Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful that I caught it in time Thursday

Hi Furends:

I am really glad I have fur to hide my embarrassment over my Slacker, yes Slacker, Dad!. He has not gotten the very fine Awards given by my dear furends  posted in a timely fashion. Yes we will hear his protests of "what about the other posts you Demand I do" and the ever popular, "I work to feed you cats". Tsk tsk Dad. Sure shines a very dim light on  your scheduling skills.

I may have missed this problem entirely but fur my dear furend Nessira of Nerissa's Life fame who meowed of this self-same issue just the other day in his post: what can you do with a peep? Luckily I caught that along with the fine Award he presented us.
Thanks Nerissa!

I am not sure of what DAD was supposed to tell me about this award but I pass it to:

Next, Purrs to Maurice at Maurice's Meowsings for the Liebster Award.

He had some great Questions so in this case I will answer these... Here we go!

Here are my questions:
1. Do you enjoy catnip? YES!
2. What is your favorite kind of toy? My Kliban Kitty!
3. Did you ever scratch something your human didn't want you to? Nope, no nails.
4. Where's your favorite nappin' spot? Next to Dad. Even when I am mad at him like now.
5. How loud do you meow? Medium loud.
6. How big are you compared to other kitties? Funny thing is I look about in the middle but am the Heaviest. Solid Muscle.
7. Where's the weirdest place you ever hid from your human? Inside his chest of drawers. He left one open a bit and, zip, inside. He was really upset until I heard him calling and came out.
8. Do you like to chew/ eat anything that isn't technically food? Oh My Catness how did you know? I love chewing certain plastic bags. I never eat them but I chew them. Wonderfur. 
9. What time of day are you most active? 6 to 9pm
10. What's your favoritest thing to do? Be with Dad.

I am not a protocol stickler so if you want answer these grrreat questions. If not that is alright too. 
I pass this award to:

I was going to do more on this post but now that I know where Dad has been hiding the award notices we will revisit this next Thursday starting with the oldest furst.
Now befur HE furgets I wanted to thank my dear furend Sammy of One Spoiled Cat fur the best, and only, Trip to the Moon ever! 
Thanks Sammy 

Timmy Tomcat


  1. Great answers!! And I don't know what we do with da hoomans... good help is hard to find!

  2. Concatulations on your awards! Paws up! And I loved reading your answers.

  3. Concatulations on your awards ! We enjoyed reading your answer ! Purrs

  4. Concats and more concats.
    Meowmy says she knows too much about the busies invading her time...

  5. doods & fitz...popz IZ slackin...theeze awards wuz sended out in 1983...


    conga ratz two ewe on them....plastic huh ;) !!

  6. Mommy spit out her tea when she read trout towne's reply!!! (MOL!)
    Faraday's with you on the plastic, he LOVES to nom it. And between the 3 of us we have lo, medium & high meows (3 guesses as to whose meow hits 11.4 db - heheh)

    CONCATS on those paswesome awards and thanks soooo much for passing that one on to us!!

  7. Timmy! Thanks so much! You're too kind. We love our award and appreciate a bundle!! Super hugs to you. love, Crepes and MomFOD Alana

  8. Timmy those were great awards and we loved all of your answers. WE gave up on Mom she is so unorganized she can't do awards. Mom is useless, it's a good things she has thumbs or we'd never get fed!

  9. Concats on all your awards. it seems like this week is a catch up week. Mum posted mine for me at last, and I have seen catch up at other blogs too.

  10. Concatulations on your awards! If it's catch up week, we are in trouble, because we are far from caught up!

  11. Hey! ConCats on your awards Timmy. All us kitties have peep probs, but I guess we need their thumbs!! MOL xox

  12. thank you so much for including us!! We are deeply, deeply flattered! We did receive that award but it is ALWAYS nice to be remembered again!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We <3 YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What awesome awards! And well deserved too! Purrs...

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! Glad to see I'm not the only one with a slacker peep.

    You chew on plastic bags, too? My Auntie Primrose does that all the time.


  15. Concats on the awards Timmy! Love the info on you!
    Paw Pats

  16. What cool awards, Timmy! Congrats!

  17. Concatulations!!! Looks at all the awards aaaaaaaaaaaand Thanks yous so furry much for passing one on to mes!!! Timmy - YOUS ROCKS!

  18. Thanks fur answering my questions. I like to chew plastic too!

  19. Hey Timmy, thanks for this furrabulous award. We already have it, but we sure appreciate you thinking of us, and when we get it on our award page, we will add your name to it with our thanks. We did thank you on our Thankful Thursday post and left a couple of others there for you! Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  20. Big huge concatulations on the awards Timmy! You certainly deserve them. My Mom is an EPIC FAIL on remembering to thank our friends when we get awards.....I've tried to train her but what can I say? I'm happy you had fun on the Moon trip - it wouldn't have been the same without you buddy!

    Hugs, sammy

  21. Fine award Timmy n now we leerned a bit bout ya!!!
    Yer such a sweetie boy.
    We were offline cause no power diz mornin...sumtimez we just gotta bee payshunt wif Peepz...dey haz alot goin on...
    At leest me iz back online n checkin in wif all me haz like 4 awardz to be posted...Mum fallz beehind too...but she haz alot to do wif me care so me jsut letz it go ;)
    Haz a guud weekend.
    Yer furend Nylablue Sweet Feet xx

  22. Congratulations my friend on your awards,you deserve them all.
    Sorry about this but some how google un followed me from your blog posts,keep getting this all of a sudden a couple disappear on me then I realise something is missing after while,sorry it took me so long,xx SPeedy

  23. Timmy - Many concats on your awards, mew deserve them all, my furriend! And many many thanks fur passing The Best Around the World award onto me - you're the bestest effur!!! :D

    Happy Dayz

    Basil xox


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