Sunday, January 31, 2016

Buddy Budd's Big 16th Birthday

Ssssss, quiet evfurry kitty, let me wake the big fellow up...
Buddy, oh Buddy, wake up I have a surprise fur you!
Whut... go way, sleepin... Zzzzz...
Buddy, oh...
Let me handle this Timmy
Buddy Get Up! Kali Is Here!
Whut! Whut dat Rumperz? Where she atz?
Tee, hee, right here my big blue kitty!
Wowzer Meowzer, ah so glad ta see ya, whut ya doin...

I'm here with Shoko to help celebrate your 16th Birthday
my big handsome blue you!
Awww thanky yoo two and lookit mah fambly is all herez

Dezi, Lexi and Mom A sent a beautiful card Buddy
Aw, Thanky Mewz dear friendz

Buddy you like good plain cat noms so we will start with
Tuna Tuna!
Very nize Buttonz

And nice fresh milk. I love when you get that
Ah doez too Timmerz MOL

Happy Birthday Buddy! I have something you really like

Aww Dadz, ya shudda, an ya did! Makin Buddy Budd purrrrrr.
Kali coming upz and havva bite'r'3

This is so very nice, bacon and my blue boy, sigh...
Yoo betcha mah deerezt

Hi Buddy. Me and Shoko got you fresh nip
That nice fur sure Einsteinz, Shoker

Wait Buddy, look, I got you a nip shirt MOL
Diz specialz Buttonz, ah lovvin it 

Buddy me and my gal brought the NipTinis
We know how much you like them
Thanky Toberz, Fitzer

Ah feelin friskies Kali how bout youz
Tee Hee oh Buddy you are my Man Cat
Buddy I am going to leave you and Kali a few bags of treats 
while I take the family into the bedroom.  The best thing of today
is having you in the family. We hope for many more birthdays my big friend.
Thanky Thanks Dad, Kali, Shoko and fambly. Ah preciating dis
Special Dayz. Oh an Dad, Happy Birthdays ta yoo too.
Thanks Buddy, I am trying to forget LOL

Afur ah goez pleaze vote fur Timmerz and Einsteinz hot rod! Me Kali, Shoko's help build-it. Vote HERE befur tonight. Thanky

Yo Yo Yo taday is a Sunday Selfies Blog hop so hopin ta git many more comin to mah Pawty!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday with Fitz: To Lap or Whack

Rudy has 3 weeks to heal yet from his knee surgery. You can see the post here and on the left top of the blog. Purrs and Prayers are appreciated. Thank Mew!


Yesss Dad that's the spot
Fitz, What is all this then...

What are you bothering about now Timmy?
You Never sit here with us, what gives?

Now dat kinda unfairz. Fitzer be lovin wit Dad a lot yoo doan see!
Yes, as a matter of fact I get a nice fuss, if not more, every day.
Sheesh... I am going back to sleep

Ah knowin ya gotta big heart mah lil friendz
Thank you Buddy Budd

What was that about Fitz
Just some kitty banking a good whack fur later on Dad.
Mmm that is nice


Voting has been extended till tonight for the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby. We hope you will vote for us.
The voting form link is HERE

Thanks Friends

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toby's Taileo Trials

Gotcha now! What, are you begging fur mercy?
You get None!

Mwa ha ha ha, you are Mine Now!

The sneak escape will do you no go...

Toby, Toby, TOBY!

Yes dearest Fitz
Can you please be a bit quieter when you and Taileo play
Oh fur-sure my honey-bunch

I just don't get that Man-Cat, but he sure is cute

Now where did you go? Here taileo, come here fella...

Toby Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Monday

Keep the purrs coming for our pal Rudy. He has 3 more weeks of inactivity. You can see the post here and on the left top of the blog. 
Thank Mew!


We won a really neat Torus Water Bowl from The Island Cat's contest. Buddy loves water. Buddy how do you like it?
*Lap Lap 
Lap Lap Lap Lap*

As you can see it is really compact and good looking.
Right Buddy?

*Lap Lap Lap Lap Lap Lap*

Buddy come on and...
Photo Bomb MOL MOL
Einstein you are so silly

Einsteinz yoo git outta mah post will ya!
Thanky Thanks Izland Catz. Ah luvvit


Voting is open for the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby till the 23rd! We do hope you will vote for us! 
The voting form link is HERE

You can vote for which is your Favorite vehicle, the Fastest vehicle, and the Most Creative vehicle and the most skilled driver. For each question you may select UP TO THREE drivers.
You can see all the great entries HERE

Here I am going fur the checkered flag while Einstein is going so fast he started his internal siren. Wow he is loud

Thanks Friends

Finish Line Here I Come!

Mwrooowwwrrrrr,,, Mwrooowwwrrrrr...

Timmy Tomcat, Toby Tomcat, Buddy Budd, Rumpy Bump, Mr Buttons, Miss Fitz, Einstein, Dad Pete

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday With A Softer Gentler... Fitz?

Thanks fur keeping the purrs and prayers going for our buddy Rudy. He is convalescing from knee surgery and his post is here and on the left top of the blog. Thank Mew!


Mmmm this is such a nice nip blankie

It takes my thoughts to a nice warm sun puddle and
makes it so easy to keep my resolution of showing
my softer, gentler side.

Yes, I can imagine being on a beautiful Pacific isle with some good noms and my nip blankie.

I would leisurely pull myself out of the sun if it got to hot.
Ready to spread love and caring to the islanders. 

What are you meowing about Miss Fitz?
Bother me again Rumpy and I Will Whack You Silly!

Ah resolutions are overblown anymeow. Come here blankie.
Me and you against the world!

Miss Fitz
Rumpy Bump

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mr Buttons GotCha Day!

Please keep our pal Rudy in your purrs and prayers. You can his post here and on the left top of the blog. Thank Mew!


Rumpy told me to put my tie on. He is up to something
but what?

Alright Rumpy here I am so what do you...

Thank Mew Manytoes, you are the best

Oh My Catness. Thank Mew!
You bet my dear Mr B. Remember we were both fosters and when Dad found out you had FIV he said you could come upstairs.
I went from way way down to floating on a cloud Fitz
It seems like yesterday B.
It sure does Timmy
Your 5th GotCha is a big one Mr B
Goodness Rumpy the time just flew by.
I was so happy to meet you and we have had tons of fun together.
Aw Toby, we sure have you handsome cuss you.
You have been a good big brofur to me Buttons
Einstein you are a fun little brofur.
Yo B. Ah been like ya since da day onez. Yessir!
Thanks Buddy. I lakin you too MOL
How about we git diz pawty goin an git ta eatin!

Letz start wit whut a brung, Baconz, Yea still hot n steamee!
Thanks Buddy my favorite

I brought the Classy, Debonair cats dish, Filet.
Um, Thanks Toby, I think

Your good pal Rumpy has Lobsters for all
Ohh well done!

I know you like fresh Tuna Mr B
Fitz that looks sooo good

I stuck with big old juicy burgers
They smell wonderful Einsein

I brought the cake with Nip Icing


And of course, Niptini's. We can drink em down and
fall asleep in our own beds!

Wow Timmy you are the best!

Lets all dig in! Thanks to all our friends for visiting. Stay the
night if you like. Dad promises to put out some extra
cat beds.

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Mr Buttons
Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Plumb Tuckered Out

Please send purrs to Rudy. The post is here and on the left top of the blog. Thank Mew!


I am taking a little rest after our big weekend at the Cat Scouts
Cardwood Derby. Maybe Einstein can tell you more about it.

Take it away Einstein... take it away Einstein..
Um... Einstein are you with us?

Let me give him a little pet to wake him up Timmy
Thanks Dad

MOL, the little fellow seems to be in dreamland
I am going to get back to the business at hand.
Please see how you can help us get to the finish line below

Please go to my FaceBook page and Like the Photos of our car.
Each Like we get moves us closer to a WIN! YAY!
You can get there by clicking Here

This has been so much fun. From our FaceBook page you can also go to Cat Scouts and see all the great entries. Like ours though! 
PS Stop by tomorrow for a really fun post. Shh, its a secret.

Timmy Tomcat
Dad Pete