Monday, October 31, 2016

Tomcat Family and Friends Halloween

**Please look below to see if you won an Award in the First Ever Tomcat Family Halloween Ghost Contest**

Hi I'm Timmy, the Hunchback MC, with Miss Fitz to help
with cutting you... um, serving you 
tonight. Right Fitz!
Tell them to keep their fingers away from me please
Thanks. On with the shew! 
Now Rumpy is on with...

Hello dear followers of he Ways of Rumpy Bump. Those who have not gotten the furst 3 handouts can get them fur only $4.99 each and...
Rumpy! Hand out the Noms, Drinks and Treats, Only, Please!
Oh... Alright... razzum-frazzum-brazzum-razzum
What was that?
We have piles of burgers, hot doggies, Nip brewskis, Nip coolers and, of course, treats, treats and more treats.

Diggity in friends!

Not all treats fur Halloween! You need a TRICK!
I, Buttons, have the magik of Loki at my paw tips!
If you duck the bats they will just gain thirst and
want more blood
No Worries my little Halloween pals I will chase that bat and...
Toby! Batty is our pal. 
*Twist* Whew you told me just in time. Lets get some
Halloween Noms. You too Batty!

*Flap Flap Flap* Thanks Toby, Can Hello Kitty Moon come too?
Sure if she can get down here MOL MOL
BOL (Bat Out Loud)

Deerezt Kali ah gitcha a longest-stem Roser 
Tee Hee Buddy let me cast a Witchey spell and zoom us off to Yon-Castle.
Can we be waitin till we git sum treaterz?
Of course my Big Buddy Budd. Fur tonight you need to keep your strength up. Tee Hee
Ho Ho! Ah sure does Kali! Ah sure doez!

Shoko we shall be off hunting those who would do cats harm. Me to catch and hold them to justice .  
And I to find them no matter where they hide!
A Quest fur two!
A Quest fur two! 

We have lots more so dig in and enjoy some good food instead of candy. MOL

For all who played if you counted 10 Ghosts you are a winner!
If you counted more then you are haunted and deserve the Award. If you counted less the ghosts were on break and you deserve the Award. We will have Ghost Counting Next year so keep watch till then

Happy Halloween Friends. Please stop by and Visit both Cat Scouts and The Tabby Cat Club for more Great Halloween Pawties!
And one last thing...


Timmy Hunchback MC
Toby Wild Cat Tomcat
Buddy Hulking Budd
Kali The Scarlet Witch

Rumpy Bump "Answers fur the Modern Cat" Stumpnots
Fitz Black Widow
Mr Loki Buttons
Huntscat Einstein
Shoko The Changeling


  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun going on for the costume holiday today. Happy Halloween to all of you!

  2. Happy Halloween!

    Spooky purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  3. What a great post. You guys have the best imagination! I like 'Timmy the Sailor-cat' in the header - and the sandwiches Dracula is handing out instead of candy. I'll go for one of those.

  4. Uh oh, I countes too many. I included the pumpkin where it said Happy Halloween. I almost missed the ghost at the window though. You are throwing a great party and look good in your costumes.

  5. We're glad ya'll are havin' a good time. Big hugs to you all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  6. How wonderful a time you are all having and it made me and Mom both happy to see that. xoxoxo

  7. guys.....everee onez total lee rockin ther howl o ween coztoomz !!! a most happee one two everee one { if we getted heer any later two day it wood bee clozer ta bass terd burd day ~~~~~~~
    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Great party! And we loved all your costumes too :)

  9. we ever look good. Buddy is just a maze of muscles...I was so impressed. You got my heart pitter pattering like crazy. My man cat!

  10. Einey and Buddy...we wrote a fantabulous comment and it disappeared! Is this place haunted? Shall we hunt the haunted Einey?The whole family is decked out to do some serious hunting except Miss Fitz...she is gorgeous.

    Kali and Shoko

  11. This is hilarious! I admire your computing skills. Everything I try in this vein goes horribly wrong!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  12. Toby is a great bat hunter. Fun post. Happy Halloween!

  13. Nice bat hunting, Toby! We hope you had a happy (and safe) MEOW-loween, dear pals. :)

  14. Great Post Guys! Happy Howl-ween! Mes hopes yous gets ALL treats and no Tricks!!!
    Thanks for being part of my Pumpkin Patch this year! It would not has been the same without yous!

  15. Wow!! You sure hid those well...but we counted we must truly be haunted meezers, OMC!

    Well, off to score some pawrty noms, since there are none here, MOL!

  16. Ha Ha, We had a great time at your party and at Cat Scouts!! Happy Halloween, dear furries!

  17. What fun ! That was a great pawty ! Happy Halloween ! Purrs

  18. That must have been a great Helloween Pawty :D Pawkisses for a Happy All Hallow's Day :) <3

  19. SUPER DUPER PAWTY you all! Tons of fun and great foodables....We sure had a good Halloween visiting our blog friends, at Scouts AND at the Tabby Cat Club. Thanks again for being our spooky buddies!

    Love, Sammy

  20. That was furry tricky 9 ghosts in one pic and only one ghost in another! Super amazing costumes - we loves the parts about building a no-kill shelter world! Purrz dats everfurry one gotted home safe and sound after da pawty.
    -Katie Kitty Too


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