Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday update for the week and some Cat-Food Info too

Whole lots of whole lots here on a beyootiful Sunday!

Furst: I needed to take Buttons down a peg or two.
He was just all full of himself. Those young-ins.

Pops was a bit amazed that I would do the old "Bite your neck and totally dominate you!" move on one of the crew.

Well Pops, it needed to be done. I think my looking around to make sure every-cat was paying attention and then grabbing him a second time was a bit funny. That Cat-Humor Pops, and, you have to admit, he has been a good kitty since. Meow.

Now me and Buddy we have an understanding. I whack him. He whacks me. Whack whacky whack whack! What more needs to be meowed I purr-ya?
No Slack in the Whack Attack!

Seconds: A Big Double Paws-up to Toby! Pops was reading like every night. We are all sitting with him on the couch. Toby notices a passage and makes it known that this WORD is not needed in any book by tapping the Nook and highlighting the nasty word 'dog'.

Just because we do not make a practice of highlighting things do not think we are not up on what is going on by reading over your shoulder. We have to admit Toby presented our case in a respectful and educated manner. Pops may have had to put his eyes back in his head but... he got the point.

Thurds: Fitz! Gurl! You just gotta Chillax a bit! Fur-Shur Cat!
Come on Guys lez play!

I mean really! You have to yell, uh, more lady-cat like. Meow!

Whew I think I over did it!
Told ya so!
What do you think Buddy-Bud?
Ahz be thinkin dat Rumpers oughtta smellin hiz own feetz!
Thanks Buddy. Now last but not furgot!

Furthz: is our own best Dad, take it away Pops!

Thanks Tim. 
Just a fast update on the Home Made Cat Fud, uh, food, must be Buddy wearing off on me.
All the Vitamins, Minerals, and Aminos are all available on Amazon. I checked priced and they are just about the best if not within a buck or so. I like Amazon due to having an account and purchases being only a click. 

I will be making another batch in a week or two and may try using less bone or substituting bone meal. Will post any updates. Have a good week.
No Tim! I do not add Skippy! 
Well have a purrfect week all you Crazy Cats.

Timmy T and Da-Boyz(With One Gal) Signing Off


da tabbies o trout towne said...

FISH OIL !!!!!!!! ?????????? we hope that bee TROUT oil guys :) N tell yur pop we will haz sum donuts with R coffee :)!!

Au and Target said...

we can't see properly because of popups. Do you have a facebook page? If yes, leave us a note at katztales AT