Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Days, Food Info and Plain Old Cat Fun

Well I hope youz all been keeping cool cauz...  Let me meow to ya! It is hot here in PA. 90's all week so far. Hsssss.  

Then there was that big boomer storm yester-after and it was still hot. Let me tell you cats; having to keep the Boyz in line with everycat being cranky with the heat, MEOWRRRRR. Like Herding Cats I tell ya, whats a cat to do anyhow? 
What a chore! Herding Cats!

Thanks to our little gal Fitz. Kept it from being totally out of kilter. Good to have a girls touch in the house. She has been a really nice addition with her keeping the belchin and fartin down to a low roar. You know Guyz! Terrible if there ain't a gurl-cat about! She raises her paw and has that sloe-eyed look that makes them just stop in their tracks, and, well, listen. Must be a Gurl-Cat thing.

Now Boys... BOYS! That's better.  Chill
Whats that Pops? You have something to add about making cat food. Sure sure sure...Ok ok ok... Not like you don't ever have the puter. grumble rumble...
OK Pops! You're on!


Pops here. I just wanted to add a bit of information about the cat food mix.

First: VERY IMPORTANT! If you decide to make cat food with a home grinder be very careful about bones! I put my mix through at least 2 passes with a medium and then a fine grinder plate so there are really no bone bits in my mix. BUT! Be careful when you change plates or have to open up to clear a blockage. Throw that bit of meat out! It will be full of bone bits. Check the photo!

Just Look at what came out of my grinder!

This came out when I had to clean the plate when things slowed down. There was very little meat so don't be tempted. Safe not sorry. 

So I now have made my second batch and this time I made about 8 pounds worth. Since I checked on the USDA web site for safe food storage I feel fine with freezing this for a few weeks. In fact it said that cooked you could keep chicken for 4 months. Frozen Chicken was good for a long long time and really it has to do with being attractive and tasty more than going bad. Who knew? Not me.

That said I am thinking about getting a small freezer. Chicken is going to be very cheap for about the next month as farmers cull the flocks due to rising grain costs. If I can get one for a nice price I may pick up a hundred pounds of thighs. I will then process maybe 20 pounds at a time and that will last over 2 months. Seems realistic.

I have to add a lot of water when I thaw the mix out. Maybe equal parts mix and water. I had been thawing a cup out at a time(I did one cup per freezer bag) with a cup of water. That lasted a day as I gave a morning and evening meal. After a week the guys were eating less. I switched them to half what they had been getting in the morning and then a little bigger dinner. I keep the dinner larger to encourage sleeping through the night.

This is a little less than 8 pounds. 30 days worth.

I may look into beef and fish too. My guys LOVE fish. Not real big on the beef since they like scraps when I have beef I bet they will like if if made to taste. I will keep you all infurmed. 

OK Timmy thanks buddy!


Thanks Pops!
Well we will sign off with a rendition of your old favorites sung by our very own star of the big screen Rumpy-Bump Stuuuuummmmmpnotsssss! TAKE IT AWAY RUMPY!

Thanks to Timmy our Host!

 How are ya all tonight? Yeah! Yeeeeaaahhh!

Lets hear it fur Buddy on Drums, Toby on Steel Guitar, Buttons on Organ and Fitz with backup Vocals.
A one and a two and a....

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da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz ta R pals in de grate state oh pencil vania !!!! pops haza grate dinner cooked up for sure; N speekin oh trout, we will drop sum off ta ewe round say...8:13 !!!! peace out N rock on, glad we finded your site :)