Friday, January 16, 2015

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Hello kitties. I am the special Angel, Angelie, that Angelo
and Angela called to help Rumpy with his asthma. I have
to admit his Dad has been really taking good care of him
with medicine but I add that little extra bit of Magic.
Just look at him now!

What do you have there Rumpy?
Fevvers! Dad brought them out fur me since I have
been full of energy. Almost like my old self.

Want to play Rumpy?
Sure do Dad, lets get some fun going on!

Cant catch it, Nyah Nyah Na Na Nyah
Oh Really! *Grab*

*Bite, Bite, Bitey*

Gonna Get-Cha Fevvers! *Stalk*

Watch out here I come *Sneak*

*Grab* Got-Cha! Ha!

*Grab, Bitey, Bitey* I have won the battle Fevvers!
Great job Rumpy. I am really impressed.

You can have the carcass Einstein
Umm, I will sniff it a bit but leave you the prize

Yes Einstein I am feeling pretty good. In fact I think there is a red dot out there that needs taming.
Super, we will go on the hunt later Rumpy. I cant wait to play with my best furend!

Thanks for all the purrs and prayers I have been seeing flow into Rumpy. Remember that Love is the best Magic of all!.



  1. I'm so glad Rumpy is feeling so much better! The power of the purr and paw DOES work!

  2. So glad Rumpy os up to some Fevver deadin! and we will send more purrs and prayers :) loves Fozziemum xx

  3. Yippee!speedy snuggles on their way,xx Speedy

  4. Wow, Rumpy, you've improved quite a bit. I like to see you full of energy. Continued good health to you!

  5. deer cod in de seaz....dood...say itz knot sew...knot burd skin..

    N large sized Eisenstein.... thatz knot a carcass....thatz a nitemares !!!!

    heerz two a pancake batfish week oh end ♥♥♥

    pee ezz...{ thanx mew angelie } ♥

  6. That is great news that you are feeling so much better Rumpy.

  7. OH you have made me SO happies wif this wonderful news. xoxox

  8. Rumpy, it's so great seeing you play and having fun!

  9. That is wonderful! I am glad you feel better. Please visit us for a chance to win a stuffed grumpy cat.

  10. We're so glad Rumpy is feeling better ! It's great seeing him playing with the feathers ! Purrs

  11. Yippee! Rumpy feels better!
    Great mews!

    Glad to see him having so much fun!
    MIAOW! Purrs and pawyers continue.

  12. How wonderful to see Rumpy playing and feeling good!!! Love is magic!

    Hugs, Sammy

  13. Rumpy looks really great! Love photos of him getting under ESS and being so playful :-)
    Thank you for your comment about shelves. We LOVE your super kitty highways. They look wonderful and kitties obviously enjoy them a lot! We want to expand our highway, too, but need to figure out how we do. We wish you a wonderful weekend!!

  14. OMC did I missed it again :( Well, we're glad you're feeling fine again :) Healing Pawkisses :) <3

  15. Weez so glad Rumpy be feelin' better. Hims looks so cute playin'. And it's such a gweat site to see. Weez'll keep on purrayin' tho' as we alwways do fur ow furiends.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  16. So glad to see Rumpy feeling better!



  17. Rumpy looks good! If she is playing...well, that's even better. When I don't feel good with one of my chronic conditions...I don't want to play at all.

    Kitty kisses,


  18. Rumpy, we are glad to hear you are feeling better!!! Fevvers help everything - and so do Angels and purrs and prayers! We are sending LOTS of purrs and prayers your way too :)

  19. Deer rumpy mee doess not know you well butt mee admiress you alot! Yur such a trooperkat fur not givin up! An look at you playin like mee doess! Pawsum!!!
    Those feeverss are luvly...(LadyMum make a note to lok fur these fur mee pleese!)
    Mee iss glad you have Angelie....mee hass Auntyss Nylablue an Mingflower. Wee are blessed trulee.
    Einstein yur so nice to not take thee feeverss frum yur Brofur! mee wood not have such self control ;)
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha

  20. So very very glad our purrs and prayers have been working their magic on our buddy Rumpy!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang


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