Saturday, January 31, 2015

Buddy Budds 5113th Birth Day Pawty. And More!

To start we have a special message from our Texas pal Marmalade who so many sent purrs too. Well he is better and says Thank Mew
Welcome to Buddy Budd's 14th Birthday Pawty!
Have fun but be safe so if you are drinking the Catweisers and having some Nip we have cat beds to sleep over.
Now let me introduce your pal and mine, Buddy Budd

Ello alla mah furenders! Ah gotta secrets fur ya. Guessing whoz
her fur da pawty

Nudder B-Day fur mah favrite fella, Dad!

Budd I dont think Dad wanted to...
Cat open da bag an lit-it outz! MOL! Had ta cuz Dad why ah so  luckiest cat dat ah counting evfurry day az a Birf Day. Ah been her fur 5113 wonnerfur dayz. Dat Forteenz if ya countin! On wit da pawty!
Um, Buddy, are you furgetting something you want to announce.
Oh, yez, righty-right Timmerz. Hey Buttenz! We wanna help yaz celbrate yer... GOTCHER DAYZ!

Thanks to our Catster pals ManyToes and
Family for the great card

Oh My Cat! Buddy, Family, ManyToes, furends, Thank Mew! I thought you had furgotten.
We never would do that Buttons. You are family. We have another thing to celebrate. Miss Fitz, come on up here.
Alright. Is it the fastest Whacky-Paw Award. I know I should stop hittin...
No. We are celebrating your GotCha Day early!

Thanks to We Be Siameezers Pipo and Minko for
this great card!

MEOW! Really! After all the whacks I have... I mean, err... it is a bit early. Well thanks. 
You are welcome you whacky paw wonder. 
Now hold on evfurry kitty, befur we get going we are also celebrating our Angels Birthdays. Angel Big Head Stinker who patrolled these grounds before we all came. Angel Amber who was the happiest kitty in the world. Gangster Coco who went walkabout for several months and brought back a pile of cash, um, maybe we should not mention that part. And Angel Pee Girl. She was Dad's special heart kitty for many years. Please watch over us and our furends dear Angels!

Angel Birthday Cloud Pawty!

Enjoy yourselves on this special day fur our family! Now lets get this Pawty Started! 

Lobster is our surf
Filet is our turf

Chic-Hen fried nicely 

All you can eat bacon bar

A selection of brews

Special niptinis for Buddy Budd's Blue pals

Fresh Milk for those who enjoy it 
Have some dessert to top things off

No Pawty is complete without Nip. I see some of you have
already sniffed the plants out. We have more so take some

Buddy, take it away big fella!
Thanky thanks ta mah families and furenders. Have fun an member we gotz da Angels here wit uz ta keepin uz safes. So we reddy ta

Buddy Budd
Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Toby Tomcat
Dad Pete

Friday, January 30, 2015

Git-It! Git it

Git-It! Git-It!

Don't you know Git-It mean grab it!
I meow to you young Einstein I most assuredly do know. 

In this case, actually,...

I know quite well...

and take umbrage at your insinuation that I do NOT know
thee of small confidence in your betters!
Oh good grief! I didn't...

Maybe not but I felt the slight
It looks like you should be eating Slight-ly less too! 

Well played small one. 

I had a good teacher.
That you did Grasshopper, that you did!

We are having a very special day on Caturday so I hope you all come by!
Yes it is to... oh no... that would be meowing. See you then!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What was that you said?

Timmy what is that strange noise?
Its just Einstein playing with Dad Buttons.
Yes. The boy is an odd one.







Einstein! STOP making that noise!

The other cats will think I taught you that!

Just so you all know I did not teach him that!
Do you make funny noises like Einstein?

Rumpy Bump

Monday, January 26, 2015

What kind of Wheel?

Afur a git ta postin ah wanna tell yiz dat dere new pager. Dad puttin
da infoz on makin hiz speshul pillin pocketz. Lookin up top da bloggie fur Dads Pill Magic. Itz a goodin!
Anyhoo... on wit mah postin:

*Head Bump*
Hey Dad. Did ah tell ya how muchez ah luv ya!

All the time Buddy. I really appreciate it too.

Well how about maybe we can go earlyz lak an git dem...

No treats till later Buddy. Sorry
Dat not fairz. Ah tol ya ah lovin ya!
How about I slip you a few extra  at treat time.

Buddy you ask the same thing every night
Meowing wheel git da treaterz evvy timer Tim!

Does ya all askin fur extra treaters?

Buddy Budd