Thursday, March 27, 2014

Einsteins Big Weekend!

Hi Furends

Your pal Einstein here. 
Did you Vote today fur Blind Cat Rescue? The links are on the top right and instructions are in yesfurdays  post. Thank Mew

I had a grrreat weekend. I went with Timmy
on my furst outing with the Cat Scouts. 

I am a Kit Scout with a uniform
and all

I got some nice badges
fur my uniform.

I was asked to be the Buglemaster
fur Wally's Warriors

I used my lasers to help get around
the camp at night
Meow, what a fun time with some very nice cats. 
You should think about joining. You meet others who want to have fun and learn teamwork.


  1. You look pawsome in your uniform Einstein ! Concatulations on all your badges ! Purrs

  2. My my you have grown to be such a big boy now Einy :) and so proud dad must be of you and how far you have come..all the way to kit scouts! we will vote my sweet :) hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. Scout Einstein you were amazing on the Quest! Everyone was proud of you even those of us not in Wally's Warriors!! You sure have learned how to be a great little buglemaster! You're a fine little Wildcat.......

    Hugs, Sammy, Troop Leader, Wildcats (and your honorary Uncle I hope!)

  4. Looks like cat scouts are fun; you look great in your uniform. My kitties have been thinking about joining.

    --Purrs (and woofs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  5. Wow, it does look like fun. Congrats on getting those badges!

  6. That's a good uniform for you, Einstein. You'll make your family proud.

  7. dood...we did vote...N whoa....look how big ewe iz gettin ...cranbeereez dood ewe iz knot gonna fit yur uniform for two long !!!

  8. Thanks for the reminder Einstein, I voted again. You are doing very well with the scouts.

  9. Einstein, you were so much fun to have on the Quest. You were a great bugler, the fires you built were pawsome and a you were an exceptional Snipe Hunter. I felt privileged to have the opportunity to pawticipate with you. Your friend, Scout Mau

  10. Cat Scouts is so much fun! Sampson loves it too. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Einstein! And we have voted for the Blind Cat Rescue.

    Don't forget to send us your mailing address so we can send the Captain America t-shirt to you - kittycatchronicles at

  11. Looking good, Einstein! What an honor to be a bugler, too.

    We're gonna go vote now!

  12. Einstein, I'm gonna tell you did SO good in the Quest. I was proud to have you in my patrol. And you were great on the bugle, too. ;)


  13. Yow Einstein y\ iz growin up into a hansum man kitteh befur our eyez!!!
    Ya lookz pawsum in yer Kat Scoutz unnyform n we applodz ye fer doin da kat Scoutz!!!
    Haz a grrrreat weekend...
    yer furend Nylablue =^,,^=

  14. Wow Concats on your Kit Scouts! You look very nice! Buglemaster too wow!
    You are great at laser eyes!


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