Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

We take today along with so many of our blogging friends to honor those of our family who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Ming the Malevolent was named after the character from Flash Gordon. She was Dads first heart kitty and simply appeared at his parents home when he was 16. She did not bear fools
and would bite deeply on a whim. She caused conflict with the ladies in Dad's life always demanding to be number one. 
She went missing in 81. Two years later Dad saw her in the back yard, snuck up and scruffed her. She screamed murder until he brought her inside and sat her on the floor. She looked around, looked up at Dad and said "Mrrrooowwrr" asking for a snack like she had never left. She never wanted to go outside after that and there were many happy years after. We know you are just waiting for us so you can bring us your special catches dear girl.

Pee Girl was Dads next heart kitty. She loved siting  on Dad when he was home relaxing or laying on him while he slept. She loved having babies (before we all knew better) and was not happy without kit. 

She would follow Dad around and he would have to keep his hand in the box as she delivered or she would hop after him kitten half out. 

This is Inky who was from her last litter due to medical problems. She treated him like her little one till the day she passed and he felt the same. See you on that day we all return Sweet Pee Girl 
RB 11/99

Big Head Stinker was Dads Finance's cat. He was not neutered until 10 years old and it took Dad saying how he would then stop spraying. He would patrol the around the property every two hours like a full time job. 

If Stinker would see an introoder of any sort he would start walking towards them. He would pick up speed walk, fast walk, trot and by the time he hit run there interloper would be gone. He would then saunter back for a rub of his big head.

He sat in Dads lap every night with his eighteen pounds pressing heavily if he walked the wrong way. Dad loved that fellow.  
He passed in Dads arms the day before the 4th of July, 2006

Amber was Dad's Mom and sisters cat. She lived outside and would meet Dad every time he came home to the top apartment that was built onto Moms home. 

She was a happy kitty with a great smile. She loved a pet and would purr like three cats. Amber would shed like crazy and just rubbing on your leg would let loose clouds of fur. Dad took her inside and cared for her during her last months. That was a great reward RB 06/07

Coco was Dad's mothers cat. He was an outside/inside kitty of his own design. He would sneak out the back, come around the front and ask to be let back in.

After Dad's Mom passed Coco moved inside with Dad and had great fun playing with Timmy Toby and Inky. Love you buddy.
RB 7/09

Inky, Inky Dink, Inky was with Dad for 22 wonderful years. We called him the self-petting cat as he would run up close and when you reached to pet him he would rub against something like crazy right out of reach. 

Inky drank water like anything but never ate much and was a lean kitty. He was around so long it we kept looking for him after he passed.

Timmy and Toby and Dad kept a vigil with Inky and he passed quietly. We love you little guy RB 12/07

Thanks for taking the time to meet our Angels. They are forever loved. They all visit us in our dreams to help us be better cats and deal with life issues. Purrs from us all!

Dad, Timmy and Family 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Trouble with Nanners

Timmy has been practicing Fur-tive Fun.
If I move very slowly maybe he won't notice.

Come here Nanner Nanner.
We have a date

So fur so good...
easy now...

*Nibble Whiffie Nibble*
Ahhh, that is one fine Nanner

Hey! Are you wanting my Nanner?
Darn, Timmy was right about having
Fur-tive Fun

Toby Tomcat
Mr Nanner Nanner

Monday, August 24, 2015

Furtive Fun

You may wonder what I have here.

My Nanner

I love to play Nanner Nanner

Take a wash break, then play some more

But with 7 of us it has to be furtive fun or there may
be an unwanted visitor

Ah hearin dat!

Buddy Budd
Timmy Tomcat

Friday, August 21, 2015

Trooder Alert


What is all this then Einstein?
Timmy what is that lad up to now?
I have no idea Rumpy 

How DARE you! *GRAB*
Einstein what is going on?
Gotmmfl... snembgrl... 

Troodrrll... nnn... hsssff...

Oh I see, Trooder Alert!
Well done my Grasshopper!

You stay there Trooder until I show you to Dad
Then, if he says I can, I may let you play some more

I don't think you have to worry about him going anywhere
Einstein. You Deeded him.

Dad I protected the house from a Trooder
Sure did my little buddy.
He's no fun now so can I have a treat
Coming right up

Timmy, why do Trooders come in to look around when they must know we are here?
Bad parenting Buttons, MOL