Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tubular Tomcat

What Dad?
I got you a nice fresh tube

Mine! All Mine!

It's too much Dad. I can't handle it
Yes you can Rumpy

Well, if you think so I will try again

Ease into it Rumpy
Gotcha. First one paw and then...

Ahh Tubular Bliss

Oh Tube-O-Mine you make me shine

I am in the land of Tubular Bliss
The roundness is seeping into my fur

After that I know I am simply Gawjus!
Check me out!

You sure are Rumpy Bump, you sure are

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots is Tubular
Dad is an Enabler

Monday, July 25, 2016

Buddy Budds Goin Fishin

If ya see mah Selfie Post ah waz Happy/Sad. Today ah wanna be totalee happee reelaxin so Buddy Budd went...


Hoo Cat that sum gud gud bloo bait

Yessir smellin lak NIP!

Let dat whiffie sink inta da deep bloo, da deep bloo uf mah brainey brain

Yessir it making me wild n friskie

Gotta git it! Gotta git it gud gud gud

Yup Yup ah gotz it gud now! Got me a night of fresh
nippy fish, Yessir

Buddy you are an odd fish... Ow did I just meow that...
Yup Yup ya did Einsteiner. MOL. Ah feeling dat Nip:
All night long... All night long... All night... All night...

Hey, Einie, ya think dat culd be a songz? Kinda Cat-chy
Nah, hoomans would never get it. They are too slow.
Yeah, yer righty right. OK Doke

Buddy Budd

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Buddy's Happy/Sad Selfie

Befor ah git on ta mah selfie ah wanta send a Big Buddy Budd
Contratulations to Mau of The Cat on My Head and Allie of Friends Furever on their Marriage yesterday at Cat Scouts!
You both speshul friendz of da fambly. Love Ya!

Ah hope maybe some day da Buddy Budd can marry his gal Kali.

Wit dat greatness makin me feel gud gud gud ah can meow bout sumpting dat make Buddy Budd sad. See da Catster is gonna go bye bye. We started learnin bout all da wonderfur kittys on da interwebs from dere. We had so much fun fur years. Think we joined up in 2010. So sad.

So we be savin our pages and some speshul photos.
It a lotta werk and it make a tear in yer eyes too

See ah belong to da Russian Blues Lounge. We love love loved da
Lounge. It waz such fun. 
Ah come across a very very speshul photoz dat make mah
heart fulla love for mah blue pals.
Here ah show ya...

This was mah entry in da Summer Photo Contest
Buddy Budd WON!
Ah waz over da Moon!

Ah had such gud gud gud frenz dat ah love love loved an det love me back! Ah hope ta see ya all here and dere. Sorry but ah crying an sad in mah selfie

Hope ta see ya mah dearest frends from
The Russian Blues Lounge on Catster

Buddy Budd

Friday, July 22, 2016

Caught in the Act

Hoo-Cat whut dis? Mousie yoo goin in Buddy Budd's noms!
But Buddy I...

No butz bout-itz. Ah catchin yer gray paw an all
Let me ex... Urk

Buddy that's a long fall!
Maybee. Yoo shudda thunk diffurent Mousie

Alrightee ah fling ya insteadz
Whoa... Whoa... Whoa... 
Getting dizzyfied

Whew, let me explain Buddy
Whut splainin? Yoo in mah nommies Mousie

Psst, psst
No, ya doan't meanin he...

whisper, whisper

Ah shudda knowed
Are we good Buddy
Yeppers Mousie

Here comin da Master-of-da-mind nowz
Ah knowin it all Einsteiner... sendin a Mousie to
do a Cats nom 
stealin. Shameful on ya.
I was feeling a bit peckish

Buddy Budd