Monday, October 5, 2015

Witty what?

What are you up to Rumpy?
Oh, just deciding what mischief to get into next.
Aha! Got it! I will be the Great Wildcat Hunting his Mousie Prey!

Looks like you have been tagged as Mousie Toby.
Oh-Meow I better get going. See you later E

I see you sneaking up on me Rumpy
No you don't. Please look the other way Mousie.

Ready fur not here I come and I am Gonna Git-Cha!

Hey you were supposed to stay put.

Over here great hunter.
You are lucky treats do not have little legs.

Ouchie! Since when did prey become witty


Friday, October 2, 2015

Can you Canoe... or is that Cigar?

Our Flat Guests have gone out with Dad for a day trip so I get my Canoe and Nip Cigar Back


Alright... The Winnie's Wish Heart too!
I am gonna bust loose some fun!

Whoops... darn...

Hey Einstein could you hand me the cigar purrlease?
I really got excited and kicked it out and...

*Sigh* Alright... sure...

Thanks but what is the matter Einstein?
Oh... nothing I guess.

No tell me, really I can help.

Can we talk under the table Timmy. It's private.
Sure thing come on lets go little fellow

Whee I got the Canoe and Yeowww Cigar!

Why you sneaky little... 
All's fair in Canoes and Nip Cigars Timmy! Wheee!
You have that right Einstein. And, a cigar is never just a cigar when it's a Nip Cigar! MOL

Our pal Merlin turns 21 today. 
Visit his pawty and giveaway HERE!

Timmy Tomcat

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We have Flat Cat Guests! Wheeee!

It is so exciting to have our Cat Scout friends come to visit!
You bet Einstein Christy Paws, Ali, and Dezi just arrived. We welcomed them and don't you know Buddy Budd took them right out for some fun.

Hello Christy, Ali, Dezi. I hope your trip went well.

Safe and sound at our house.

Hello evfurry kitty

Buddy ran right down to be a part of the fun.

I was watching him but he snuck a whisker kiss to each of our lady cat guests. They all love big Buddy Budd.

As Buddy was the only one of us who was flat he could take the ladies out for a treat. He snuck them some Triple Chocolate Cheesecake that Dad brought home.

Then he showed them the start of our beautiful PA fall colors. They are a bit early this year.

He showed them the huge tree that was growing next to our car port. Dad just had 4 big trees taken down. 

Then it was time for hide and seek in the bush. Can you see how many kitties are hiding?

I can't wait to see what happens next Timmy!
Me either Einstein. If you do not belong you should visit Cat Scouts and join up. There are lots of fun things to do 

Timmy Tomcat

Monday, September 28, 2015

Who Gets What When

Ya knowz ah aints no complainerz but some cat be gettin too much gettin!

Buddy, Mr Buttons had a tough time with those painful toothies.
He needs our support to feel back in the swing of things.
Well... dat k wit Buddy Budd az long az it not too, too, ya knowz

Thanks for a nice peice of Chick-Hen and pets Dad.

I am going to play this fur all its worth, Hee, Hee...

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Mr Buttons