you are a regupurr you know that we do not do much in the way of events or give away posts. Not that we would not LOVE to give things or have more fun with our friends, but, time is tight and the typist has to earn fur the cat food.

That said we have been wanting to spruce up the old page fur some time so imagine or tails-in-the-air happiness when we saw this!

GLO-GIRLY Is having a Contest to celebrate her new Web Site

 I will list what you can win right from the kitti... ah, Glo-Girly's mouth:

THREE lucky readers will receive a fabulous prize package including:
⚫ 100 GLOGIRLY DESIGN BUCKS to spend on anything you want from GLOGIRLY DESIGN
⚫ An exclusive pink GLOGIRLY tote and matching pink pen

Here is the ling to her Blog with all the info!

So there you have it! We are sure to win so come back often 

to see our new page!


Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tomcat Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All! Today the whole family is
Going Green!
Timmy McTomcat Dream Boat 122a
Mr O'Buttons Dream Boat in Training 56
Buddy MacBuddster Dream Boat 122c
Toby O'Tomcat Dream Boat 122b
Rumpy McStumpnots
Miss Fitz-Patrick
And may Kitty Kops keep the Tip O'da Shillelagh off'n yer head when ya have a bit much O'da Nip! 

Have a wonderfur Day!

Timmy McTomcat

Friday, March 15, 2013

Flying Fur Friday with Fitz

TGIF - Thank God I'm Feline, and, another week has come to pass. We have a lot going on here at the Tomcat Home getting ready fur the coming holidays. We Love both Saint Patricks Day and Easter. Dad says we have to keep it down to a low-meow as he is making cat food, treats, and, doing hooman type work. He deserves a Go-Dad-Go!

On to the Blog!

Today we have Mss Fitz as the Friday Feline. She had her fur fluffed when I told her about this post. I splained that you had to take the fun with the furballs. With no furthur-adieu, here is our Gal...

Hi Cats! I was sitting with my Beau, Toby enjoying the sun.
He went to do Tomcat things and I relaxed. After a bath
I fell asleep and dreamed of my Toby.
Next thing I know I'm FALLING OFF the Window Seat!
I must have been rolling about in my sleep!
Horrors! I just could not get back up!
Tim and Toby ran over to see if I was alright! Whew!
Then I saw Dad with the Camera!I was Mortified!
Timmy came over and told me it was OK. He did
lots of silly things to make Dad Laugh.
I thanked him and we played. That is why he is
Top Cat around here.
Oh Fitz... I am glad I am an Orangie so you cannot see me blush!

So there is another saga from our little home. I hope you all visit the Tabby Cat Club for our Ides of March Party today!

Purrs Head-bumps and lots of Love to you All!

Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tomcat Tuesday - Who Dat Pin-Up Cat!

Well here it is Tomcat Tuesday, and, well, one of the Boyz is a bit put out. Seems that Rumpy is all upset that Fitz and, even worse, Buddy, had Pin-Up photos posted. I promised him he could have some time. *Tim is heard to sigh loudly* Go ahead Rumpy.

Yeah, well, if you had done the right thing from....

STOP! I am giving you your shot!

*Mumble Grumble* OK Lady Kitties! 
Feast your eyes on THIS CAT!
Hi Lady Cats, Rumpy here!
One Man-Cat Worth a Second Look!
Oh-My-Cat! Buddy! Get a load of THAT!
Whut? Where? Oh Mah Goodnezz!
An he calls you Chubby. MOL!
I AM FLUFFY! Not Paunchy like Buddy or even Buttons!
WHAT! Paunchy! Why you Back-Alley-Cat You!
THIS is what a Pin-Up Man-Cat Looks Like! 
Cats! Give it a rest! Rumpy it is going to be  a looong time till I let you post again! Goodness...

Well, Sorry about the excitement. Tomcats are like that you know.

Have a great day!

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat

Super Duper Caturday Fun!

A bit late but that is OK as long as we are not speaking of meals or treats. Anyhoo. We wanted to show you some fun times at the old homestead this past Caturday. 

Right after breakfast we took a nap and... Golly Gee Whiskers! Look what was there when we woke up!

It's a bit bigger than a Cat Nip Box said Rumpy
Gee Pops! This is a Great Giftee!
Wow Rumpy it sure is! Lets all go WILD! You in Buttons?
You Cats need a brain transplant! That is NOT the Giftee!
You got that right Timmy. Look!
Me Furst! Pre-FabriCATed Housing! How WonderFur!
Purrfect for Sneaky Attacking!
Buttons is Second! Hey! Tight Squeeze!
Hoo-Cat these are FUN!
I am King of all I Sit Inside!
Hey Toby give us a chance to play!
More Fun if we all get in on the Action!
I don't know. I think I like the big box best.
Well that was our fun Caturday. Hope yours was full of fun too!

Your Pal Timmy Tomcat

Friday, March 8, 2013

Flying Fur Friday with Buttons and Buddy

Gee... I am just SO BORED!
If only there was some action. Oh I have a great idea!
Nyah-Nayh! Toby's gonna poke you Buddy!
You old Galoot!
 Hey Buddy come to the Cat Tree
for a Smacky-Paw Show Down!
Hey Toberz, Why youz doin dis ta
your pal Buddy Bud? WHUT?
HA! NOT Toberz! Buttonz!
Buddy Bud See'z Ya!

Whut-chu gonna duz now?
Still wanna Smacky-Pawz Youngin?
Uhh... Gotta go... See you Buddy
So who got the Fur Flying at your home?

Love You
Timmy Tomcat