Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buddy Bud Speaks

Hey yo all youz catz.
Buddy tellin ya I so healthy and Snazzy lookin ah gotz da fur wit a thousand Shades of Grayz. 

Lookin Good N Gray

Why youz askz?Buddy-Bud tell ya.
We all got blinder sider by Pops. He just snagus all and inta them carreer things we'z went.

Den we go to dat vet-nary.
So we all pretty mad like. MEOWWe all got our shotz. OUCHIE!Dey stick a thingz in mah earz. QUITIT!Dey take Buddy-Bud BLOOD! OUCHIE OUCHIEWhew den we goez home.

So we all unlax and chillin.Pops tellus whut up
Buddy-Bud iz Tirteenz PounderzAn mah sugarz purfectPops say he checkin it makin sure ah healthy healthy SeniorThere ah say it Senior


So lemme tell ya all youz hot Queens out dere!Seniors specially!Buddy Bud Shiney Healthy Furz wit Thousand Shade Gray!Lookin GOOOODDDD!

YessirThanks Pops fur everting!
Buddy Bud Senior Slim N Fit Tomcat!


da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...ewe knead sum trout ta beef up sum ...13 poundz !!!???? we iz thinkin 33 wood look pretty good...33 pounds oh trout that iz !! meowloz ta yur crew !!!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We hope you got some treats or a live mousie or two to chase around after that.

If nothing else, dump a hairball in your Pops slippers, or maybe on his pillow.