Saturday, October 11, 2014

Big Weekend Commentathon and Gotcha Day Celebration II

Welcome to day two of our Grand Triple Header Commentathon & Got-Cha Celebration!
Today we celebrate that wild little scamp who evfurry one loves, Einstein. Tomorrow we will pawty with Top Cat Timmy! Mr Buttons will be you host so take it away Mr B! 

Alrighty rooney Toby. Gather around evfurry kitty and hear the true story of a kitty who was brought back from the sharp edge of the abyss with around the clock medical care and lots of love. Those or you who know his story can go get some adult cat refreshments, but, it is a good story. 

On October 8 last year Dad was at work in his office, which is in the part of our house where his sister and her doggies live, when a call came in. It was about eleven and it was someone he worked with. She said there was a kitten on her porch sick. Dad asked what happened and she said she had been feeding a few community ferals but had to stop due to a new landlord and nasty neighbors. 
After she stopped a pregnant Queen started coming to her porch meowing to be fed. She put food on the porch and after a bit of time the Queen disappeared. A couple days later she came back and it was clear she had kitted. 
His friend had looked but could not find the litter so had been keeping watch. This morning the mother brought three kittens to the porch so they could eat. She left one behind and he looked sick.
Dad asked what was going on with the kitten. His friend said he was not moving.
Dad asked "Is he stiff and cold?"
"Cold but not stiff."
"Is he alive?"
"I don't know. What should I do?"
"If you want you can bring him here. Wrap him in a towel and put him where it is warm in the car or as warm as possible."
"Thank you thank you I will be right there!"
Dad thought it was most likely dead but his friend was distraught so he figured he would give her some solace.
When she arrived Dad says the kitten was cold but alive. Dad could not leave his office so asked his friend to get a moist towel, put it in a trash bag and then pop it in the microwave. He sent his sister to get a heating pad.   
While they were doing that he had the kitten in his shirt and kept rubbing him. Dads friend brought the towel pack and it was nice and warm. Dad checked it on his wrist to make sure it was not too hot and then wrapped the kitten up in it. It was that time so he put the work computer on standby and his IM to 'At Lunch'
Dad came up the stair to our part of the house and we were curious what was going on. He made some formula and by the time he had to go back to work the kitten was awake and wobbling on his tiny feet. He was very dirty and a bit stinky but alive. They took the him down to the office in a carrier with a flip top and the heating pad in it. Dads friend thanked him and left. 
By the time work was over and Dad came up to feed us dinner the little fellow was eating a bit of formula. We were curious but not overly so and mainly watched Dad continue to feed the little fellow every hour or so. He said he was worried about kitten fading syndrome. Sometimes with a shock, and sometimes without a kitten can fade and go over the Bridge. Dad is a Nursey Man so knows his stuff and put it all to use taking care of this poor little scrap.

Here is the furst photo of kitten after he came out
of his coma. He needed a baff really bad.

After his baff he looked better and Dad kept him in the carrier overnight and he took him to work the next day and the Vet that night. We thought he was all better and Dad told us he would be going into foster in a few weeks. We were wrong.
After coming back from near death he started fading. Back to the vet and they said if he made it two weeks he would most likely be alright but not go get our hopes up. Dad knew it was up to him and watched him and kept stimulating him every hour.He would not let him sink too deep and so leave us.
By Friday he also had a bad case of diarrhea. Another trip to the vet for medicine to help with this new problem. Every time he ate it would go through him. He hated it but Dad bathed him a dozen times a day and kept him as clean as possible. His little  bum was sore and he would cry. We all felt so sad for the little guy.
After a week it was a little better. After another week he made a real solid poop. Dad was doing the happy dance over that poop and so were we. Every day he got a little better.

Here he is feeling better and all cleaned up. He loved
the wet food dad gave him.

Befur long he was up and playing...

and more playing

He met Rumpy and they were buddies right from
the start and still are best pals 

Rumpy was like a mother hen. Here he is making sure
his crate will be comfortable. After 2 weeks of around the clock
care Dad sure needed a break

There is more to the story. There always is. While caring for kitten Dad's friend captured his brofurs. They were two marmalades and were huge compared to kitten. She told Dad that before he got sick they would not let him eat any of the food she put out as he was the runt of the litter. They were a bit hissy but very cute. Dad only had them for a week before they went to an event and got adopted right away. We were happy about that.
By now Dad had decided that he was going to keep kitten but had no idea what to call him. 
Dad sent this photo to a friend at work and said he had decided
to keep him but did not know what to name him. She
replied right away, Einstein. How purrfect!
That night Dad told Einstein his new name. Rumpy was
excited as you can see. MOL

So there is a great story of a great cat. Our littlest Man-Cat has since become a great family member joining in all the fun we have. He has become a Cat Scout and is the Bugle Master for Wally's Warriors. 
We are really glad the fates brought him to our family and now lets all keep the party going. If you weren't here yesterday for Rumpy's Got-Cha party you can see it here.

This pawty is a part of a three day Commentathon. We are going to tally the comments today, yesterday and Sunday and give a half a green paper per comment up to one hundred green papers to a great rescue that we love:

This cage free adoption center is where Toby furst met Dad. They have some fun events listed for anyone in the Philadelphia burbs so take a look. 

Lets PAWTY! This is a three day time of fun with adult beverages so please spend weekend. Dad says he will stay in his room most of the time and you are free to lay on the bed as long as he has a bit of room.

Dig in evfurry kitty

Einsteins favorite beverage. Pour a glass or two

Since Einstein just turned one he wanted Champagne
Who are we to argue. The bubbles really do
tickle your nose.

Fresh Nip for the picking
Dad will help us plate the Steak and Shrimp
fur evfurry kitty

Remember to stay the night if you indulge in adult cat beverages or go a bit heavy on the nip

We hope you will visit the Yard Sale / Fundraiser for Jack from Tails from the Foster Kittens. Big Jack was very ill and he needed a lot of vet care and love to pull through. Purrs Jack and family!
Please also help support that great rescue PAWS you see over at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life by voting for them in the Vetericyn contest. Go to  view Small Animal Organizations, then view entries and search for PAWS. They are moving up and you can vote once every 24 hours. Save this as a favorite so you can vote daily. Thanks

Thanks fur coming Come back tomorrow and 
please leave a comment!

Mr Buttons
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Buddy Budd 


  1. We're loving this three-day celebration! How awesome this story is about how Einstein was gotcha'd ... it brought happy tears to our dad's eyes. :)

    Thank you for all you do for so many (including the shout out about voting for PAWS in the Vetericyn contest -- you are such thoughtful and supportive pals)!


  2. Wow! We knew that tail, too...but is was great to hear it all over again!

    Gotcha Days are SO impurrtant!

  3. Happy gotcha day, Einstein! That was some story - when Sparkle started following your blog, you were still very little and fragile looking, and you have really grown up into a very handsome kitty!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Einstein,you sure were a cute little thing,xx SPeedy

  5. What a pawsome and lovely story ! Dad Pete rocks, really ! Happy Gotcha Day, Einstein ! Purrs

  6. Einstein's story made our eyes very leaky. You have a pretty darned awesome human dad. Seriously.

    Happy Gotcha Day, Einstein. We hope you get lots of extra treats and cuddles!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Einstein. What a wonderful story. Mom had tears in her eyes as she read your story. So glad your daddie let you adopt him.

  8. Awe, poor Einstein, he looks sooooo much better now. Happy Gottcha Day to Einstein!
    From Sunny/Tea

  9. Happy gotcha day, Einstein!

    Noodle and crew

  10. What an amazing story and we are so glad for the way things turned out. Happy Gotcha Day Einstein you are one very lucky little guy!!!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day Einstein! Your story is such an inspiration to us! Your Dad is one amazing guy and we luvs him for how great of a Cat Dad he is! Now, Ralphie and I are here for some more fun since yesterday was so great! May I have some more nip? I promise not to zoom around and make a fool of myself today MOL!

  12. Aaaaaaw Einstein yous wuz such a cute little tommyboy. Happy gotcha day handsum. Weez so glad yous got wescued by such a pawsum daddy and furmily. And fanks fur invitin' us to da pawty. Da noms awe gweat and da nip devine. Yous one blest kitty dat's fur suwe.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. Happy gotcha Day Einstein! I remember your story but it is good to read it again.

  14. Einstein what a beginning to life you had! I had no idea. That was rough but dude your dad loved you from the get go. You are a special guy and our kiss said it all. Happy Birthday Einstein.


  15. Oh yea, that was quite a sorry, and you sure do deserve your happy! Happy Gotcha Day Einstein!!!

  16. What a great gotcha day story, Einstein! You cleaned up well. :) Happy Gotcha Day!

  17. Mommy cried all over again reading Einstein's story...from such humble beginnings an epic TAIL was made!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Mister E, AND Rumpy, too! We didn't know you were such a FANCY cat, Rumpy!

  18. What a wonderful Gotcha Day story. Your dad is a great catdad!

    Today is my sisfur Taylor's Gotcha Day, and yesterday was mine.


    Tigger Angel and Taylor Angel

  19. oh this just made my eyes leak.. Happy Gotcha day

  20. Happy Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  21. We remember the time Einstein came to you al so well. We were pulling for him and purring and praying that he would pull through and become a part of your family right from the beginning. It is amazing what he has become since those first days. What a handsome man-cat and incredible Scout. We are going to keep partying with y'all throughout the weekend. That is a pawsome nip plant. We thought our 2014 crop was pretty good, but it pales in comparison. TXOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. I remember when you were gotchaed Einstein buddy!! You have come a looooonnnngggg way! I think mum's gone all leaky eyed! Happy Gotcha Day fella xox

  23. What a story! Einstein, you are one lucky little fella. You have one very special Daddy. We know he feels the same about you too :) We are so glad that you pulled through and are here to celebrate with all of your furiends!!! We love you, Einstein! Happy Gotcha Day!
    P.S. Our Mom's birthday is October 8th too -- it is a great day!

  24. I overslept...still on da nip, you know from Rumpy's Pawty..but here we are. Happy Gotcha Sweet Little Einstein. What a heart touching story and what a wonderful Dad you have. Pawkisses plus one Extra for the Occasion :) <3

  25. Darn we are too late for the commentathon! But, we did want to say how much we loved the story about Einstein. It made our mom's eyes leak. We also enjoyed hearing how he got his name because it sure fits him. Andy is really happy that Einstein got to join Cat Scouts with Timmy. Both of them are sure a lot of fun and a great addition to Cat Scouts and great friends. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)


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