Friday, July 31, 2015

Rumpy's Catch of the Day

Come here little fishie of mine

You and me are going to have a lot of fun

I will take a great big whiffie!

Then we have a little bitey

Yes fishie, you and me will have a long happy relationship.
Together we will have many exciting adventures and...

Dad said to share the fishie Rumpy

Tear my heart out you, you homewrecker!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fitz's Tail Tales

I see you there!

Are you following me?

Better watch it, Tail!

You dare follow me here? I will get you, Tail!

Your excuses won't help you now, Tail!

In fact I am going too...

Excuse you! This is a private discussion between furends!

Fitz's Tail

Monday, July 27, 2015

Buddy Helps with the Chores

So dere ah waz. Chillin, relaxa-cat-in, doin dat honerific cat paztime, Nappin, when all of a suddenly like...

Dad, ah waz relaxa-cat-in an Nappin! Why youz put
da scrachin poster over me'z?

Sorry Buddy. Have to clean the rugs and I didn't want to bother

Dat no scuse! Ah laser ya fur dat!
Arrgh! Ya got me!

Ya can't escaping by walking awayz!
Can you lower the wattage a little so my t-shirt
doesn't get holes in it?

Aww... alrigty Dad. Gimme a treat will ya?
You know I will Buddy! Are we still pals?
Sure ting. Ah loves ya Dad, you knowing dat I glad ta helps.
Thanks Buddy

Buddy Budd

Friday, July 24, 2015

Visiting Cat Scouts Felix and Maggie

The Cat Scouts are traveling around the country visiting each other as Flat Cats. The furst leg of my and Einstein's trip is to visit our pals Felix and Maggie.
What a trip Timmy. Are you feeling better yet? I know those mail chutes and zooming around the postal service really got you dizzy.
I am still a bit woozy but we are having the time of our lives
You bet!

Here we are being greeted by Maggie on the left.
That is Felix on the right. Two very gracious hosts.

Maggie went to show us around and I got dizzy again.
Down you went, MOL.

Felix came over to give my ear a nibble while Timmy
took a little rest.

Before you know it I was ready for action. We played with
Felix and then he had a great suggestion.

You have that right Timmy. Nothing like a good nap
no matter where you are.

After our nap Maggie wanted to play.

We had to hurry to keep up. That Scout has energy.

What a wild kitty

What will tomorrow bring Einstein?
I don't know Timmy but what I do know is, it will be fun

Timmy Tomcat