Tuesday, April 30, 2013

News: Friend Junior goes over the Bridge and Nerissa is going into Surgery!

Important News:

Please give support to all the Cats and Peeps over at A Tail of 3.5 Kittahs. Very sadly Junior was taken over the Bridge very suddenly by a car on Sunday. He was a part of the family for a marvelous 202 days and will be missed.

Fly Free Junior! We Love You!

More News, not as sad:

Our pal Nerissa is going in for knee surgery tomorrow! Seems our fearless feline fell out of a tree, at least that is what the peeps think, and tore his knee up badly. Stop by and give some purrs of support by clicking on his get well card below!

Hope the rest of the week is quiet.
Love you cats
Timmy Tomcat

Monday, April 29, 2013

Timmy looks high and low to find his new Furend!

I must say that Toby really did a great job with the blog  yesterday. Atta-Man-Cat Toby!

Now myself I have had a harrowing day.

Furst I went to the new cat boxes and called: "Hey Pal, are you there taking a snooze?"

Open the door already! I want to talk to you!

Hoo-Cat. I have the scent! Now which way did you go?

I'm Hot on your trail now! I am gonna find you!

What? I was sure you were over on Buddy Budds table. Hmmm. Where now?

There You Are! You had me worried little fella. You have to stay close so I can take good care of you.

I would not want you to get lost or anything! We have not introduced you to our readers or the other cats yet. Lets do that now.

Say hello to Ginger Squillion Hazel.  Hazel lived with Miss Peach and her family after being adopted from Finnegan and Buddy in 2007. She volunteered for the Auction that was given to support ML & the Giggleman Gang's Rose. This was a sad time so we were glad to put a paw in and help.

Why don't you tell the readers about the other things we won in that great Auction,

Gee thanks Timmy.
Hi cats. This is Hazel and I am a Ginger Squillion. I seem to have had a charmed life. All of my families have been wonderfur and this one looks very nice. Well, there is that Rumpy cat, oh well, he tries I suppose.
OK let's get on with the show.

Our family also won a new Blog Header from  Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs! Isn't it marvelous! If you need ANY photo work or a new header please ask Alasandra,

Timmy says the Plate that we won from Team Tabby looks like him. I think it looks like me! What do you think?

Dad's next win, 3 eBooks, gives him plenty of material to read us to sleep with. Stop by Katz Tales to visit with Target and Guido where you can order these really wonderful books about some really cool cats.

And finally we won very Kyoot Cats on a Sofa from Angel Eric and Flynn! This is way Kyooter in purson and we will cherish it with a special place in our soon to re-decorated home.

Well there you have it. I am very glad to meet you and I may be posting from time to time.

Thanks Hazel. Great guest posting.

Have a good week friends!

Timmy Tomcat

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Toby's Got-Cha Day!

Toby here! Timmy gave me the blog today!

Whee it is that big day!
The day all cats want if they do not have one and rejoice in celebration when they do!

Our GOT=CHA Day!

We black cats really have to shoot up the fireworks as many of our kind are not wanted. This of course is a huge mistake as we bring great good luck. Just look at the Tomcat home. A great clowder of kitties who needed rescue. Thanks so much Dad! You Da-Hooman!

So what happened! Well...
We got up early and had breakfast. Then Dad said he was going to make the treats I like best. They are the beef ones. I am so so on the chicken. He made a HUGE batch. After we played a bit me, Rumpy, Buddy, and Tim had all we could eat of those super fresh beef-treats.

I got some new toys and love them.
*Toby whispers: I told Dad to get Pom-Poms because my Fitz likes them too!"

Then we played!

Then we had our nighttime treats. Whew. What fun.
Then I came by to visit my Catster pals and guess what?

My pal Manytoes and his great family made me a Got-cha photo!

AND if that was not enough my Siamese pals made me one too! WOW!

Thanks also to Marmalade, Inky, Milo and family, Tink and Snow, Smokey and family, Mac and Ivy and Family. If I missed anycat please know that I sent thanks and big Handsome Tomcat Purrs!

What a great day! Thank you everycat! Dad too of course.

So now let me tell you one last thing.

I need a nap!

See you all a bit later!
Love you!
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)

How do you like the new header?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

Timmy Tomcat here Sailing my Yacht to Adventure!

Hi Fitz. How do you like my Yacht?

Looks a bit tight there Timmy! 

No its Just-Right! Sailing sailing over the Ocean Blue...

OK Tim. Must be a Man-Cat thing.
Oh-Cat its time to lay back and relax...
On the Shore of the Riviera! Please refill my Nip-Tini!

May you all have a relaxing and fun weekend no matter where your mind may travel!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Super Duper Cat Ham-micks

Wow! We got some great cat Ham-micks from our pals over at Forty-Paws! Check them out!

As soon as Dad put them together there was cat-action a-plenty! They came packed with a bit of nip so we were all ready for fun!

Mr Buttons says he gives a rating of Purrfect! He was all ready for a nap.

Rumpy said they are lip-smackin! OK Rumpy.

Toby said: "Quite Handsome for handsome cats who need some sleep to stay very handsome."

Buddy took 40 winks as soon as one opened up!

And yours truly finds them wonderfur for a quick Cat-Nap!

So if your Peeps are wondering what to get you this weekend may I suggest the simply wonderfur Ham-micks by Forty Paws!

Don't blame me if you over sleep! Meow!

PS Please stop by Forty Paws to send Jeni, Obi and Orinch some purrs as they are dealing with more than their share of illness right now! 

Your Pal 
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, April 12, 2013

Save the Kitty from Fitz's Dastardly Deeds

Mss Fitz here. 

I am the playing'est cat around. Why just today I had big fun and got Dad to help.

Hey Dad! Can I have that Please!

Just hand it down here! That's it!

Yes! Cat-Oh-Cat Yes!

He needs a good lick!

HEY! FITZ! What are you up to? Get away from that! GIVE it back! Now! How did you talk Dad into helping you with this Dastardly Deed!

Mss Fitz: "I batted my pretty whiskers at him! Mwa-ha-ha"

Come here kitty. That's better. Geez-O-Cat!

Did that nasty girl get cat-spit on
you? You are MY Kliban Kitty! Remember that!

There, there, safe and all better!
Everything is right with the World!

Remember! Protect your valuables from dastardly deeds done cheaply!

Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tomcat Tuesday - The Arrival

We think it has arrived! Finally! After such a long wait it is here and the Tomcat home can breath a sigh of relie...

Rumpy Yelling: "DARN right I am here! Right here and lets get this party started!"

Rumpy : "I have Arrived!"

NO Rumpy. And, by the way, you are Always here, and, have been for 2 years! 

Rumpy: "Oh yeah. Right."

Buddy: "We talkinz bout whut out Da-Winda! Lookit! Ain't dat IT!"

Iz Dat It Mr B'z?

Mr Buttons: "I think so Buddy. How about it Cats?" 

We think this is It! Finally!

Rumpy: "Oh now I see what you are meowing about. Yes."

Toby: "Yep. I think the waiting is over."

There it is! Spring has finally arrived at the Tomcat home. And it smells wonderful.  

Hope Spring has Sprung for you too!

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rumpies Big Day!


Hey... Hey... Whew hold on a second while I catch my breath...
OK thats better. I just had to tell every cat about my family.

Today I got up expecting a big party. I see Toby and run up to say hello and he is like "Oh. Good Mornin" and walks off. Hmmm.

I see Timmy. Hi Timmy I say. "Yo Rump. Can we talk later I have some business to do." I was shattered. They furgot.

It was difficult to not break down. So I go into the living room. I was not even interested in Dads Treats.

I had just got on the tree where I get my treat when every cat, and Dad too, turned around and sang Happy Birfdayz to me! Wow! Then they all gathered around and Dad gave me some Fancy Feast along with my treats. We all shared.

Wow! What a Great Family! I cant believe I am 3 years old. Gee.
I will post more pictures later. This was from my good pal Tundra on Catster along with the Koolest Catster Kitties. Wow!

Love you all!
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buddy Budd Publik Warnin!

So ah tellin ya! Beware! Youz say Whut? Ah sez youz see sooner den sayin.

Ah waz reztin, chillin, ree-laxin. Gittin reddy ta take-a snoozer.

A gentle-cat doez his toilette-du-fur befo sleepin so ah waz lickin, lickin, licken away.

We gotta big famleez so dere alwayz some kinda obztruction or deztruction roun here. Shur nuff here come mah own purrsonal obztruction. Yessir!

Rumpy: HI BUDDY! What’s up? What-cha doin? Huh? What-cha doin? Huh?

What Chuu wantz anyhoo dere Rumperz? 

Ah waz gonna napperz an...

Rumpy: “OH!! OH!! OH!! HOLD IT!! HOLD IT!!”

Rumpy: “OH, Goodness, its, its, oh, I gotta, I gotta...”


Rumpy: “So anyhow Buddy, where were we, what where you saying?”

Ah Waz Sayin! Ah Wanna Getta Napperz an...

Rumpy: “HOLD IT! HOLD IT! Down Under is Itchy too!”

RUMPERZ! Oh Mah Cat! Diz a fambly Blogz Dood

Rumpy: “Mmpphhh Ahhhhh... Much better! Now what were you saying”

Ah waz sayin dat... You GOTTA git you sum Mannerizimz! Big Timez Dood! Big Timez! Ah Outta Herez!

Rumpy: What? What'sa matter with you? Gee Whiskers!

Dat why da Buddy luv hiz Rapturiouz Restinz Roost!

A Catz gotta havva gud one cat ONLY sleepin spotz!

Now youz be Warnint! Bewary of dem Bro-fursz!


Your Buddy
Buddy Bud

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tomcat Tuesday - The Strange Noises

Last week we were waiting for Spring to Sprang. 

It was was real purrty but... 

How long can you watch the snow melt. Me and Buttons were starting to get bored and, all of a sudden I hear a Very Stimulating Something. 

I yell at my young protege: WHAT! WHATs THAT? Hear that Buttons? What is that? 

Buttons: “Sure did Rumpy! HEY! There it is again!”

Hey! Quick! Lets look in here to see what we can see!

Maybe I should look a little deeper. Hmmmm.

Nope! Nothing in there Buttons. I wonder where that noise is coming from? 

Buttons: “RUMPY! UP HERE! LOOK!”

Whoa. Lets get those critters Mr B!

Timmy: “Hey cats. What-cha doing?” 

We are getting ready to get a snack. Come-on and help us catch one! 

Timmy: “Doods! That is the Mewvie Dad got us a long time ago. You can’t eat them.”

Well... Um... Yeah, but, who cares! It is still great big fun! Whee! Get that one B! There! Faster!

Whew! Big Fun! I needs a nap.

Hope you all have lots of fun with your families all the time too!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

I am going to be 3 on Friday! Send Treats! If you come over we can all watch and play with The Mewvie!