Monday, January 5, 2015

Downtown Kitty or Problems in Purradise

What? Oh No! TOBY! TOBY! Cab you come here purrlease.
Yes snookums. How may I be of Man-Cat service?
I was watching Downtown Kitty and something happened to the television. I can't miss a second!

Yes dearest... Hmm, what is all this then...



I predict high drama very soon Toby. MOL!
Be quiet Rumpy!

I think its this thing here Fitz honey, maybe I can press it
with my Handsome Panfur nose leather...

Nothing... maybe if I am nice. 
Please TeeVee will you fix yourself

Honestly Toby, what are you good fur

That's not fair, I am trying.
If  you loved me you would fix it!
I think he's not doing his best, he may have caused this!
Rumpy why would you say that?

Give me your treats today and I will be quiet.
That's feline blackmail. Alright.
Remember a promise is a promise Toby
Fitz, I will have it fixed in under a minute
Thank You Rumpy. Toby, we have to talk.

But... but...

Ah thinkin dat show got nuthin on dis family. 
What happened Buddy?
Drama. Dat whut .

Any high cat drama at your home?

Toby (the can't win) Tomcat


  1. I live with a tortie - NO drama here! MOL.

  2. Meezers and way...with dog-guy?? even less drama, OMC!!

    Did you chew a wire there Toby?

  3. Oh gosh we see the same High Drama at our house too! Mostly between Scouty and Johnny...those two boys are in LURVE. heh.

  4. We're pretty drama-free round here!

  5. Those TV things update at exactly the wrong time, every time! Oh yes, we have our little dramas here too. Tortry-tude is just the tip of the iceberg around here. Mostly, it's Piewhackits and Odysseus, the two litter-mate sisfurs, that put on the drama. We just mostly watch. It's great.

  6. We're usually pretty drama-free around here. Maybe because we don't watch much TV? On the rare occasion the head peep does, she has to remember which buttons to push to make the remotes work to change inputs, which is pretty funny.

  7. Yep full on drama queens everywhere here my friend...Pickles V Dinnermintz...Marbles V everyone dogs included and even sometimes sheep V me! all happenin..good luck with the TV guys :) loves Fozziemum xxx

  8. I'm sorry it didn't work out, Toby. Electronics are like that. If something can't be fixed by banging it on the side, then it's going to cause trouble.

  9. Oh dear not a good time for an update! We have very little drama here. Abby was our DRAMA Queen, now that the alpha is out of the room we all get along. Annabelle just tries to get us to play and we're all old and not into like that young whippersnapper is.

  10. No major drama goin' on at my house... today... so far. Give it a couple of hours. Drama is bound to be round the corner. It always is.


    PS. Glad you received the card! Peep #1 was very negligent in the card department, as usual. Got them out before Christmas but not in nearly enough time for them to arrive before the big day. What a peep. purrs

  11. Oh, that's furustrating! Our house power went out for a short bit last week while our dad was recording something on the TV. It wasn't all bad. We even learned some new words! Drama isn't all bad.

  12. stars girl....dont get me started as....

    doodz..dont get her started iz rite....mite knot bee drama come inn outta dai$y's mouth two day, but guaranteed ewe will be.... BORD SILLY !!!!

  13. Oh mum gets mad when that happens too, and it always seems to take longer when you are waiting.

  14. We don't do drama!! MOL Usually The Staff gives the offending electrical appliance a sharp kick! Sometimes works MOL

  15. Toby...Miss Fitz has definitely got you wrapped around her paw. Did Rumpy fix the TV or did you lose your treats for nothing? We always have drama. As you know, it is built in in multi-cat households. XOCK, Kitties Blue

  16. I think you are more of a comedy :) Phoebe is starting her own version of The Bachelorette- any of you boys interested?

  17. Boy, you all sure know how to git it goin'!!!

  18. Oh my, oh my! Poor Toby *sigh* Rumpy you really should have a little sympathy for that poor Mancat and fix that TV without making him give up his treats!

  19. We have drama here but nothing like you have!

  20. We're pretty drama-free here ! Purrs

  21. With just me, Mom and Dad, we really have little in the way of drama.....except maybe when I hork all over the house - that's rather dramatic! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

  22. Aaaaaw Dat's just not wight. Weez fink yous a winner and weez just luv yous black panfur nose ledder. But weez wunnewin' just what kind of teevee cable yous got. Weez never seen anyfin' like dat afur. Do yous hav a smawt teevee or sumfin?

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  23. Oh mee oh mye Miss Fitz you musta been beeside yurself!!! Mee an LadyMum do not miss Downtwon AbbeyKat eether an wee wood go to peecess if sumfin like thiss happened to us!
    Pleese do not bee too hard on Toby Mankat; hee iss a sweet Panfur boy an hee DID try hiss bestest! Thee purroblem iss these Tee Vee'ss have a mind of thur own...
    Wee iss hopin the Tee Vee got fixed an you got to see yur show!
    No BIG drama here....alltho we doess have over 4 FEET of snow an still fact a blizzerd....mee iss in awwwwe of thee snow an the wind blowss it all over!
    Will mee make it to meet Doc Dave tomorrow?? Mee could not go on Monday....Stay tuned !!
    Yur furend 'Purrince'Siddhartha xx
    Pee S: It hass been a hole MONTH mee hass been at Thee Purrfect Pad!!!

  24. We think you kitties have more drama than us...always something interesting going on at your house for sure!


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