Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That was Really Sneaky Dad

Oh My Cat!
Furst we have exciting Mews!
We were featured on Funny Farmer Friday! 
Check us out! Whee!

Now on to the post of our pain!

You would not believe what happened yesterday.
So Dad is off work and we are all happy getting a nice play time in the morning. And then...

the lady who brings out the hose monster came and, funny thing, she started bringing up those little plastic cells.  

Buddy Something is up. I want no part of it.
You should join me *UTC.

Yoo silly Timmerz. Ah bin fine and....
*Scoop Gotcha Buddy*

*Scoop Gotcha Rumpy*

Oh my. Buddy and Rumpy are in the plastic cells!
I will join you *UTC Timmy. Miss Fitz how about it?

Count me in Buttons!

You all are scaredy Cats. Hey Dad has Treats in
the Bedroom! Lets go!

Einstein: Gangway here I come Toby
*Cue ominous music as the bedroom door closes*

Well let me tell you. Buddy, Rumpy, Toby and Einstein may have been rounded up but me Fitz and Buttons put up a valiant effort to avoid capture. In the end all was for naught. We whispered through the walls of our cells.
Buttons: What is all this then?
Einstein: HSSSSSSSS!
Fitz: I think it is the place we hate
Timmy: The Stabby Place

We all sang the song of our people in chorus as we went the Stabby Place. The lady was laughing at our singing. I have to remember to hairball her pocketbook next time she come. I have to admit is was over quickly and then we were home. Whew, what an ordeal.

Um, Rumpers whut in Cod's Name happened ta yoo...
Oh yea dat righter...

Well at least this time they left me some cover.
You can hardly tell but I bet it will be much easier to clean up.
Yoo meanz when da Dad cleaner ya bu...
OK Buddy we all know I need help with that. I do get
treats when I walk into the human litter room. So there.

At least it was over quickly. Rumpy got his trim and asthma meds. Buddy and Fitz had good ear cleanings and feel better. Dad told us we got the three year rabies vaccine so no visits for a long time unless we need them. Yay! We all needed a nice nap after that.

What do you do when you have to go to the Stabby Place?

Speaking of that place our furend Marmalade was just rushed to the kitty hospital.

We all want to send purrs and prayers to our Texas pal. He had a crystal blockage and we hope he is home soon.

*Under the Couch

Timmy, Dad and Family


  1. I'm glad your vet visit was over quickly! I know a lot of kitties don't enjoy going, but I don't mind because everyone makes a big deal out of me and I get lots of attention!

    I'm sending loads of purrs to Marmalade!

  2. I know all about helping clean cat-bums, Rumpy. Why, just today...

  3. aaaaaw Weez purrayin' fur Marmalade. Y'all awe so funny. Rumpy yous looks so cute. Sorry yous all had to go to da VET. Weez not like to go eever, and cuz we liv in a quarantine state, we hav to hav a rabies vaccine every year. Which mommy despises, cuz it's not like weez ever gunna be exposed, and it's such a dangewous vaccine. Seems they wuld work on makin' it not so dangewous fur us cats. Weez alwways seem to know when mommy needs to go sumwhere, but she's purretty good at hidin' hers fawts 'bout da VET so weez not know what happens till we get there. And then Lexi is all sweet and cooey. Me on da udder tells hims just what hims can do wiff all hims tools or torute and hands of ice. Glad yous all home and good fur anudder 3 years.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. BDW Timmy, da captcha's still here. Weez noticed lots of bloggers awe sayin' it's gone now, but weez still seein' it and havin' to purrove weez not be wobots. anyways, just wanted to let ya' know.

      Luv ya'

      Dezi and Lexi

  4. We're happy your vet visit went quick and well ! Purrs

  5. All in all, it sounds like your visit to the v-e-t went pretty well, gang. Last time Zoe went, they stole her teefs! Yikes.

    We will purr and pray for Marmalade!

  6. doodz & fitz....sendin de best blessings oh st francis two yur pal marmalade; we hope him iz on de road ta ree cover veree veree soon N stays ther....

    pee ezz...sorree everee one ther had ta go off two de place oh eeevil ...

  7. I am sending purrs for Marmalade. I am glad your vet visit was soon over. I always sing my warrior songs when I go.

  8. Glad y'all survived.

    I actually like da vet and roll over to get my belly rubbed.

  9. Glad your trip went well. I will pray for poor Marmalade.

  10. It's good to hear that your vet visit went well. That must have been a mighty song of your people!

    We'll be purring for Marmalade.

  11. Soundss like all of youss got faked out.....Hu'manss are berry clever Timmy!
    Mee went to Doc Dave fur mee reecheck today an it went well. Mee played with him an posed fur thee cammyra (you know how Ladymum is....) an mee had another shot an all wass good. mee wass ready to go home an next fing mee knowss mee iss BACK INN THEE EXAM ROOM AND BEEIN PILLED!! Flounder!! Doc Dave deecided mee should have a wermer pill just inn case...
    LadyMum wass furry uppyset...more then mee.
    Wee furinallee got home an mee had a snack an played with LadyMum fur 1/2 hour an then mee went to sleep.....zzzzzzzzzzzz....
    Mee goess back in a month...mee iss all rite with that! ;)
    Rumpy do not wurry as yur furss will reegrow...yur a handsum mankat no mattur what!
    Yur furend, 'Purrince' Siddhartha xxxxxxx

  12. Glad that's all ovfur and done with. Sheesh, you were tricked fur sure! We too sing the yowls and blues...

    Sending purrs fur Marmalade.

  13. Bet you're glad to have that stabby place visit over with! I go next month for my 3 months checkup (thyroid stuff).......Mom has to surprise me with my harness and leash for that otherwise I'd hide somewhere and she'd never find me in the house! We heard about Marmalade and hope he's feeling better ASAP.

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Oh my gracious....the stabby place....we don't like it. However Kali doesn't mind it too much when Dr. Jamieson is on...she has a crush on him. Otherwise we sing our song of woe as our ancestors did long ago.
    We are on Warriors stand alone books. Those books are tremendous. We hope Marmelade feels better soon...Would this crystal be a UTI?


  15. Oh wow. You guys had a big adventure. The Stabby Place...we scream, yell, run around, hide, hang onto the top and sides of the PTU so the door can't be closed, tump it over once we're in it, bang on the door - you know, the usual stuff.

  16. Oh kitties, I feel for y'all, glad that it all turned out well! Purrs for your friend Marmalade...


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