Saturday, December 29, 2012

Angel Kitties

Happy New Year. Our Family uses this time of year to remember family and friends who have gone over the bridge. This is an important part of our family life. It may help that we live right smack dab on a Astral Spirit Crossroads. Our Bridge Family visit on a regular basis by dropping into our dreams. It is a bit unnerving the  first few times but then it becomes a great honor. The Kitty who is blessed by a visit gets to discuss its meaning during our weekly Cat Rounds. 

Toby puts in his 2 cents: 
"It may help that Pops is an Ordained Minisfur. He offured to do my and Fitz's Marriage, until we decided to give it a bit of time. *Toby sighs*

He's a Doctorate of Difinity too! Hoo-Cat what a Scholarly Scholar! 

And, he says that the Medication, uh, I mean, Meditation sure helps him stay calm. Even when he deals with Rumpy."

Thanks fur that info Toby. A little knowledge is a lotta fun, yeah. No the real Stars of this Post!

Lets visit our Angels

Patches Pops had Patches way back when. His family opened a Diner in 1962 and she was the furst customer. She walked into the kitchen on opening day, announced herself, and proceeded to hold court. In those days neuter was not spoken of and she had many fine kittens. Luckily the business allowed homes for all. She actually passed the week the Diner was closed. There were no injuries or prior illness. She simply passed on. Like she was attached. Erie. She was deeply loved by the whole family.

Ming: Lived with Pops from 1969 to  1984 and was quite feisty. When younger she would bite anyone but Pops. She would pee on his girlfriends clothes too. But only on the first or second visit. The she allowed them in. Ming was a mighty hunter and brought prey in the window as a present while Pops slept. Quite the rude awakening on occasion.
Ming lived with Pops from 1969 to  1984. 
Peep: aka Pee was a wonderful little kitty. She had a crushed leg when adopted from the SPCA. They offered to amputate but Pops said his vet would decide. No pain so she got to keep her leg. Over the years it healed and she had a distinctive rolling walk. She got her name from the little meow like a baby peep. She also LOVED being with kitten. Except she would not deliver unless Pops was there with his hand in the box. They were all white or all black. Easy to get homes for back in the early 80's.
Pee getting a whack from one of her first kittens
1984 to 1999

Hi Pops! Did you see Inky?
Tommy Tumor: No, he did not have a tumor. It was a joke. The young lady Pops was living with told a story from her neighborhood. A large male cat was walking by some young children playing in the street. The little girl looked up at her mother and said very sadly: "Look Mommy! That kitty has Tumors". Mother got a little red faced and said nothing as this was a proud male cat if you get my drift. Meow! Tommy was assaulted and his tongue was injured. When Pops held him as he was put out of pain he said: "No more free roaming cats of mine in this angry world." RIP Tommy. 1985 to 1988

INKY: The old man of the angel clowder he was with Pops for 22 years. Also known as the "Self Petting Cat" he would walk back and forth just out of reach while purring up a storm as if he was getting the best pet ever. If you moved closer he moved away. He was a Mama's boy under mother Pee's stern paw. He was groomed several times a day his whole life. He would sleep with Pops every night.

Inky under the paw of mother Pee
Inky 1985 to 1997
Stinker: aka Big Head: The biggest cat we have ever met. He was a whopping 25 pounds. We joke with Angel Big Head that he will put a hole in the clouds. He was solid as a rock as he was not neutered until later in life. Pops saw to that after he met the Ex. She was in a tizzy as he would spray in her apartment. Duh, go figure. 
He would patrol the property and visit Pops down in the garage. Pops would have to stop working so Stinker could check the corners, then the pump room, then out again to the back yard. What a Cat! He passed on Pops lap purring. 
I do so have a neck. Its just hard to find.
Stinker 1991 to 2006
Amber: Amber was Pops Mothers cat. Only Amber had other ideas. She really liked living outside. She never went far and would spend most days on the porch waiting for the next person to rub her constantly shedding fur onto. A wonderful tiny cat she had beautiful  fur. Always with a cat smile she moved in with Pops in her last year. 
Amber wants to give you a cat smile!
1993 to 2007
CoCo: This happy little Sphynx was Pops Moms cat also. She had passed and he did not have anyone to cuddle with so he started roaming. He almost got lost and if you go to Catster his story is interesting. After he was found by a wonderful person almost a mile away Pops insisted he move in with him. Done and Done. He would run up to Pops and jump on his lap as soon as he got home. He loved being under the covers too. We liked to play with Coco. Miss you pal.
CoCo wants to Snuggle 1993 to 2009

Thanks everyfur for visiting with our Angels. They do Kitty Angel Dust runs on all those in need, and just to say hello too! Don't be surprised if they visit in your dreams.

Love you all!
Timmy Tomcat and Family

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da tabbies o trout towne said...

pops...if itz OK, may eye post a post bout whatz goin on up heer at de RB with yur clowder

stinker haza opened up a gym N catnasium wear we all hang out if we wanna feet fit...or we just hang out on de equipmint

amber iz in de gardenin buziness; her speshul tee rite now coz we haz winter heer two, rite now her be sellin spruce treez like hot cakes

speekin oh hot cakes; coco haza ton a stop N sip coffee shops round de bridge...kinda like star bucks iz down ther wear ya can get break fast on de go him iz sorta kinda but knot reely in competishun with

patches coz her haza diner called patches palace N her serves pizza pies N sghetti 24/7...and itz GRATE...bunch oh uz iz goin ther two day for mid mornin snak time

ming be inta high fashion N trooly eye canna give ewe any advise cept if ya meow ta cuzin dai$y eye am posed ta say her stuff iz FABulous...

inky haz purr motorz; a ree tail car deel er shop wear ya can pik up a CATillac ore a Furrareez oh yur of course and him offerz drivin lessonz on de side

peep haz de a bill a tee ta sends second thoughts opionions ta vets down on earth sew noe kitteh gets put thru operayshuns with out gettin sum mor advise furst

and tommy bee runnin a storee time skelw house for wee kittehs wear him spends de days ore nite nappin with de kids then wakin up N tellin tails like cat in de hat...and such

ok then, hope this helped a wee bit; everee one sends love

dude K rainbow bridge cloud 777313