Saturday, May 9, 2015

Goodbye Dear Nerissa

Our dear friend Nerissa has gone over the Rainbow Bridge!
Mouses! We knew he had been ill but you just do not expect such a young cat who had so much more to say to no longer be with us

Fly free dear furend and watch over us until we
that day we all meet again!

In his memory we shall meow the word he coined to show a cats consternation, Mouses, when it fits the circumstance!
We will support Seville's political efforts in the great land above the USA
We are donating to TeamTNR and encourage our friends so do so also. Even a small amount helps. 

We will miss you dear Nerissa. Purrs of support to Seville and your family.
Timmy Dad and Family


  1. We have been so sad about Nerissa - we miss him lots.

  2. I miss Nissy and am very sad.
    I love your new header and background.

  3. We are still shockedmand so very sad. Nissy sure was a special pal.

  4. We're gonna miss Nissy a lot too.

  5. We can't hardly look at his foto, Timmy. We still have leaky eyes since we heard about his passing away...MOUSES! Nissy was such a great cat. Soft Pawkisses <3

  6. We be so upset 'bout all this. Poor Nissy and hims furmily. Weez just not unnewstand how this kuld have happened. Weez purrayin' fur da furmily too.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. Mee iss so so sad over thee passin of Nerissa...hee was ferst to wellcome mee to thee bloggin werld...*sighss*
    Now hee is in Pure Land an lookin down on us an smilin that wee are finkin of him an reememburrin him..
    LadyMum cried fur a l-o-n-g time over Nerissa....mee finkss shee was finkin of Aunty Nylablue too ;)
    Wee all bettur stay here fur a long time!!!
    ***paw patss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx


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