Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lots of Cat-Tree Work

Hey Cats

We have been back to normal around here and send purrayers that all our good friend are too. So on with the cat show!

Me and Mss Fitz did a bit of Cat-Tree Work and I must say she is quite the cat. Very nimble and great strength for a small cat.
Hey Tim can you show me
a few Cat-Tree Moves?
OK Fitz. Come at me.
Show me what ya got!
I will just hold you back like THIS!
As you see that defensive move 
works well.
Of course my work seems to never be done. The other young cat, Mr B, was next in line to learn the right way to do things.
Hey Tim can you show me 
a few Tree-Moves?
Then even Buddy got in a few rounds of ground work to keep limber.
Remember Buddy, when on the bottom
use my Fast-Feet move.

After the workout I gave them all the cats were a bit tired. That did not stop Buddy from getting into one of his monologues. 
Why in my day, ya listnin?
Let me tell ya about the time...
So my cat friends there we are. Oh yeah there is something else.
Pops gave us some really exciting news. Ready? Alright here it comes, he is going to be a WAH. Yeah, hoomans. Buddy put it best when he said: "Whut da Fresh Turkies"... Well, maybe Buddy is not always the best to interpret. What Pops is going to do is Work-at-Home. 

We were all like wow he can pet us and make us treats all day long. Then he popped that bubble. Seems he will work out of the old Foster Room. Darn. He will be able to come and visit at lunch time and do other little things with us during the day. He hopes it is all hooked up by Thanksgiving.  

He is thinking of fostering again since he will be there all day to socialize and stuff. He wants to maybe help some elders. Go Pops.  

Love you all!
Your Pal Timmy Tomcat


Brian said...

Staaying home Pops sounds wonderful but I am not sure about the working part!

Everycat said...

Looks like you will need a big old sleep after all that tree related wrassling Timmy. We haven't met you before, so hi there

Do not worry about your Pops doing work whilst he is "WAH" you can all keep him distracted from that nonsense we are sure

Luff from
Gerry & Mungo

michico*Adan said...

Totally understand, Me and my brother doing wrestle every single day.

Mollie said...

Oh you guy'z look like youz haz such fun..:) Popped over to say Hi.. xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz everee one; we bee late in postin...we hope pops does get ta werk frum home sew he can bee rite there ta fill yur foodz dish, kleen de boxes, get ewe sum treets, play, help ya with groomin by gettin sum brushins AND way awesum if he fosterz !!!!!