Monday, May 20, 2013

2nd Birthday Party - Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz

A Big Day here at the Tomcat Home!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ms Fitz

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr Buttons

We want all of our friends to have plenty to Eat and Drink!

Hoof and Fin or Surf and Turf. 

Tuna Steak. Nothing but the Best Noms here!

Have a Niptini! Or Three! 

Salmon Steaks any way you like them!

Buddy Brought Blue Martinis so drink up!

Fitz loves the Bubbly and has plenty for our Lady Cat Friends
Grab a Party Favor. Take one for your Peeps!

Buddy brought his pals The Blue Cat Group to provide the jams.
Whee we are kickin it!
We have plenty of room if you want to spend the night so drink and nip to your hearts content. If you need to get home for worried peeps we can always call a taxi. 

Have Fun One and All!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons !
    Pawsome PARTY you have :)

  2. Whoo hooo kick 'em paws Up~! Happy happy Birfday Miss Fitz 'n Mr Buttons~ What a grand pawty it iz~! Let'z hit da dancefloor~! Gonna grab some pawty favors 'n some bubbly too~! Purrs 'n tonza hugs to ya'llz~!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons! Many happy returns! You kitties sure know how to throw a great party! We needed this after trashing our house so thoroughly. In fact, we may stay here awhile. The mom has a lot of work to do and we might like to keep a low profile until she's done. We couldn't have done such a fine job without the help of everyone at the Tomcat house. Thanks!

  4. Happy birthday, Ms. Fitz and Mr. Buttons!

    What a fabulous party you're having! Wow, we don't know where to start! This is a holiday Monday for us (Victoria Day in Canada), and the human isn't doing anything but cleaning (how boring), so we hope you don't mind if we stay a while!

    Nicki & Derry

  5. Happy Birthday Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons!

    Thank you so much for your kind words about Auntie El's passing. We're sorry it's taken so long to reply but Mom is having a hard time. It's comforting to have the support of the Cat Blogosphere at this sad time.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  6. Happy birthda, Mr. Buttons and Ms. Fitz! What an awesome party!

  7. Happy Birthday Kitties! Well, it certainly does look like a happy birthday- wahoo!

  8. fitz N buttonz...thanx for hostin this way awesum partee...we loves ewe both :) heerez ta a veree happee second N herez ta two hundred mor...enjoy yur day, haza fun, eat plentee oh cake N mice cream, get way buzzard up on nip N heerez yur TT card

    fitz & butons; a happee day two ewe; we hope ya get trout, flounder, sea bass, herring, mackerull, perch, salmon, shrimp, cod, friez, ham samiches, sole, pork chops, sghetti, pizza pies, toona, whitefsih, NOE BURD, a 2014 furrareez car, one in pink, one in green, two mew cat treez with full lee stocked frigeratorz attached and yur veree own masterCAT cards !!!


  9. Happy Happy Birthday, Buttons and Fitz! You sure know how to throw a spectacular bash!

    ::wades into the fray::

  10. Happy Birthday Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz. You know how to throw a great party. I may have had a few too many niptinis so will probably take up your offer to stay overnight.

  11. Happy Happy 2nd Birthday!!! Oh that blue drink looks delicious!!! I would love one please!! Hope you are both enjoying your most SPECIAL DAY!

  12. Happy birthday to Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons! Wow what a great party! I hope you both have great birthday!!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. FITZ AND MR. BUTTONS. This is one of the bestest parties. We've eaten so much, we're hoping not to hurl. We have absolutely never seen so many kitties in one place. We're feeling a little overwhelmed. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  14. Happy Birthday Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz. Thanks every so much for inviting us and we will take you up on your kind offer to sleep over. ~Socks & Scylla

  15. Happy Purrthday Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons! This is a great pawty! Loved the Salmon Steaks!
    Have a great great birthday!

  16. Happy Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsday Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons!!! What a pawsome pawty! Thanks for the food and the drinks.

    Purrs and headbutts,
    Queen Missy of Missylandia

  17. Oh MOUSES! I'm a day late and missed the party... sighs.

    Well, better late than never, so...

    May your YEAR be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lot of the nip!


  18. Wow what a cool party you had, so sorry we are late! Happy Belated Birthday Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for you both bigtime and hope you had a great celebration day! (PS: Thanks for your purrs for Neytiri, we really appreciate it.)

  19. Happy Purrday - what a parteeeeee!!!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  20. Happy Purrthday Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons! We love niptinis fank yoo!

    We is sorry the Mom is late in helping to answer our blog comments. She's a mad person mixing up lotions, salves and whatever else she makes fer her big convention next month.

    Fanks fer stoppin by!

  21. Belated happy birthday, ms. fitz and mr. buttons. i missed the oawty!!! It's momma's fault!

  22. OMC I drank so much niptinis on the 1st pawty, that I forget to come on the second... Sorry, Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Fitz and Mr. Buttons, I hope you had a great time :)

  23. Happy birthday guys! Sorry we are late to the party. It sure looked like an amazing one!

  24. Dang, I missed one heck of a pawty! I hope your special day was very, very special!!!

  25. we are late as usual - a belated birthday to both! great party.

    cats of wildcat woods

  26. MOWZERS! There was a pawty and we missed it?!?! AND the Blue Cat Group TOO???


    Wishing you a furry FURRY happy (and belated) birthday to you both!


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