Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Secret Paws 2014

What's that Dad, time fur Secret Paws! Whee!
Com'on Timmer les git goin!

Our Secret Paws were the Swiss Cats, Zorro and Pixie
with pawrents Clair 
and Momo.

Camera *%$#* darn thing *#$^@
Dad you are going to get coal if you keep talking like that. Looks like the photos of the wrapping and stuff were eaten up by Mr Camera. No matter the gifts are great. There is a nice wand toy, A green froggie with a looooong tail, Swiss Chocolate for Dad, Treats for us and one of Claire's home made carrier pads.

I like this a LOT. I call it MINE!
Einstein, you will have to share.

It says Super Yummy Treats and they are from Anifit made
of all good things and available on the Swiss Cats Blog

Come on Dad get them open will you

Nom Nom Nom
Slurp Gobble
Crunch Crund
Chew Chew
Gulp Chew

Grab Munch

Dey are spcial gud! Yessir!

Mmm I agree... Burp... Tee Hee, Excuse me
MOL You are surely excused Miss Fitz

Dad: That Swiss Chocolate is wonderful! Thanks so much!

What a fun Secret Paws, Thanks Swiss Cats!
Now lets all take a nice nap. 

Please visit our dear friends The Swiss Cats and give some purrs to Momo who had an accident and it in hospital. Purrs Momo. Thank Mew Clair, Zorro and Pixie

Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Miss Fitz, Mr Buttons, Einstein and Dad Pete

Friday, December 19, 2014

If at Furst you don't Succeed...

What's all the commotion Timmy?
Dad put treats in the puzzle box Fitz. Come on!

Too close quarters fur this cat. Have fun.
Go fur that one Toby!
I can't get it out Tim!
Like this Toby. *Grab-Crunch*

Makin it look simplez Buttonz... *Paw, Paw, Paw*
It isn't Buddy.
Come here little treat *Paw, Paw, Paw*

Ah gotz onez! *Crunch*
Good Buddy. Let me show you Timmy.

*Grab-Crunch, Grab-Crunch*
How do you do that?
Hey what/s going on?
Rumperz here, see ya lata.

Kittens play... *Paw Paw Paw* Huh?
Not so easy is it Rumpy
*Grab-Crunch, Grab-Crunch, Grab-Crunch*

Look, some in the middle... (Grab-Crunch, Grab-Crunch)
That's it, all gone. Buttons got most of them.
Wow, that was amazing Buttons.
I will show you how next time Einstein.

No need fur a next time Einstein. Follow me over see Dad...
Mew, Prrrt, Meooow, Meeeeow, Meeeeow, Prrrtt, Mew!
Oh give it a break Rumpy, here...
Mmm Crunch Crunch Crunch

Remember Einstein, If at furst you don't succeed, cry, cry, again. 
But that's not...
Einstein, listen to your elders!
Yes Rumpy...

Rumpy Bump
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visitors, but fur who?

What are you doing Einstein?
I think the Angels are back again Buttons. I thought I saw them 
go in back of the toy basket
Cool. They really helped you last year when you were
tiny and sick.

I don't see anything.
They are hard to see. You have to kind of look
out the corner of your eye.

You mean your purripheral vision.
You do know they will only be visible if they want to!

Let them try Timmy. Keeps them from under fur.

That was close Angela.
Naw, Einstein is now over a year old. No more 
Kitten vision Angelo.
Do you have who we are here to help this year.
Sure do. And he needs our help too!

Hey! I heard that! Hmm... Wonder who they are here fur?
Mums the word Timmy.
No problem Angels. I think I know but will zip my cat lips.

Timmy Tomcat
Mr Buttons

Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting Ready for Santa Paws

Dad helped us get ready for Santa Paws.
Rumpy is doing his part in the bin. MOL

I checked the stockings

Nothing left from last year... Darn

No Dad... a bit to the left... more... now the other one... good

He works well with a little snoopervision
I heard that!

 I have the tree done Timmy. Toby, you could have helped
Yes dear

Well done evfurry kitty, you too Dad. Just a bit more and we will be ready. Are you ready fur Santa Paws?

Timmy Tomcat