Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Toby's Wet Wednesday

I could not believe that that storm came and took my sun away yesterday afternoon. We hope all our friends are safe. Lets look at our new Raised Beds that Dad got done on Sunday.

They are 8' x 18" and made of PT with Stainless Screws so will last a long time. There is another one on the South Side. Oh look there is smug Rumpy out there like he owns the Cat Yard. Dad has Dill, Spearmint, Peppermint and cute Purple Flower in it already. Our friends at Canadian Cats told him that the mint will spread so we have separate pots coming for them.

These seedlings will be ready to transplant in a week or so. Hello Yellow, Lavender Munstead, Panorama and some Tomatos too. Dad has Milkweed and Butterfly Weed in another flat. Our Nip looks horrible and any suggestions on growing it would be appreciated. Dad just bought more seeds but from a real seed place.

Oh yes by 2pm my sun was back. Ahhhhh!

We have a special announcement too.

Our friend Guido that famous Italian Kitty from The Guido Gazette has his 14th Gotcha Day Tomorrow the 6th. We don't know if he is having a party but we wanted him to know we were thinking of him. He is really famous from the hay days of kitty blogs. And still is to our meowing!

We were first commenters on Two Spoiled Cats Tuesday Teaser along with Ingrid, Janet and Sharon. Four! Wow!

Then in an Amazing Event were were Right Guessers along with Ingrid! An amazing event that surely portends good to move forth in the world! Purrs friends

Toby Tomcat: The Handsome Fellow

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Summer said...

Wow, that was quite a storm! Catnip grows well out here in our dry climate. Maybe it is harder in a more humid one.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I am glad your sun came back. The raised bed looks good and should grow well.
I have no suggestions for the nip apart from that every late autumn I cut it right back to ground level, and the following year it would be bigger. Yes it does spread like crazy!

Me said...

Toby-you are very brave to watch that big storm up close and personal. Stay safe! We got big wind yesterday, not too much rain, and today our yard is decorated with leaves and small branches.
Thanks for letting us know about Guido's Big Day tomorrow - we were pals on the late great Catster.
Nip is in the mint family and should grow well. If it is still in its little pot, it mi get be what's called "root bound" - the roots get curled up and uncomfortable. Transplanting it to a bigger pot or the yard should take care of it if that's the problem. Hope it recovers and you get some good treats.
xoxo, Bibi & Meep

Little Binky and Granny said...

Holey CowKittiness, what a storm, thank Cat you're safe inside, Toby😸Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guyz...tell popz it bee likin full sun, de nip doez N itz gotta haz well drained soil

de bedz dad made R awesum...grate job & 984 pawz UP !!!! sounds like ther will bee lotz oh kewl plantz out ther, keep watch rumpy:)

N yes, that rain waz crazed !!

bee safe N healthee :) ♥♥

Lynn said...

Looks like Dad and Rumpy have their work cut out for them
with all the farming, Toby. Glad the rain might help
the plants and you got sun later on. Our nippy plant is
in the front flower bed by the door for quick picking.
Comes back every year in Ohio.

Brian said...

Dang, it sure was raining! Those raised beds sure look nice, your Dad done good!

Eastside Cats said...

Terrific raised beds!
What a monsoon you had; that darn storm really created a mess for some folks, I'm sorry to hear.
Our milkweed is beginning take over a whole section of the yard, but I don't care...I've planted some cup plants and other natives in the same area; they all can take over!

John Bellen said...

Except for the catnip, things seem to be progressing well - and I loved seeing Rumpy so pleased with himself in the cat-yard.

I don't know where you guys live, but is the rainstorm part of the hurricane? Good Heavens, be careful everyone. Thank goodness for a snug and warm home, eh?

hairballs and hissyfits said...

I always grow catnip for my kitties! Glad your sun came back!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That was a yucky storm!

The Island Cats said...

Toby, we hope your dad plants some catnip in those boxes. :)

Chuck Huss said...

I hope Dad's garden is successful. The rain will certainly help.

catladymac said...

Oh we know Guido ! Happy Gotcha Day to him ! He is a super kitty ! Thanks for letting us know.

Katie Isabella said...

Well Guido,Happy Gotcha Day. and Rumpy...look at YOU all real in the cat yard. Of course it's yours!

Enjoyed seeing your \Dad's work there with the beds and al f you will enjoy that as the plants begin to grow.

meowmeowmans said...

That storm was pretty crazy here, too. We love the beds Dad Pete made. We hope there will be some nip in them!

Pam and Teddy said...

The raised beds look GREAT and you guys should be able to keep a close eye on what's popping up and ready to eat. Also BIG CONGRATS on a DOUBLE WIN on the Teaser this week. WAY TO GO!!!!

Hugs, Teddy

Guido the Italian Kitty-Big Angel Now said...

Catzowey Signore Timmy & Family! Abundacat thanks for the 14th year GOTCHA GOOD WISHES. Yup, have had my same Staff all those years and cheers to more meowvalous times. Let’s pawty with some EyeTailYun scampi, salami & Purrrrrciutto balls! & Catniptinis! Grazie pal you sure surprised me today.

My Mind's Eye said...

Ohhhh what a fun post. Here in Dixie we like it when sun is covered by clouds...cools us off a few degrees for a while.
Hugs Cecilia

Gigi said...

Wow--you guys had a big day, what with storms and being first and having the right answer and all. I will share a humiliating secret: I have NEVER, not even once, been right about the teaser. That's N-E-V-E-R. I am ashamed of myself.....and the Human too. Mostly of the Human. She doesn't know *anything*! That bed looks beautiful. Hope you gets some NIP!

pilch92 said...

I love Guido. Good job on the plants. Good luck on the nip. Congrats on being so quick and clever with the Teasers! XO

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Oh, YES! Guido!! I remember him!! Happy Gotcha Day to him!

Those herbs and flowers will be great once they are established. We have catnip growing rather wild all over the yard in little areas. It takes over too...hah! Kitties can never have enough...

You know, petcretary has an addled brain...she totally forgot to post in our blog about being a firstie...and twin first rightie too. Sheesh...oh well, she'll have to add it into the next one,MOL!
And congrats to you, fellow firstie!