Monday, October 20, 2014

What's in a Name

What do you want to be for Halloween Buttons?
Gee Timmy, I hadn't really thought of it,
maybe a black cat...

You are a black cat Buttons!
Au contraire Toby! I am a bi-color while you are a
black cat

No! No! No! No! No!
Toby is most assuredly not a black cat!

Next time he is sleeping take a look at his belly.
He has a big white chevron there.
Really Rumpy...
Toby do you?
I, I, I, oh alright, yes, I have a little white mark there.
Ver tiny. You can hardly see it.

Looks like your Halloween Cred is shot big fella.
Better keep one eye open while you sleep Rumpy
you big white, white whatchamacallit!

Hey I like that! Thanks fur the great Halloween idea!
Yeah that's good,..
A good idea fur-sure...
Yep, great...
Oh good grief!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots sends a Boo to You


  1. Let's say you're an almost totally black cat ! Purrs

  2. Maybe for Hallowe'en, you could go as each other. That would confuse the poor dad.

  3. HA! We like John Bellen's idea. Confusion should always rule on Halloween! Purrs...

  4. Hahahaha we had to laugh at John's idea!

  5. doodz & fitz....for howl o ween ewe shuld dress up like frum de broadway mewsical catz....may bee ♥ !!

  6. You all make me laugh! Hey Rumpy, maybe you can get a photo of Toby's chevron.

  7. Ditto on Bellen's comment, it's a great idea. :-)

    BTW, I saw your comment on his most recent post, about Tucker and Kola, where you mentioned that Rumpy's asthma has been acting up. (I wanted to email you, not post here, but don't think I have an addy.) Anyway, I wondered if he's being treated for it with anything--inhaler, Pred, other (you might or might not know Nicki's been on a low dose of Pred since April, his x-ray in the winter did show the halos around his airways).

    I'm particularly interested in anything homeopathic that might help (not "cure") him, and while I've tried a few products from, I've not had any success with those they market specifically for asthma and bronchial problems. (Hence the current need for Pred.)

    I'll be investigating the inhaler more seriously when Nicki goes in next month for some routine "maintenance," but the cost might be prohibitive for me.

    So I just thought I'd ask if you've had success with anything. If you'd rather not reply that's okay, I do understand. And apologies for asking here. (Can you tell I'm Canadian, with the apologizing? LOL.)

    BTW, the email is keas dot fuzzy dot tales at gmail dot com, in case you are willing and able to reply.


    Kim and the boys

  8. come on guys...DISH!! Get a snapshot of that white chevron...

  9. We love your Halloween header! You guys are so creative!

  10. Will you all be dressing up for Hall-o-ween? Unless Cat Scouts does something requiring real costumes, all of us, including Mau, are dressing virtually for Sammy's Sam-o-ween costume contest. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. Yup, we don't play much spooky stuff fur good reasons, MOL!!

    If we scared the meowmy where would all our noms come from?!

    You kitties make us giggle so much!

  12. OMC Y'all awe so funny. But bein' a black cat is a gweat idea fur a costume. Yous will blend wight in wiff da night. :) And hey dat little white spot gives yous character. Yous got nuffin' to be ashamed of yous awe all handsum mancats. Well of course except Miss Fitz hoo be bootyful. Hope yous all havin' a pawsum day. Weez purrayin' fur ya' and yous daddy.

    Luv ya'


  13. LOVIN' your Hallowe'en header!

    I still haven't decided what I'll dress up as. Better figure it out soon so that the peep can do up the pictures. These things take her a while, you see.


  14. YOU Boys!!!! Sammy's deadline is right around the corner! Marty is the Mad Hatter :)


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