Friday, November 15, 2013

Timmy's Cardwood Derby Entry

Hi Furends:

Well here we are on the day of the Cardwood Derby. If you want to see the build process that is here. I will let my team captain Rumpy Bump Stumpnots introduce the car.

Thanks Timmy. I went over evfurry thing to
make sure the car was ready.

Then there was the release to the motoring press.

As a new team we expect a lot of work ahead.
As you can see we are ready.

I will be available after this show to talk to
prospective sponsors. As you can see there is
room for your brand on this modern car.
Once Rumpy was done lining up the sponsors and getting their decals on the car it was up to me, the driver. I was nervous as that Mouse I caught!

Let me get my seat belt on
Cat Scouts always wear Seatbelts!

As you  can see the car fits me purrfectly

You  can see our Worldwide Wildcats logo
right here and on the back wheels!

I really cut a dashing figure!

I feel the pull of the starting line

Drop the flag already!

I want all my furends to come out and cheer me on by voting for me and my car. This is going to be a close race so every vote will count. Thanks fur your suppurrt!

Please send my furend Brain Purrs. He had a little relapse.

Cat Scout Cardwood Derby Racer 
Timmy Tomcat


  1. You'll win...we see you're running on Good Nip tires!

  2. We would love to vote for you, but do not know how. We are purrrrrrrrring for your success. You have to win, after all you had a renowned physics professor to help you.

  3. You look really cool in your racecar , Timmy !

  4. Wow Timmy, your car is TOTALLY PAWESOME dude!!!! I've got to see whether my peeps have done anything about mine yet ????

  5. Your car is absolutely pawsomeness personified. Mom promises to help me finish mine today. I am hoping for the best. Your pal, Mau

  6. Your car is absolutely pawsomeness personified. Mom promises to help me finish mine today. I am hoping for the best. Your pal, Mau

  7. My goodness, that is so impressive!!!

  8. Oh boy oh boy we can't wait for the races!

  9. Timmy, your car ROCKS! We love, love, love it!

  10. doodz & Fitz...ya bee speedin past uz sew fast we dinna see de openin act ore who singed de anthem !!! best fishes two ewe...yur car iz rockin....make sure at de pit stop ya gas up, change tirez, use de box N grab a snax sew ya due knot hafta stop again !!! heerz two a grate week oh end :)!! we bee lookin forwerd ta de race ~~~~

  11. Timmy, your car looks really fast! This is gonna be a great race!!

  12. You have done a good job with your car. It must be a winner because good nip makes everything go better.

  13. Timmy, that car is so COOL and you're already the winner for us. We hopped over to the Cardwood Derby, but didn't saw were we had to vote. Will now hop over to Brain Purrs to bring some healing Pawkisses. Pawkiss :)

  14. Timmy thats one cool car dude!! and i see E has been ept well out of reach of the pitstop area :) good luck!!!! hugs Fozziemum xx

  15. Timmy I do believe that car of yours looks sleek and powerful enough to come in #1 for the Worldwide Wildcats!! Mom and Dad are still trying to get me to go INTO my car.....but I hope to be on the starting line too. See you there!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  16. Timmy, your car looks pawsome! So mighty proud to be on the wildcats troop.


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