Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Hi Furends:

Rumpy here. Let me tell you about an amazing thing that happened to yours truly. 

After last week when Timmy got him good, imagine how exited I was when another squeeker came in and Timmy told me: "What Gall! Take him out Rumpy!"

He hid under the Armiore but I whiffied him out!

He tried to get into the play box to escape!

I put the Bitey on him!

No more Hooliganism from this Squeeker!

Einstein: You are my Hero!
Rumpy: Awww, shucks, thanks E.

So I was...

*Timmy Runs in and grabs the Puter*

Rumpy: Timmy what the...

Timmy: Hold on Rumpy. Let me change to the Cat News Channel!

*The furmaly gathers around to watch a grim faced Siamese who is reporting*

Siamese:"Yes furs it was quite a scene.
Off Screen Cat: "Pipo, give us the background on this story."
Siamese: "Minko, it was quite the scene. It seems that there was a strange visitor to the Tomcat home last night!"
Off Screen Cat: "Skeery! What happened?"
Siamese: "Well, we do not have all the details but this morning when Dad came out there, right behind his chair, there was a body."
Off Screen Cat: "A BODY!"
Siamese: "Yes, a half eaten squeeker!"
Off Screen Cat: "Do we know who put the Bitey on this foolish mouser who went into a home with 6, no, 7 aggressive cats?"
Siamese: "No, he was, um, a bit under  the weather along with half in the tummy."
Hooman Announcer: "Thanks WeBeSiameezrs fur Reporting the Cat-News, now in Europe..."

*Timmy and the furs all chortle.*

Dad comes in: I would appreciate less mess!

Timmy: OK Dad. I will pass the word.

Hey furends, have you had visitors drop in fur a meal this fall? MOL

Timmy Tomcat


  1. Way to GO Rumpy!!! In our opinion, the brains are the best part...

  2. Oh good job guys! I always save the head for my Mum. She tells me how brave and fierce I am...then gives me a snack. I guess the snack is like dessert after my squeeker tar tar.

  3. Yoo-hoo!
    WeBees here!

    We did that with a deer mouse, only we just dumped it unscathed in the toy pile...where meowmy found it in the morning...EEEEK!

    But you guys are lucky, you get these 'live' intruding toys a lot more than we do, and we live rurally in a furry old frame house...
    Our dog-guy gets 'live' toys out in the yard though...lucky dude!

    Good job on your varmint extermination services!

    Thanks fur featuring us too, by the way.
    Cool tail!

  4. Yayyy! Well done Rumpy! I catch the mousies outdoors and bring them in to eat when it is cold. I usually leave mum a little pile of innards.

  5. Great job Rumpy and it's always good to get a high paw from Little E!!!

  6. Mowzers, you guys have ALL the fun! We haven't EVER had a visitor like that, though our Unca Ryker once did. But a kitteh can DREAM..... Einstein dood, yer gettin' lotsa learning we see!

  7. Way to go Rumpy! we haven't had a squeeker for a long time..think they are all outside in the barn..good to see that Einstein is learning the ropes! hugs Fozziemum xx

  8. litttle E !! we iz gonna hafta start callin ewe mee dium sized E !!! yur growin fast buddy !!

  9. Very clever and cute. We are surprised but none of those dim-witted mousies have made it into our house yet. Phooey! Timmy, did Rumpy go after him in your car? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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