Friday, August 17, 2012

Tomcat Family Whacky-Paw Practice and Da-Law

Timmy: "OK all you cats! Line up and look sharp! Time for Whacky-Paw Practice! We need to keep our cat skills sharp. You never know when there is going to be a need for Advanced Fighting Techniques. 
Mr B you and I just went over a few things so you first."

Mr B with FIV: "Uh... I forgot. What was that we were supposed to do?" 

Rumpy Stumpnots: "Here let me show ya!"

Timmy: "Very very good Rumpy. Now let our young lady take a turn. Fitz you next."
Mss Fitz: "You grab it like THIS!"

Mss Fitz: "Then you switch paws and give your opponents a Raspberry-bbbbffffsssstttt!" 

Mss Fitz: "Then you relax with the prize and not let any cat near it!" 

Timmy: "Well, yes, but your tummy is totally exposed. Not a good thing unless you have really practiced your Rear Whacky-Paw"

Mss Fitz: "WHAT? I DID IT PERFECT! I have never been so, so mortified Timmy Tomcat." 

Timmy: "Fitz I did not mean to offend. I was just stating a cat-fact. Goodness it is a tough job herding-cats. Maybe I better give this training a rest for awhile."

Buddy Bud: "Now yer talker!"

Buddy Bud: "Now da reallee secretz of secretz Fiten-Stylerz. When all de catz be fussin ya get inta da box.
Poe-Zesshion iz Ninety Tentz uf da cat lawz."
Timmy: "Well said Buddy. OK Cats! Nap Time! And may our friends have a nice nap too!"

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