Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pawty at Cat Scout University

Hi kitties. What was that, you don't recognize me...
Why it's me, Timmy. Have a treat won't you
Thats it, closer, closer... OH you are a fast kitty to get
away like that. Whos next

No worries here friends. I have the sandwiches and extra bacon
so your meager paws do not temp. Please dig in. There is plenty

We changed our outfits so not to scare you all to death.
Here we are ready to dance at he Cat Scouts University Halloween Pawty. I am Timmy your Hunchback MC with my gal Dora.
Einstein is with his gal Shoko and that is Pete and Anya
from Cat Scouts on the left

Here are the Hosts of Monster Mash 2016 Raz from Friends Furever, Gracie from the Tabby Cat Club and Goodness Gracie and Sammy from One Spoiled Cat

They put on a great spread

I have a nice memory photo of me and my gal Shoko from Canadian Cats

I am with the lovely Dora
You make me purr my dear

And we are so glad our pal AEtheling has jumped
into Cat Scouts with all four paws! Way to go cat!

If you don't belong stop by Cat Scouts and check it out!

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, October 24, 2016

Buddy Budd: Helpin Pawz er Whut

Yoo one luckiez Dad wit da Buddy Budd helpin ya
Don't I know it Buddy. You are one great helper cat

Dis needa little bit tuckin or it run lak a mouser
Thanks Buddy

Ah thinkin we jus bout done wit dis cornerz
Alright lets head out to the living room and...

HOLD everthin! Are ya furgettin sumptin portant er whut!
I don't know what Buddy?

Raght done down dere! Seein it yetz
I sure do. How could I fur forget

Ah lovin mah nighty night meal in mah bowl Dad
Ya knowin whyz?

Why Buddy

Cuz we doin it wit tagether'nezz
We sure are my dear fur 

I love to see you happy Buddy Budd
Same atcha Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Update on Buddy Budd: My big blue friend is doing great. He slowed down a bit last month but perked back up after a week. He is now again running up the cat walk. I generally know when he is heading up as Toby makes this Errrrr-Errrr sound when Buddy is stalking him. LOL. Those two. 
I have some boxes and a storage crate so he can easily get up where he wants so all is well. He says he doesn't mind a bit as his gal Kali is a bit creaky and they fit purrfectly! 
We can still use purrs for him just because.
Thanks for being our friends!

Buddy Budd

Friday, October 21, 2016

When Good Cats Get Off Track

Timmy! Timmy! Where are you? You lazy Tomcat you!

Fitz! What is all this then?

I had to put our Toctober post up on the Blog-O-Sphere!
No way
Let me check and see and... Oh...
I feel so small right now...

Have you been in the Nip again Timmy?
Buttons just a little and, um, er...

I saw you Nipping it up Tim. Do we need to send
you to *Shudder* Nip Non-a-mouse.

Rumpy I will slow down, promise
Alright, what say family?

I will give you a break Timmy
Me too
Be a better cat my furiend 
Remember that too much is bad fur you
Raght Timmerz. Watch-it when ya underz da fluence

Later that day

Love you little Nanner yes I do.

Timmy Tomcat - under the fluence, again 
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock its TockTober!

Welcome friends to that special day on the Cat Blogosphere
when cats get down to business.
On the down side where business is done!

Too funny Miss Fitz

I want to give a fast last check on my Tiny Tabby Tocks
I have been working out those sitting muscles

Looking good Miss Fitz

No more total back end shots fur this gal. I have the shape
You sure do Miss Fitz Mee-Oww!

My dearest Tabby Sweetheart what Nice Tight Tiny Tocks
Mee-Wow they are strong and shapely

I admit that I have not worked out at all. 
No need my Panfur cutie! You are HOT!
Lets cuddle my Big Hot Kitten!

Mrowr, Purrr, Mrrrr...

Oh so mushy, Ugh!
Rumpy they are a cute couple and its nice to see
them enjoying each other

I say again: Ugh, Ughy Ugh Ugh!
Now these are a nice sight

You do have some fine Tocks my friend
Check out these Floofy Tocks! My gal Shoko loves them!

Looking good Grasshopper! Nice my furiend

We will close our Back End Pawty with the 
cat of the day: Derby!
Way to go dear Angel Friend

Youz done knockin it outz da staadum, agin
Thanks fur another fun filled TockTober
We love you of the big caboose
Yes! You are the cat getting our Man-Cats showing what they got
Right Fitz. We Man Cats need to keep the workouts going
Keep those Tocks Ticking MOL!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons