Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Got-Cha Day Buddy Budd!

Hi Furends

What time is it? Why it's time for Buddy Budd's Got-Cha Day!

It seems like only yesterday that Buddy came and said hello. To be honest me and Toby hardly noticed he had arrived on 12/31/08 930pm. 
He spent the first two weeks on the bathroom shelf

Then on 01/14 he moved under Dad's desk for two
more weeks.

 He would come out at night and we would hear him exploring while we were in the bedroom with Dad. The end of January he was finally ready to meet us all.

I made him feel like he belonged.

Buddy: You sure did Timmy. Toby
and Dad too!

Buddy: Next thing ya know I was having FUN!

Buddy: I helped Dad

Buddy: I was a big guy at 20+ pounds

See I came from a bad situation and the only enjoyment I had was food. Dad did research on cats and weight and learned how bad Kibble can be. We worked as a family to switch to stinky goodness. 

Buddy: A year later I was 15 pounds and now hold
between 13-14. I feel and look GREAT!

We really have to thank him as due to his weight Dad decided to explore cat nutrition and now we all eat healthier without Kibble in our diets. We do have a small bit as a treat. Buddy its your show. Take it away.

Buddy: Thanks Timmy

Look how good I look at 13 pounds and almost
13 years! Good living does it!

This is from my Meezer pals Pipo and Minko the Meezers
on Catster

This is from my Catster pals Manytoes, Lynzee
and family with a Happy Mew Year too!
Enough about me and my story. Lets PARTY!

Have some nip to get that appetite going!

Nip-Tini with Nip-on-da-rim anycat?

A Family Furend Brews this with Nip
Instead of Hops

Now get ready. Maybe close your eyes and follow you noses

Lobster, a Cats best Friend! MOL!

You can have steak too if you would like!

There is plenty of Chick-Hen if you like!

After you are done these main courses lay back and relax with some finger foods and a cool drink.

Watch the cheese if you have lactose problems.
Rumpy! Buttons! Dad does not need a clean
up in aisle living room!

Rumpy! For guests and those
who can handle it only!

Enjoy yourselves and please do not drive if you have a bit too much nip.

We have plenty of room if you stay over!

Thanks so much for helping me enjoy my Gotcha Day

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd

Monday, December 30, 2013

More Holiday Fun

Hi Furends

We are still in need of some naps to fully recover from our Catmouse Day Extravaganza!

We had a grand time

Hardly any leftovers

I can still taste those noms!

Tomorrow is Buddy Budd's Got-Cha day so stop by for the party.

On a sad note Stranger has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by and give support to Lil Binky and Granny at AngelWhispers

Until we all meet again fly free Stranger!

Purrs to all 
Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidays Hang Over

Hi Furends

Einstein here. The older kitties are all Easy from the great nip and oodles of noms from Santa Claws so Dad asked me to show off the cards we received over the last few days. We have hardly any room left and I had to climb way up on Dads shoulder to put them up.

You will like them as much as we do!
Cards are all hung up with care

From lots of friends 

From everywhere
Thanks for trusting me with that special job Dad. Lets go to bed and look at your, I mean our, gifts!
I really like our new books. I want to start
with... the... the...

Dad: Looks like lights out.
Dad: Have a fine Easy Furends! 

Hope you stop by to wish our Buddy Budd a Happy Got-Cha Day on New Years Eve!

Peace and Love to All!
Dad Pete 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

What a Great Catmouse!

Hi Furends:

What an adventure we had this year. Santa Claws used his magic to put us all to sleep and then we saw his paw prints this morning. Einstein is still a bit off looking around and talking to himself, but, Meow, did we have fun!

We all got together with Dad in our Living Room.

Button started things off with his Santa Hat.

Then Einstein joined in the fun as an Elf.

Furst was out Secret Paws

Buttons and Rumpy tried to snag the treats.

Our pals Bugsy, Simba and family sent this

We loved the toys. You can tell a cat picked these out.

Then we checked out the stockings Santa 
Claws left. 

Einsteins was chock full of Goodies!

Einstein: Santa Angels said this blue ball was special. 

Angels: Santa left us as a special Magic Gift
to our Tomcat home Furends. If you can see us 
you have love in your heart.  

Einstein: This is the Best Ever Catmouse Day!
Thank You Angels!

When I got to our stocking I was really

Santa Claws got my letter! A new Kliban Kitty!

Can you see how excited I was!

Buttons: This was for our family tradition.

Buttons: We all had Breakfast together. 

Buttons: Toby and Rumpy always lick
the cans clean.

Buddy: After breakfasts I gotta big fun
goin on!

Rumpy: I got all nipped up. Whee!

Buttons: Yes we had a really fine day!

Rumpy: Hey Dad! Can I start taking the tree down?
Hey, what't was that moving by the wall? Hmm...

Angels: Hee Hee. We hope you all had a wonderfur
Catmouse! We will be seeing you around.
*The Angels do a Cat Scout Salute*

So that was our Catmouse. We send glad tidings to all our pals and hope your day was full of as much fun and love as ours was. 
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Purrs Furends
Timmy and Family