Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Timmy's Rainbow

*Whiffie, Whiffie, Whiffie*

*Hug, Hug, Hug*


*Kissy, Kiss, Kiss*

*Nibble, Nibble, Nibble*

My Dearest Nippy Rainbow

How I Love You

You are the Best Nippy Rainbow Ever and...
Hey Timmy what are you up to my friend?

Oh... Um... Nothin
Come on I know you were Nippin!
After the Rain I found my Rainbow and It Was GREAT!
Haa Haa That's my Timmy

Timmy Tomcat
Dad Pete

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Hello Friends. Me and Miss Fitz will present our Angel Cats.
Our Angels visit in our dreams and tell us about the happenings over the Bridge and also let us know about our friends are there with them.
It sure is comforting to know they are watching over us Miss Fitz
It sure is Timmy

Amber was Dad's mothers kitty. Dad adopted her after mom passed and kept her safe inside in her twilight year.
She never saw clothes she didn't need to add her fur to!
MOL! She was an expert at that fur-sure

Stinker Big Head was Dad's ex's cat. He came to live here when they moved in after Dad's accident in 1999.
Here he is after a patrol. He would patrol the property every 2 hours rain, snow or shine.
Bad luck for any animal he saw too Fitz.
Yep. He would CHARGE and off they would go.

Of course what he really loved was Dad! 
Every night he would get on Dads lap and purr like I do now.
Such a cutie for a twenty two pound muscle cat

Coco was Dad's Mom's kitty. He was a Sphynx and loving as anything. Dad had to insist he keep Coco as, sadly, his sisfur just could not keep him safe after Mom passed.
Dad loved the way he would run under the covers and cuddle every night.

He was a real cut up. Here he is playing with Toby!
He was a funny kitty!

Goodnight Sweet Prince. Me and Toby kept vigil over him for 3 days. *Sigh* Miss playing with you buddy

Here is Inky. He was a thin little cat. Dad called him Big Ink or Bink. 

Here he is doing the Inky Dink Dance. He was a character.
Why did Dad call him "The Self Petting Cat" Timmy?
Well, he would rub like crazy on things but stay right out of reach when you tried to pet him. If you moved closer he would move off 6 inches beyond your reach. A funny boy.
Ha Ha Ha that is funny!

Here he is with Mama Pee Girl. He loved her so very much and she him.
Miss you Buddy. Until we meet again

Pee took over as Dad's heart kitty after Ming went over the Bridge. 
She was adopted by his fiance. She left and Pee Girl stayed, MOL

She had a crushed leg that the SPCA "offered" to amputate. She had no pain so Dad said no. After about a year she started to put a little weight on it that gave her a distinctive little skip-walk. She ran on three legs when she wanted to make time and could really zoom.

Here she is with Baby Inky. He was from her last litter. She loved being with kitten and when she could no longer have kits she kept him under paw. He was a real Mamas boy.

Here is Ming The Malevolent. She showed up one day after the family moved into this house. She was a total Huntress who insisted on showing all her catches to Dad. He got her name from the Flash Gordon TV Show. She once jumped six feet into his window with a rabbit almost as big as she was.
Wow that is wild.
Yes. Also, if she did not like one of his friends she would bite, not a normal get away bite, but, to the bone. All his friends were in fear of her. She would poop in girls shoes if she did not like them.
After my own heart girlfriend, MOL.
She was loyal to Dad and would slept with him till the day she passed. She was some cat
Yes that she was.

Our last Angel is Teeny Tiny. He was one of Dads fosters and was only here for a few days. He was so small Dad tried hand feeding him but he was gone the next morning. Dad was broken hearted and vowed to always remember him.
We remember Teeny Tiny and we always will

Thanks Friends for coming by. We will visit to see your Angels too!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Handsome Toby

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Whats that Timmy?
Of course I will be the Family Sunday Selfie.
The world needs a Handsome Toby Fix! Heh, Heh

I'll just set the timer and...
Hmmm, that won't work

This will do it and...
Goodness, what is all this then

Third times the charm
Lady Cats eat your hearts out. This boy belongs to Lady Fitz
Oh Toby!
Purrrr my sweet
Purrrr my man-cat

Toby Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Friday, August 25, 2017

The New Digs

So Timmerz whut didja thinkin bout da new Digs

We are going to be living large Buddy.
How bout Rumperz. He was meowin and yeowin Heh Heh Heh

Oh My Cat! He was such a funny fellow. How about how
big brave Einie was making those little
Mew Mew Mew
sounds. It was hard not to MOL
It shur waz! Toberz, B and Fitzer need to visit tooz.

Yes they do
Hey boys meowing about the new place.
Dad I love it
Me tooz!

Tomorrow we will spend a lot more time visiting downstairs.
I will get some photos so you can show your pals
Cool. I want to show off at Cat Scouts and will suggest 
to Fitz she come down also
Ah willz tryin ta git B an Toberz ta do da tour
Thanks Guys  

Timmy - Relaxin in Dads office - Tomcat
Buddy - Chillin in da Digs- Budd
Rumpy - Yowl while Rubbin Everything - Bump
Einstein - Tiny Mew Mew Mew Boy
Dad Pete  - Happy to move outta that shoebox

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Who's Cute, Einsteins Cute

Dad, can you come over here please
Sure Einie, what's up?

Hold on a minute I need to show you something

Take a look Dad
Umm, yes Einie. What am I looking at?

Me being Cute!

How about now?
I see it! Yes! You are one cutie Einstein!
Thanks Dad
Come here for a cuddle my little man
I would love that Purrrrrr

Dad Pete

Monday, August 21, 2017

Toby: Pets & Purrs

Did you see Dad Timmy
He's working on our new house Toby
*Sigh* I need my fix
You need a good pet

Wait, I hear the door!

Here he comes Toby!
Dad, Dad, can you come over here please

Go fur it Toby
Oh I will, I will
*Whiffie* Hi Dad, Purrrrrrr

Hello Toby, how are you my handsome Panfur  Boy

Thanks big fellow

*Scritch, Rub, Rubby*
Like that don't you Toby

Oh yes Dad. Yessssss
*Rubby, Rub, Rub

You thought I furgot didn't you
Only fur a minute Dad
Happy belated Black Cat Appreciation Day Toby
Thanks Dad, Zzzz, Zzzz

Happy belated Black Cat Appreciation Day to all our 
Panfur Friends too

Timmy - Cheerleading - Tomcat
Toby - Happy, Purring - Tomcat
Dad Pete - Late but still in the Game 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Selfie Sunday: Miss Fitz

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Miss Fitz, Oh Miss Fitz
What! Oh... its you Dad
Will you be our Sunday Selfie Kitty?
Fur you I will

But if you poke me with that thing again I'll..
Thank You Miss Fitz

Miss Fitz - Cuddly as Ever
Dad Pete - Keeping his appendages

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Tailio Trubbles

Pssst... Fitz... Oh Fitz...

What? Where?

Hee, Hee, Hee
Aha! It's you Tailio! I should have known

I showed you last time and I will again!

Where did you get to?
Hee, Hee, Hee

Got-Cha Now you sneaky Tailio!

Go ahead, give me a gooood Bitey

No, I will just hold you down
Drat, you cat!

Miss Fitz - Learns Fast
Tailio Still up to her tricks