Monday, September 22, 2014

Do You Still Care?

Play, play I love to pla... what? K Kitty what are
you doing here?
Kliban Kitty: Oh, Hi Timmy

What are you doing? I thought, I thought we had something?Kliban Kitty: We did, but *sniff* lately it seems youjust don't care... *sniffle*

I am soooo sorry!Kliban Kitty: Really *sniff*
Really. I have just been busy. I'm sorry.

Let me give you a nice hug...

and a lick

I will pay more attention from now on. Feel better?Kliban Kitty: Yes I do Timmy. I am your K Kitty!

Kliban Kitty: Can we just lay here for a while?
Of course K Kitty I am your cat

Do you find relationships to be a lot of work?

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, September 19, 2014

Arrr tis Da Pirates of the High Seas the Tomcat Swabbies

Arrr... Timmy the Scourge Tomcat here with mate Fatal Fitz.
Yarr... We just boarded the nasty vessel of the Scurvy Mouse of the Seas Mickey Rodent.

I have built up a mighty thirst fur Nip Grog Fatal Fitz
Ay Captain Tim, let us open the scuppers and sink this
derelict ship now that Mickey is no more

How shall we ever find our way back to our ship now that the light has gone captain?
Fear not Fatal Fitz. First mate Buddy Barnacle Budd has stolen a strange and wondrous new contraption to carry us back to our ship The Excitable Boy!

Err, I mean Arrr Mate Barnacle Budd come and pick your captain and furst mate Fatal Fitz up!
Yeah ya Scalla wag! Hizzz tiz Fitzzz!
GOTCHA Boidy! Comin Cap'n, comin Fatal!

The Tomcat Crew is ready to board any lowly lubbers
ship unlucky enough to sail into our path. 

Up the Crows Nest Ragged Rumpy to spot the enemy!

Yoo better gettin Buddy his Treats or yer head be off!
Tell Cap'n  Tim Barnacle Bud!

Should we fire? Or am I fired?

NO! No! Nope! Later!
Never! In a bit!
Aw... come on cats... I'll be good!

We will let you down soon Ragged Rumpy. Now keep a lookout fur our fellow Bloggin Pals ships on the horizon.

See Timmy the Scourge Tomcat and Fatal Fitz at the Tabby Cat Club
The Tomcat Swabbies wish ye all a fine Day of Talkin Like Pirates

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's What Counts Big Buddy Budd

Let Big Buddy Budd tell ya. Diz place wood be fallin ta bits widdout mah helpin. Why juz da udder dayz...

Wunderin whut ta eetz? Nuttin!
Why lookee here, lauderin. 

Betcha Dad wood luv a helper cat ta puttit awayz.
Lemmee go an checker it outz in da beddy bye roomz

Alrighty. Blankies dere, pantz dere, shirtz in dat place...
Hoo Cat datz a whole lotta workin da pawz, fur-sure

Hi Buddy what are you doing?
Nuttin ta etz! 
Wanna beddy bye Einsteinz?

Well... It da thinkin dat countz, rightz

Big Helper
Big Buddy Budd

Monday, September 15, 2014

Einstein Cat Scout Bugler

Hi evfurry one. As most of you know I went from Kit Scout to full fledged Cat Scout just last week on my furst birthday. I am so excited. 
A Cat Scout bugler blasts out Reveille to wake sleepy campers along with Taps at bedtime and Assembly to gather evfurry one. 
The best part is that during the awards ceremony after our last Quest the Cat Scout high council awarded me my very own Bugle fur doing such a fine job.

I had been waiting fur my bugle to arrive and finally I
saw Dad bring it in with the mail 

Dad helped me unwrap my bugle

I couldn't believe my eyes when we unwrapped it

Furst I gave it a really good sniff.
My buddy Rumpy was really excited too

Dad held it up fur me and I was ready...

Then I got set and...

BLEW Assembly to get the family together to
see my bugle!
The results were not what I expected. The family took off into the bedroom and under the couch. MOL. I think it was a bit too loud for the furst time they heard it.

Mr Bugle got The Bitey so he knows to keep it a bit
softer next time.

Me and Mr Bugle are going to have lots of fun adventures at Cat Scouts. You should think of joining in on the fun if you don't already belong. A big Carnival and Jamboree are coming up

Proud Cat Scout

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Selfie Sunday with Einstein

So my good Cat Scout pal Mauricio of The Cat on my Head told me about his families Selfie Sunday and I want to join in.

Dad... Dad... Oh hi Dad. Can you set the camera up fur me. 
Dad: What fur... I mean what for?
Mauricio is having a Selfie Sunday and I need to take my own photo.
Dad: Here, now let me show you how...
I got it Dad. I got it. Geez you are always hovering.
Dad: Well... alright.

Simple I just... Um that didn't work. I know... no that didn't work either. How in heck... Try this. Maybe this. Or this. Maybe that. No maybe this. Darn... Well if I... no! Darn! If I? Maybe... No... If... Argh... I better nap on it

Much later Dad comes in and...

Huh? What? Did you hear something? I DID IT! DAD! DAD!
Dad: Very nice little fellow. Very nice indeed.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Cat Burglar Part II

Cat Alert! Cat Alert!
Noms on the Table, Noms on the Table!
Cat Alert!

What Rumpy? Where?
Cat Alert! Noms on the Table!
Here I come!

Cat Alert!
Where Rumpers?

Right there Buddy you big Galoot!

False Alarminz! It just a muffiner.
Cancelz da Cat Alertz! 
Cancelz Cat Alertz!

Aw Rumpy you got me up from a good nap.
Dat Rumperz he done do dat, dat razzum frazzum no good...

Well... you have to be sure you know

*A shore time later*

Dad: Hey! Where is my muffin?
Don't lookin at Buddy Budd
Me neither. The Cat Alarm was cancelled
Not me. I went back to my nap

What is all this then?

Oh good grief. 
psst... Dad... maybe look for a Cat Burglar
Whats that Rumpy? Oh right...
BUTTONS, come here this instant!

But Dad, its not sticky!
Whispers:Tattle-Cat! Rumpy is a Tattle-Cat!

*Dad rubs Buttons belly*
Who's my little Cat Burglar
Me Dad. That's Me!

Do you have a Cat Burglar at you house?

And of course I have a bit to say in Dads Corner
Happy Friday


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cat Burglar Part I

Timmy, have you seen my lolly pop?
No Dad
I left it right here when I emptied my pockets
No cat would take a lolly pop.
Well... Hey look, the wrapper! Evidence! Now who... BUTTONS, what is all this then?

Nothing Dad... Nope... Nothing

I see it
Nope, I got nothing

*Buttons runs off the bed*

Hey! Buttons! Come back here!
Hee Hee Hee

Nom Nom Nom Nom
Give me that!
Aww Dad

Whats going on?
I have a lolly pop
Where? I don't see anything
*Rumpy gets up with the lolly pop stuck on his fur*
*Dad peels the lolly pop off of Rumpy*
See! Nothing but trouble with sticky candy and cat fur!

Let me round file this
Aww Dad... 

Buttons its for you own good
Really... I think...
*Dad gives Buttons the look*
Alright, shucks...

Check out the Tabby Cat Club where Miss Fitz and Timmy go to the Sock Hop hosted by Sammy, Gracie and Raz!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Today is a really big post. Einstein's Furst Birthday!
Yesterday was the Cat Scouts Birthday Pawty for Scouts who have Birthdays in September. This months theme was Cowboys and
was great fun..

Einstein, Mau of The Cat on My Head and Oliver
Hughes of Four Crazy Cats were ready to Pawty!

Einstein got some nice cards and we all had loads of fun.

From my good furend Dezi of Deziz World

Me and Oliver Hughes are now no longer kits but
Full Fledged Cat Scouts Wheee

From my pal Mau from The Cat on My Head

This was from Scout Allie of Friends FurEver

Cat Scout Andy sent this one

Scout Tubby set up a shooting gallery.
Einstein is a good shot.

From One Spoiled Cat, Sammy

From Anya and Gracie of Goodness Gracie

We made a card for our friends

Einstein went to wrong corral to get his ride. We
still have a lot to teach that cat.

There were some really great cowboy outfits!

Andy and Dezi of Dezi's World

One Spoiled Cat Sammy

Raz of Friends FurEver was wanted

So was Tubby

Dezi was just so cute

Gracie made a super delicious cake

A wonderfur card from Wally of The Island Cats
He is the leader of Wally's Warriors and a great mentor

Are these Catnip money bags just the best!
Thanks Gracie

We had Western Pawty Favors

And of course, lots and lots of good Noms!

Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs

Endless Baked Beans

And much much more!
Of course me and Einstein had our cowboy hats. 
We kept them on for the Tomcat Home Pawty that is going on today. Come on in. You are all invited.

This is from all of us Einstein
Thanks so much evfurry one

We have a great. Lets all sing and then cut some slices

Plenty of Noms. Get a plate

Einstein is now of Age so there are Catweisers

Line up for Bacon Burgers
Thanks so much Timmy, Buddy, Toby, Rumpy, Buttons, Fitz
and of course Dad. If you did not agree to help a sick kitten
I would not be here. Mmmm... Bacon Burgers

Dad: I remember little buddy. Lets look at your 
baby album!
Oh Dad... do we have to...

Thanks for coming to Einstein;s pawty evfurry kitty! Hope you had a good time

Timmy Tomcat