Friday, April 29, 2016

What, Me Worry

Is he deaf?
I don't know but he sure isn't worried
I would be outta there 
Me too Einstein

When ya been round long az me dat vac-uum thingie
mean nuttin. Ah gotta nap ah gotta finisher

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Toby's Big G Day

Dad I really need a good fuss
Sure Toby. How about a nice head scritch

Oh yes!


Some of you may know that today is my special day
A brief 8 years ago I chose Dad as my human

I was living at Kitty Cottage. Pretty nice but I wanted my own home. I saw this fellow and just knew. A small poke of my 
paw and I had him hooked.

Who could resist these handsome green eyes.
Alright enough with the reminiscence.
I have work to do

Look deeply into my Green Eyes!
You are getting sleepy and you will listen to Toby!
Send me Nip and Treats!
Hurry Now!

Toby Tomcat
Our Readers

Monday, April 25, 2016

You Wanna What?

Hey Timmerz! Let's have sum fun! Yessir!
Buddy I was resting

Aw so whut... Lez play!
Buddy, you can be annoying

Where ya goin?
I want to rest, geez a cat can't get any peace around here

Got mah restin spot back
Da pesky cat moovz werkin every time MOL

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd

Friday, April 22, 2016

Scary Hairy Floof

The Evil Bag has taken another cat leaving only his
wonderful Floofy Tailio!

Oops, you were supposed to meow horribly and run away.

I think I better write Stephen King about how to set up
a scary scene