Saturday, December 30, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer - Stella & Chewy's Chewy's Chicken Meal Mixers

Guess who's now Chewy Influencers? We here at the Tomcat Home are! How cool is that. So lets get this road on the show!

This is our very furst try at this so we hope we have it right. We received a 3.5oz bag of Stella & Chewy's Chewy's Chicken Meal Mixers Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food to try and give our honest review. Um, maybe you see that, um, d-o-g thing. Well like we said we are getting used to things and um, yes. Dog food but chicken is chicken!
We looked over the Meal Mixers and saw that they were dog sized bits of Chicken. No worries we will try them out. Dad made two bowls up and mixed a bit of extra water into each scoop. The scoop is included which is nice. Guess who moved in furst. Yes the white fellow. He stuck his head in and hogged that bowl. The other was tried by us all. The bits were a bit big but tasty. Then Buttons moved in and both bowls were soon empty. 

As you can see some of us found these Meal Toppers very Tasty
We have seen reviews of the freeze dried Cat Foods and the bits are large like these. Dad can bust em up but...
We gave them 3.5 paws up as three of the six of us ate them and the rest ate at least one bit. Buddy is on his own diet so was not a part of the taste test.
Information is from Chewys Site


Kickstart your kibble with Stella & Chewy’s Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Freeze-Dried Dog Food. Delivering a boost of nutrition and yummy flavor, it’s an easy way to pack your dog’s diet with nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants. Based on the philosophy that pets thrive on the same diet they would eat in the wild, this recipe gives your dog what he naturally craves, and is made from 95% cage-free chicken, organs, and bone, plus 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Simply scoop, mix in with your pet’s kibble, and watch him come running! And to ensure the highest quality, each batch is made with care in the USA in Stella & Chewy’s own kitchen.

Key Benefits

  • Easy way to add real raw nutrition to any diet. Each bag comes with a scoop!
  • Made in Stella & Chewy's own USA kitchen with cage-free chicken and 100% organic-certified fruits and vegetables.
  • Never contains grains, gluten, fillers, artificial preservatives, or colorings.
  • Enhanced with probiotics to aid in healthy digestion, which is perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs.
  • Pet parents and vets report raw feeding supports an improved appetite, digestion, immune system, teeth and gum health, skin and coat, and can help relieve allergies.

Additional Details

Stella & Chewy's products must always remain raw when feeding. Please do not cook, heat, or microwave the products. If rehydrating, use cool or warm (never hot) water.

Chewys has has free shipping on orders $49.00 and over and flat rate shipping on other orders. We are enrolled in the Auto-Ship program that sends us our chosen products when we want them. We can cancel these or add things to them at any time. Very nice.
We thank Chewy for including us in the #ChewyInfluencer program and look furward to giving our friends our unbiased opinion of Cat Products.
Tomcat Home Spokes Cat: Timmy Tomcat


Annie Bear said...

We hope you had a nice Christmas! We love Chewy. This freeze-dried food sounds yummy, but I agree that it would need to be made smaller for little kitty mouths.

pilch92 said...

Not a real big hit, I appreciate your honest reviews.

Summer at said...

We love Stella and Chewy's but we only eat the CAT food! I think Chewy should send you guys the species appropriate package instead. Maybe you would like it better. Binga thinks they are cat treats.

Lone Star Cats said...

We eat da dog's food sometimes. We ain't sposed to, but we duz.

Anonymous said...

Dat's purretty good fur your furst review guys. We're glad at least some of ya' got to try 'em and liked 'em. Mommy always breaks 'em up, as even da kitty bites are big like dat. And of couse, we like a really small bite, so mommy has to break up purretty much anythin' we get. Anyways, great review. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Timmy Tomcat said...

We agree. We will have this sorted out by the next post

Timmy Tomcat said...

Thanks Dezi that means a lot to us

Shoko Neilson said...

You uys are awesome...eating big food like that. Holy Einey! We are more picky, we like small food. Even me...El Shoko...with my own teeth, like small bits. I'd say this ad is pretty interesting. I'm notsure if this food is available in Canada,


Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

MrJackFreckles used to love that kind of noms! Now howevfur he only picks out bits of this and that...if he will eat at all. Sigh...

Pipo did not try to eat that kind of doggy noms, but he does try to sample other kinds of the doggy buffet around here.

Great review! I wonder why they sent you canine food instead of kitty noms??