Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Purrs Needed and Lots More

Hi Furends:

We never like these posts because it means a friend is in need, but, we find so many reach out with support that while we are sad we are uplifted by the love. So we have some dear furends who are in need of purrs of support.

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Megat has gone over the Bridge so his family can use purrs 
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Thank you dear friends for all you give in love to all of the CB every day. Now a little closer to home. I will let Dad tell the story.

Thanks Timmy
Yesterday a friend of mine called. It was a long story of neighbors and landlords and feeding a feral colony. The short of it was a mother cat brought her kittens to her porch for help. Now the larger were fed and on their way but a little runt was not so lucky. Seems she was brought back over night and was out in the cold. My friend was lost and did not know what to do. I asked if she was alive and she said yes, maybe. That did not sound good but I told her to bring the kitten over. 
When she got here the kitten was much smaller than I expected. She told me they were 5 weeks or more but she looked like 3. Very tiny. She was not moving on her own. Her eyes barely opened. I was sad but decided to do my best.

I warmed kitty by hand and rubber her to get her moving. I made some formula and forced her to eat a few cc's and asked my sister if she would pick me up a heating pad. Mine was lost in the closet of course.

Well so started the evening. She was very cool and I heated a wet towel in the microwave and wrapped it in a trash bag until the heating pad arrived. When she warmed she moved a bit more and I felt that maybe she had a chance. Then at about 6pm it happened.

I had her next to me in a box wrapped in the now arrived pad and 
was checking her every 10 minutes or so. She was unresponsive and was next to comatose. I thought I had lost her. 

Now I had lost a foster kitten 2 years ago and I vowed to never let one go without going all out ever again. Teeny Tiny this is for you my little lost kitty I thought as I rubbed her and rubbed her. I knew from my ER work how to get someone aroused and it takes effort. She came back and I forced formula into her. 

I kept waking her every half hour and giving her formula, just a little, every hour. I brought her to the bed in her box and at 11pm she did a very little grooming on her paw. Right then I knew it would be better. 

I let her rest a bit and at the 1am wake up she started biting my fingers. Of course, she was hungry, she sucked down about 10cc of formula and then got that tired kitten look.

This morning she ate a bit of wet cat food. I have been stimulating her after meals and she has been letting urine out.

I brought her to my home office which is my old foster room so I can watch her. I had her on my desk and after a little meal and stimulation she went in back of my monitor and made a nice little poop. Both ends are just fine! I just looked at her at 3pm and she finished off the cat food.

Now this is not over by a long shot but there is a good chance of this kitty being a beautiful Bi-Color Gray and White long hair kitty going to a good forever home. 
A Pretty Little Girl who now has a chance.

Thanks Timmy!

OK Dad

Well, I am not thrilled to share with her. She smells funny. I gave her a little hisss to remind her not to get any ideas. She can visit, not move in.
Anymeow! Lets end this post with some fun!

Go to the Morris Rescue Watch site to see cat videos, and, best part, get free food for shelters! Just enter the code after you watch. We did some today. They are fun and it is easy!

Thanks Furends
Timmy Tomcat


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thanks for remembering me Timmy, so far I am doing OK.

So glad the kitten has pulled through so far, we are sending healing purrs for the kitten and our hopes that she has a long happy life in a forever home. ~Socks & Family

Summer at said...

Paws crossed that the little girl pulls through. I am purring for my friends, of course, but I have some extra-special purrs I am saving just for her.

Anonymous said...

Aw, little sweetie! We're sending purrs to help and hugs for your mom for caring so much. Purrs....


Oh my Timmy there are so many who are not doing well. WE will purr for all and we thank you for taking in that young kitten and saving his/her life. WE will purr even harder now.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

we are sending our most heartfelt prayers and purrs

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Timmy, your dad is the best. We are purring for that tiny kidlet and him and all the other babies you mentioned who need help.

Brian said...

Thank you so much for helping that little sweetheart. Thanks for the well wishes too gang, I appreciate them and I appreciate you so much!

Tigger Tales said...

You have the BEST dad, Timmy! I am going to sprinkle angel dust on the newcomer and purr that she makes it through and finds a forever home.


Tigger Angel

Kitties Blue said...

Thanks for letting us know who needs our prayers. We'll stop by those blogs. What a heartwarming story about the kitten. We'll be praying that she survives and thrives. So glad your dad knew exactly what to do. We'll also check out the Morris Rescue Watch Site. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

meowmeowmans said...

Timmy, please give your Dad some head bonks from us, because he is the bestest. Thank COD that little baby pulled through.

We are purring and praying for Brian, Sicks, Smokey and Megat's family.

The Island Cats said...

We're purring for our furiends.

And your Dad is the best for taking care of that little kitty...we hope she continues to improve.

Fozziemum said...

Oh purrs are sent for all...we all feel when our sweet ones are unwell or we lose them.I am also sure this sweet little kitten will thrive,i have had some horror fosters with these issues and thankfully all bar one poor little mite survived. The stimulating of the bot bots the washing and drying to prevent urine scald,the two hourly bottle feeds..i will be thinking of you and the wonderful thing you are doing :) hugs Fozziemum

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dooz N fitz...thiz iz why we haz been friends frum de get go N shall ree mane til all time...may yur dad bee blessed ten fold for helpin thiz wee kitteh ...seer ee iz blessings oh st francis two her; fitz kneads a sister.....pleez keep de post upz dated, pleez eat N get big N strong wee one.....ya now haz de hole blog werld pullin for ya !!!! we loves ya guys !!!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of your Dad, Timmy. Sending lots of Healing Pawkisses to the little Kitty and I think you'll be a good teacher ;) Pawkisses :)

MissyofMissylandia said...

Awww how wonderful. You are such a wonderful human being, Popz.