Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Remember 9/11 and Rumpy's Big Fall!

On Saturday 09/08/16

OH MY CAT RUMPY! Are you alright?
Dad are you alright?

Geez Timmy let me get my bearings. Wow that was a heavy impact on my arm. Rumpy, Rumpy, are you alright?
*Rumpy just lays on Dad with a vacant stare*

*Rumpy finally is able to meow*
That was really scary. Sorry Dad are you alright?
We will see Rumpy and... Um, I need to grab a few towels. What happened any meow?

I was running along the cat walk and slipped.
Wow what a fall!

I fell six feet and hit Dad's arm. I was totally shocked by
the impact and could not even meow.
You sure were Rumpy. I was angry for a second and then was
so worried about you. You were totally out of it as you
were laying on my lap. I am so glad you are alright.

I have to get more Hello Kitty bandages. The others don't hold
I have thin skin and had a 2.5 inch tear. Whew... close call.
Glad we got through that without purrmanent harm Rumpy
You bet Dad

Sunday 09/11, a Day of Remembrance 

Ohhhhh my body still hurts. I need to rest. This is a
resting Sunday Selfie with 
The Cat on my Head.
We also remember those who gave all on 09/11/16

We remember 9-11! On this day we remember those who
paid the ultimate p
rice for nothing other than going to work or 
wanting to see the city from on high. 
We sure do remember Rumpy. We are all taking time
to reflect on all those who were involved:  Victims or
the heroic police and fire personnel who tried to help.

Join us in remembering 9/11!
Timmy Tomcat
Dad Pete
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons


  1. Dang, I sure am glad you are okay and poor Dad's arm. We’ll never forget that horrible day, never ever.

  2. Heck, that was quite a plunge, and the image on your post had us scared looking at it. So glad no lasting harm done. Thank you for your tribute to those that died, those that came and helped and those that suffer still. Respectful purrs to you all. ERin

  3. OUCH to both you! That looks painful, I am glad you are both mostly OK. Nice tribute to 9/11.

  4. Wow, what a scare you both had, Rumpy and your Dad. Hope those ouchies heal up soon. You made a nice selfie, Rumpy.
    Scary times need rest to gather your wits back don't they? Ask us how we know...

    We will not forget abou 9-11. May the eternal peace of love heal our wounds, but the scars will still be there and we will not ever forget.

  5. That's scary. We are glad both of you are going to be okay!

    We, too, will never forget the events of 9/11. Never.

  6. Wow...that was scary. We're glad you are both okay.

    We will always remember 9/11.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Oh Rumpy weze glads that you and dads are ok... falling am scary. Good thing Dad was there to help you... even ifs you tried to lands on hims arm too hard.

    Purring fur all who lost loved ones in 911...

    -Katie Kitty Too who wasnt borned yet.

  8. That was a nasty fall and a scare for you and your dad, Rumpy.

  9. So good of you to help us remember 9/11 and thank you so for your comments on my blog. I hope so much the arm gets better SOON.

  10. What a fall, Rumpy! I'm glad you and your human didn't get hurt too badly.

  11. Mee-yow Rumpy man that was a turribull fall....wee hopess yur not too sore today!! An Mistur Pete that arm lookss purrty scratched uppy!! Reememburr to puts Aunty-bye-otick Ointmint on it at leest 2 timess a day ok??? An if ther eiss bruising a bit of rubbin alkie-hall will take thee bruise out quiker!
    ***paw patsss*** to all of youss'....
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx
    Pee S: Milita reelly luvss thee heeted bed! Yur THEE BESTEST Mistur Pete!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OMC, We are glad your dad is OK. That was quite a gash, Rumpers!

    We'd like to remember our four-pawed furiends who helped with 9-11 rescue and therapy work. Probably mostly dogs, but we salute them anyway!

  13. Glad you are both alright ! And thanks to all those who serve & protect us !

  14. Oh my!
    We're glad everyone's okay.
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Oh Rumpy, Raena does dat offen and scares mommy and me to near heart attack. We're sure glad you're okay. And we's so glad you're okay uncle Pete. We's'll fur sure b3e keepin' ya'll in our purrayers fur some extra get betters. We's sendin' big hugs to all.

    God Bless America, long may she stand.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  16. That must have been scary falling down from that heights, Rumpy. Hope you and your Dad's arm is feeling better soon. That resting Selfie is purrfect though... The world has changed from that day...we will never forget either :( Soft Pawkisses <3

  17. Scary. Hope you are OK.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  18. OH HECK!! Are you OK that looked really frightening and painful. Give our best to your dad too.


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