Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mr Buttons and Mss Fitz get the Christmas Spirit

Wow what a Christmas! Lots of fun.
Timmy told me that since I am no longer a kit I get to do a special Christmas Blog fur me and Lady Fitz! So with no further delay! Lets Go!

Furst! Thanks fur all the Great Cards! Wow! We were Amazed at the outpouring of Love!

Pops secretly made special Fishie-Treats fur us on Caturday!

I am the Kitchen Helper so I checked to make sure they were fresh! YUMMY!

Me and Fitz really got into the toys!
I liked the new dangle toy and grabbed it right off!

I do not know about you but when I make a Great Capture of my Prey I am soooo Proud! I carry it off to keep it safe! 

**Toby Run up and Pokes Buttons: “Hey Dood! Let me talk about My Lady, Fitz!”

Well, uh, it is a bit out of...

Toby: “DOOD! Who taught you all those moves when you were a kit!”

You’re right. Take it away my family furend.

Toby Takes Over the Diary:

Hi Furs. Toby Here. Let me wish you a very...

Since I love my little Fitz so much I watched her Capture the Prey!
She was So Precise and Expert I had to share her pride in the Hunt!

Here comes her wonderful Stalking Skill!

The Fight and Bite!

My Lady Says MINE! Yo! Let Go Already!

OK I will Re-Capture the Prey!


Ahhh, Victory at Last!

Let me get my Prey to my Den!

Yes! I have the Prey safe in My Den! Private Property!

Who Ya Gonna Call for an Alpha Huntress! ME! Meowmy Christmas!

Well there you go! What a Hunter! What a Cat!
*Toby Sighs*
She does leave us some Left overs! MOL!

So have a Wonderfur Christmas every cat. Families too! OK Buttons. Take it away!

*Buttons takes control from Toby*

Uh, yeah. That was quite informative. Kind of Scary too! She is one Wild-Cat!
Well I am going to get back to our party! Glad you stopped by to chat. I was honored that Timmy let me tell about Mss Fitz and me, Mr B with FIV.

So NOW can I take off the Hat?

Love you ALL!
Mr Buttons

***"ME TOO!" Yells Mss. Fitz***


Kjelle Bus said...

Fitz , you sure killed that featherwadn GOOD *mol*
Merry Furry Fluffy Catmas to you all !!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

fish treets !!!!

we iz on r way....hope everee one hada AWESUM christmas N meowloz ta popz !!