Monday, August 13, 2012

Free at Last of that old Guy and Fitz's Folly

We are finally free of having to share posts with that Old Guy. And I do not mean Buddy Bud.

*Buddy yells:"Whut? You sayin sumptin to da Buddy Bud?"*

No Buddy, I am talking about how Pops now has his own Blog so he does not crud mine up with all that stuff he blathers on about. Cook this... Do that... BORING! This is fun for CATS! Hoomans need their own Blogs.

So you can find his at Herding Cat Tips 

Real funny. Ha ha Pops. Anyhoo, that said, Fitzer really let it hang out the other day. Hoo-Cat what a girl. Lemmee tell ya about it.

So we are all getting a morning see-ya-later pet from Pop. I am on the table. Buddy is next to me and Rumpus is down on the floor by Pops feet, ah well, foot. So this little gal, Fitz,  LEAPs from the cat tree, Over Pop, Onto the hanging lite fixture. Now I don't know where she got the idea to try that. She is a bit, well, acrobatic. We cannot even figure how she made the jump since it is a good 4 feet.

So back to the story. Now maybe she had been going to jump on Pops shoulders but only thing I know is that I see her go over Pops head and land on the lite. The lite starts swinging. Of course you cannot hold onto a metal lite young lady. So her eyes get all big and she goes off tail over ears.

Plop she lands on Rumpy. Pops eyes go all round and he looks up to the swinging lite. Rumpy and Fitz take off for the bedroom. We Boyz all have a big laugh. Pops is laughing as he is walking out and says.

Now no more of that stuff. At least until I get home to watch!

How was your day.

Timmy Tomcat

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da tabbies o trout towne said...

FABulous trick Fitz though next time you really need to charge admission for the acrobat show and make the boys pay like 5 times more than pops...after all remember the new fall fashion line up is just around the corner and who couldn't use more accessories !!! hugs girl from dai$y