Monday, June 29, 2015

Fur What?

Hey! Look at this thing. What in the cat is it?

I'll be dipped in nip. I have no idea Buttons
It looks furry but smells like... like...
Yeah, kind of odd
Rumpy did you bring this thing in? 

Whoa, I have nothing to do with this!

What is all this then?
We have no idea Timmy
Here let me give it a whack

Rumpy are you behind this?
I am not behind everything around here! Dad call it a Fur-Bee!
What's it do? 
Hmmmm, Meow at it Toby.

Hey! It said is going to sleep!
Why would it sleep when its surrounded by cats?
Maybe it has a death wish?
Booring, I'm getting a nap.
Be right with you Tim.

Looks like Fur-Bee is a Fur-Been.

Dad: You cats give me no credit for trying! 
Try with treats next time please.
Second that!
Alright already! 

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Mr Buttons
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fitz Friday: Da Nanner

What-cha got there Timmy?
MY Nanner Fitz!

Hold on, I heard Dad say it was All of Our Nanner


Get Thee to thee Highway!
Oh alright. Better watch, Einstein has it now!

I'm just watching the action Timmy
Good, I am not done with the Nanner!

Still I better watch fur Fitz as... Where is she?

Do you want an answer to that Timmy or do you know?
She's right behind me right?

Right you are!
I knew it. I am just going to ignore her.
Hi Timmy, done yet?

Huh, are ya, huh, done yet, are ya, huh?
Timmy can I get in line here?
Oh good grief!

And a big Shout Out
Happy Birthday to a furend of all!
Jan of Jans's Funny Farm

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So How do I Keep Dad Eating Out of my Paw You Ask

I come when he calls and the rest is all up to me! What a plan!

Link if you need it is here


Monday, June 22, 2015

What's a Little Whacky Paw Among Furends

Hey Rumpy I hear you've been talking about me!
You do plenty to talk about. You  got something fur me Grasshopper?

Overhead Paw Smash!

Come on!
Come on!

Got You!
No Got You!
No Got You!

Flying Whacky Paw
Down Low Block 

Pant, Huff-Puff
Huff-Puff Pant

Oh lookie here, goodies!
Aren't you going to finish our Man-Cat Duel!

Are you giving me the win?

Awww come on Einstein, pleeeeeeze play
Oh look I got the nanner!
Aw shucks...

Rings sidez seatin an ah nevver seen a winnah MOL

Same time tomorrow Rumpy?
You got that Einstein!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Buddy Budd

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day from the Tomcat Home

Happy Fathers Day Furends! We are all rescue kitties so never knew our fathers. That meowed we love our human Dad. He loves us all so very much and does all he can to keep us healthy, happy and safe.

Thanks Dad. Thanky thanks Pops. Love you my special Daddy.  You are the best Dad ever! I... I... thanks so much Dad for saving and loving me! You are the greatest father. You brought me a long way to love me, thanks Dad.

Goodness kitties, thanks so much. I love you all too and will keep my promise to each of you to care and love you no matter what.

Now I want to add another great Dad to our post, my Dad, Owen. He was a good father and taught me all the important things like being honest and caring for those in need. Thanks Dad!

While I was cleaning out my sisters part of our house after her passing earlier this year I found some wonderful photos of years past.

This is my dad and mom, Eva, holding my sister Odean in 1944. Dad was in the Navy on a destroyer during World War II.

This is from a few years later. They are on my grandfathers lawn. They look so happy.

Dad, sister Odean and Mom in our living room.

Here is grandma Oma with me, baby Pete.

Here I am with uncle Hugo who lived with my grandparents. He was a kind and loving soul and played with me all the time.

Dad and Me in our restaurants kitchen.

I was really into motorcycles and Dad got me a 50cc Harley Davidson.

Dad was a big man at six four and two hundred and fifty pounds. He had a gentle heart. Love and miss you Dad!

Dad Pete: Thanks for visiting kitties and folks. Tell your dad what he means to you if you are lucky enough to have him with you and remember him with love if he is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge (I believe we are together in the hereafter.) Have a great Fathers Day!
Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz

Friday, June 19, 2015

Always Room Fur One More

Hey Dad look who followed me onto the bed. Fevvers.

Uh-oh, Mr Fevvers look, you are shedding on Dads Bed.

What's that Timmy? No I did not cause Mr Fevvers to shed
on the bed. 

We are pals. I would never do that. Right Mr F!

What's a little Bitey between friends anyhow

A little Whiffie is nice too

*YAWN* Wow you are tiring me out Fevvers

What's that? Don't look now but...

Hey! You tricked me! Come back here!

Where did you run off too?
*Einstein runs out of the bedroom*

Finally we can get a bit of peace around here isn't that right
Mr Fuzzies?

Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toby's Troubles

I hear you have been meowing about me Toby!

So what if I have?
Tell him Toby!

I'm going to teach you what fur!

Come here you, you, CAT you!

Here I come Buttons, ready or not!

Tell him off Toby
Yeah, tell me off Toby...
Um, er, well...

Maybe later...
WHAT! Come back here!

Cluck, cluck, chicky, chick, chick

Don't you dare come by me Toby Tomcat!
But honey, sweetie, snookums...

Hmmm, I know...
Toby! Dad does NOT want us jumping on there!

Oops, almost knocked that down.
Dad: Toby what are you doing?

Just trying to be close to you Dad
I think that is only a tiny part of this story Toby

Cluck, cluck, chicky...
Shush Buttons
Alright Miss Fitz, but tell that Toby

Toby Tomcat
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz