Friday, October 24, 2014

Wonderful Waves

We want to that evfurry kitty, and human too, who came to our Got-Cha day Commentathon to benefit Kitty Cottage. We ended up with 35 green papers that Dad rounded up to 75. I have no idea where he went to math class. MOL He went to their fundraiser last weekend with his friends and got us some neat stuff. So I...
Timmy Tell them about the visitors
Oh Fitz lets just talk about the neat stuff Dad bought and....
Alright, I will! 

Dads friend came over so they could all ride together and
Timmy ran UTC.
I get nervous... Where were you? UTB like always!
But there is no photographic proof! Hah!

Give me a break will you Fitz!
OK Timmy. Take it away Einstein
We got some really nice goodies!

I went right for the Wild Wave Thingie! 
It;s an S Scratcher.

The Wild Wave THINGIE... has a dangle!

I like the basket

Smells like Nip!
*Wiggle Wiggle LEAP*

You were right Fitz. Zip he went right back UTC
Told you, Good move

What happened?

Timmy Never a Dull Moment Tomcat

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Et Tu Kitte

What will I do since Rumpy outed me having a white mark.
Can I still claim to be a Halloween Cat...

Why so glum chum, the big...

truth that told...

if I may be so bold...

that no more are you the cat of old.

That was a rhetorical statement my dear.

Just sit so they can't see your belly. MOL

Thanks Fitz. Thanks loads...

Toby the henpecked tomcat

Monday, October 20, 2014

What's in a Name

What do you want to be for Halloween Buttons?
Gee Timmy, I hadn't really thought of it,
maybe a black cat...

You are a black cat Buttons!
Au contraire Toby! I am a bi-color while you are a
black cat

No! No! No! No! No!
Toby is most assuredly not a black cat!

Next time he is sleeping take a look at his belly.
He has a big white chevron there.
Really Rumpy...
Toby do you?
I, I, I, oh alright, yes, I have a little white mark there.
Ver tiny. You can hardly see it.

Looks like your Halloween Cred is shot big fella.
Better keep one eye open while you sleep Rumpy
you big white, white whatchamacallit!

Hey I like that! Thanks fur the great Halloween idea!
Yeah that's good,..
A good idea fur-sure...
Yep, great...
Oh good grief!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots sends a Boo to You

Friday, October 17, 2014

Curiosity what the Cat?

Buddy what are you doing
Nuttin Rumpyz

Buddy what are you doing?
Nuttin Fitzer



Hey Buddy what up?
Nuttin Rump

There you go again Buddy. Something planned?
Nuttin plannered Fitz

He changed direction. What is he doing?
He is up to something but what?He did this twice so far this week.And last week too, what is up?



Gonna take-a nap

Curiosity is killing dem cats and Satisfaction is bringing me back to do it again, and again. MOL

Buddy Budd 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Trip to Niagara Falls

Hey furends, we are heading to Niagara Falls for the Blog-O-Sphere trip fur 2014. 

We will also be heading over to meet up with our Tabby Cat Club furends. Thanks to GracieSammy and Raz for hosting.
Now lets go.

Einstein, Buttons, Buddy, Rumpy, Toby hold it
Very nice photo, thanks

Pretty nice up here Miss Fitz. What a view!
Sure is Timmy. Pssst, let's get Rumpy to ride a barrel
over the falls.

That may be dangerous Fitz
My thoughts exactly

Gee fellows you know back in the day cats would ride over the fallis in a barrel.
No way ah wouldin be doing dat fur sure
Well Buddy, I don't think you would fit in the barrel. They were lean mean nimble Man-cats like, umm, Rumpy.
Really. You think I'm lean, mean and nimble Miss Fitz?
Sure do Rumpy. Well my, my, look here. Someone has left a barrel to ride over the falls. Why don't you...
Hold on I don't think...
Oh Sorry I didn't know you were afraid!
Me, afraid, never, let me in there... gulp...
Buddy help me roll this over to the water
Sure thing Miss Fitz. Mah Pleasure. See ya Rumperz!

*Buddy gives a BIG Push*
Oh Meow it's a long way

Hey Lookit Rumperz!
That is one big fall over a waterfall
Will he make it?
Any cats guess I suppose. Timmy can I have his treats?

Aww Timmy...

Do you see him Fitz
Not yet Timmy. Oh well. Long day.
Lets head home.

Help! Help!
There he is!
What was that Fitz?
Oh goodie. We found him

I got a nice set of glasses to put our Nip in.
Nice Toby
Thanks Buttons

I got Dad a fridgie magnet
Cool Einstein pal. Ya knowed ah never thinkin that you
be da good kittah and some other cat be da funny one on dis trip.

I was glad Rumpy didn't drown.
Well... MOL Me too, a little anymeow

What an adventure. Make sure you stop by the Tabby Cat Club for some more fun!
Now for a report on our Big Weekend Commentathon and Got-Cha Day post. There were 71 comments for 35.5 Green Papers that Dad will round up to 50.
Dad went by Kitty Cottage this past weekend to drop off some wet food and say hello. He told them what were were doing and they were really grateful.
Thanks so much for helping us help others

Miss Fitz

Monday, October 13, 2014

If you love something...

Miss Fitz we are all heading to Niagara Falls on Wednesday so do you want to renew our...
Our what Toby?

Cable? Dad does that.

Better Homes and Catnip Patches?

Wine Snobbery Today?

Todays Num-Nums?
That's actually a good one.

Cosmo Cat?

Tricking Field & Stream Doods?
Sporting Cat Illustrated?
National Feral?
Fast Cat Company?
Time of the Feline?
Forbes on Treats?

She makes it so difficult to be romantic.

I think that saying should be: If you love something let it go... before it turns around and bites your bum!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who Clicks a Selfie

We join in the Cat on My Head's Blog Hop

Einstein its you day for a selfie... Einstein...
Lemme alone, sleepy

Dad... what should I do?
Einstein is such a slacker sometimes

Well Toby, maybe you can jump in to cover for him
Oh, alright. Give me the flashy box

Camera on, check. Timer set, check.
Oh meow my that is not my handsome face.

Let me try again.
Ahh. That's better. Quite the House Panfur aren't I Dad.
You sure are Toby. Quite the Man-Cat

Thanks furends. I really do brighten your day with my handsomeness don't I.
Miss Fitz: Oh Good Grief

Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)