Friday, January 31, 2014

Buddy's 13th B-Day Pawty

Hi Furends:

Buddy is having a B-Day bash over at the New Blues Lounge. We will continue the festivities on Caturday here but we wanted to let you all know what waz up. We will have impawtent info so be sure ta be here! We will tell ya then but leave a comment or two (hint)
Click Photo for B-Day Pawty

Youz sayin ah can hav da sleeper bag tanitez?

Doan gotta tellz diz kittah seventr timer

See you on Caturday furends
Timmy Tomcat

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mancats Monday - Wrasslin with...

Hi Furends:
We like to keep in shape here at the Tomcat Home.

Hey Buddy, lets Wrassle.
Buddy: Uhh, well, um....
It will keep you fit

Buddy: Ohh, ok.

Alright, go fur it

Buddy: You go for it.

I get the feeling you are not into Wrasslin
Buddy: Well not really its just that...

Buddy: I want to finish Wrasslin with my pillow.

Seems like I am Wrasslin with Wrasslin
What are you Wrasslin with today my furends?

Check our our Rainbow Bridge and Needing Purrs pages to lends suppurrt to our furends.

Purrs my furends

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cold but Easy

Hi Furends: 
Meow its been cold. We have been in the single digits at night with highs in the low 20's. Brrr. Good for our snuggling with Dad fur sure 

Easy Einstein

Touchable Toesies
The boy has built in foot warming fuzzies

I get my Dad Scritch in furst

Then I get under the blankie and cuddle

Dad says we are his organic and all natural heating pads. MOL

Our furends Moosey and Bambino can use some purrs as they have been under the weather as has big Handsome Dante who is back from the vets with mega-colon.
We are sad that our furend Prancer Pie was suddenly ill and has gone over the Bridge. His family is devastated and needs purrs. 
Thank you furends

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Huge Tomcat Family Pawty!

Gather round all dear Furends and welcome to a Grand Pawty!
Today we are celebrating:
Thanks for this great card Manytoes!
 This is a 2 Day Pawty for:
And Buttons 3rd Got-Cha!
This is also a celebration of Catster, which will be no more after March 3rd. Sad. But this is a celebration so Lets Eat! We have East Coast Goodies for all!
Crab Cakes from Baltimore
Lancaster County Bacon
Main Line Deli Club
Conshohocken Burger! None Better!
Nip-Tini's from Philadelphia
Milk from WaWa Dairys
Let that Settle and we have what you all came for!
Great Cakes from the Country Club Diner
And Strawberry Shortcake 
Rest a bit and then, the Music!
We have DJ Katz with Hip-Hop on the Porch
Rockin Kit will have Classics and Oldies inside
Please feel free to curl up anywhere as we don't want you going home tired. Dad said you can lay on his be if you want!

Thanks for coming by and please send purrs to our dear furend Moosey from Animal Shelter Volunteer life. He has been in the kitty hospital.

Timmy and Family 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog the Change Day

Hi Furends:
Swami Zoe reminded us at the Tabby Cat Club about Blog the Change Day. 

  • What have you done to Be the Change for Animals?
  • Who do you know who acts tirelessly on the behalf of animals?
  • What favorite cause has a special need right now?
We want to remind our furends that even though we are lucky and have forever homes there are those who are in dire need. Dad and we furs support several Cat Rescues. The one we want to talk about today is Tabby's Place. 
We donate a bit of treat allowance and Dad adds the green paper so there is enough to make a monthly donation. The great part is that Dad's work gives a matching donation
Ask your peeps to ask at their workplace for this great way to double the support!

Blog the Change
We like to meow: If everyone did a little, there would be little left to do!
Timmy, Dad, Toby, Buddy, Buttons, Fitz, Rumpy, Einstein

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lesson Learned

Tom Cat Tuesday with Einstein:

Einstein: Hey You! This is my area!

Rumpy: I'm going to teach you a lesson!

Einstein: No, I am going to teach you a lesson!

Rumpy: You really need a lesson!

Einstein: You really need a Lesson!

Rumpy: You better learn your lesson!

Einstein: You better learn your lesson!

Buddy: Can we have less lessons!

Einstein: Alright Buddy, lesson learned to let the other cats get a good nap in.

Thanks Timmy for letting me post today!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easy Dreams

Hi Furends:

Our cold spell broke this past week and today we got to 60. This weather is crazy. We purr that your pawrents are not getting sick because of it. Our Dads friend who helps him clean has been sick for over 2 weeks so he had to push the hose monster himself. 
What is with that any-meow. Fur is good. We love our fur. It helps mark this place as ours. It must be a hooman thing to pick up the fur. And the noise that thing makes really broke up our morning Easy. 
Then he had the gall to wipe at things along with moving things around so they are, what did he say, oh right, "organized." That busted up our afternoon nap time. 

We are really ready for a good easy.

Timmy, Keep it down will you!
Some cats are trying to Easy!

Alright Miss Fitz! I am getting into my
Easy with Einstein!

May you all have a fine Easy.

Before we close please send purrs of support to our furends at Mickey's Musings. Tiger went over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday morning.

Tiger may you fly free on Angels Wings

Another cat who ran over the Rainbow Bridge is our pal from Catster, Natalie Natcat.

Natalie the Natcat Mad Tail Py

Her story got Dad thinking about Rumpy having Feline Hyperesthesia. Fly free of pain and full of youthful energy Natalie!

There are some other friends who need healing purrs. Leo was going for surgery yesterday.

Leo we purray that your surgery goes well!

Tweedles is the furst pet in need to have an auction on a new site: Auctions for Pets. Stop by and bid or donate an item. All are welcome.

Click for Auction

Have a good Easy my furends. Angels please watch over us until we all meet again.

Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 and the Living is Easy

The Hoo-Raa has passed, the cleaning up is done, mostly, nothing left to do but get in some Easy!

Timmy is high and Easy

Toby bumps Buttons and keeps not so little
Einstein Easy

Buddy and Rumpy have settled into warm and Easy

Miss Fitz's famous Curl-Up-N-Easy

Have a fine Easy my Furends

Timmy Tomcat