Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Very Impawtent Post

Hi Furends:
Einstein here with Impawtent News! Very very Impatent so listen up! Hey You! Yes you, that cat sleeping on the couch, front and center! Thank Mew!
Our Furmaly is suppurrting Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in the Shelter Challenge. 
Click Logo to visit!
*Here is how you can too*
Evfurry day go to the Shelter Challenge and put "blind" in the search box and search, choose Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and press Vote. Enter the real easy Captcha and press Vote again! Easy as taking a nap. 
Now our Dad donated to them too and there are so many ways to do that if you visit.
We put them in our Google Calendar to remind us to go evfurry day. You should too! If you don't I may come over there and Whacky Paw you!
We will have the links on our sidebar on the right top until this fine shelter Wins! 

Come back tomorrow as I will be posting again!
Einstein the Kit Scout 


  1. Done ! We didn't want you to whacky paw us !! Purrs

  2. so cute and we will vote thanks for sharing

  3. What a nice thing! We voted, and hopefully my mom will remember to do it a million more times!

  4. doodz N fitz...we will glad lee vote N will come bak again each day N vote sum mor !! we putted de page in de bookz mark file !! :)

  5. What a great place to support! I have voted for them too :) I see them all the time on Facebook.

  6. This is so great that you all are supporting this rescue! We will vote for sure.

    Also, we would like to pass the Captain America shirt onto you. Sampson got it from Lily-Oliva from The Cat on My Head, and we would like you to have it next. Will you email me your mailing address to We know you all will look pawesome in it!!!

  7. I don't want to get a whacky paw so I will go over and vote :)

  8. Better do as I'm told MOL..Off now to vote :) xxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Done :) That was easy, we just had to put the shelters name in and some numbers ..XXX

  10. No need to whacky paw me, I just went and voted.

  11. Yow diz iz paawsum Einstein!! Me get Mum to run over n vote okayz??
    Yer furend Nylablue xxx

  12. A wonderful organization. We will vote for them!



  13. Enstein, thanks for telling us about this. We feel sort of bad 'cause we discovered our local No Kill Shelter (Angels of Assisi) was listed and we voted for them. Please don't be mad at us….okay? XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Astrid, Lisbeth, Giulietta, Fiona and Calista Jo

  14. Done and in my favorites.
    Marty's Mom


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