Monday, May 8, 2017

Horse Racing with Cat Scouts

On Caturday we went to the Kentucky Derby on a trip arranged by our Cat Scout friends Hermes and Chip. Sammy's Travel Service provided the logistics. Thanks Cats!
This is a long post and we hope you see and feel all the fun we had!
It is that Einstein. The best part was being with friends which is what Cat Scouts really embodies. 
We hope you join and have fun with us!

There was a reserved area for our charter plane.
We all wore the mandatory Interesting Hats for the Derby!

Arriving at ourz Hoteler. It waz magnificat 

We took these photos to remember the trip. Such fun.

Chip and Hermes got us this great Private Suite to watch the race

Now ah don't wanna upset da applz cart but...
Diz mah photo of da finish. Looks like cats da jockeyz

Buddy don't let that photo get out. Its a secret!
Ok-Doke-K MOL

After the race we had an elegant dinner.

Then there was dancing through the night
Those cool cats with us are Gracie, Anya and AEtheling

After a great nights sleep Sammy and Teddy provided a
delicious breakfast. Extra bacon of course

Here we are comin down da grande staircaser.
Check out Kali mah gal from Canadian Cats.
She's a beauty fur sure

After breakie we went fur a ride on da Steamboater
Bell of Louisville. Ah had ta fishin. Bringin home a big-un!

Hermes and Chip arranged a tour of the Louisville Slugger
Factory. We got little souvenir bats. Very cool.
Andy and Dezi la Belle were in our group

Gracie of Gabby Gracie and Anya were our hostesses
fur the trip home.
Thanks ladies for a relaxing flight ladies

Here we are on our return.
See you all on the next adventure

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd


  1. OH my!!! Petcretary gasped when she saw that bright green dress! She almost bought the same one, MOL, MOL!!!

    But wow, you kitties had tons of good fun on your trip and excursions to the Derby!

  2. What a BLAST we had huh? You guys and your chicks were truly enjoying the whole "Louisville Experience" and not just the Derby! Thanks so much for pawticipating and doing all that photo work - it was MUCH APPRECIATED. The new site finally came back and gave us a chance to have a BLAST in Kentucky!

    Love, Teddy and Angel Sammy

  3. Hey, how did you guys end up on the horses? I hope no one was hurt. Hang on tight!

  4. It sure was a lot of fun. And me even won da hooligan purrize. Me luvved da kitty jockey fotos. MOL Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Glad you all had a great time. You sure know how to dress for the derby, cool outfits.

  6. Looks like all you kitties had a great time! I keep meaning to sign Bear up for Cat Scouts :)

  7. What fun we had. Kali is still mewing about riding a horse. She adored seeing and snuggling with Buddy again. I loved seeing everyone from Cat Scouts but especially my mancat Einey. The horse riding was such a giggle I couldn't believe it.

    Loves and Kisses,

    Shoko and Kali

  8. Lookss like efurryone had so much fun! Wee watched thee Derby here an it was pawfull fur us...Gunnevera was 5th or 6th (sighsss) an Classic Empire went back to the barn, mew mew mew...hee was last....
    So much fur that race!!
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= an LadyMum :(


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